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The Sacrifice of Noah, James Tissot

The Ascended Master Lanello was embodied as Noah. His twin flame, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, was embodied as his wife. Scriptures record that Noah was building his ark for one hundred years—which may or may not be comparable to one hundred years of earth time today.

The significance of Noah’s calling

Jesus gives a profound understanding of the mission of Noah and its significance to our spiritual path today.

Noah’s ark, you recall, was a place of retreat.[1] It was the point in the center of the circle. The LORD God as the I AM THAT I AM in the person of the Universal Christ could initiate Noah and his wife and family. They prepared long years for the projected configuration of the coming of inundation....

O beloved, understand how few heeded the call. For it was the call of the Universal Christ. It was the call of Maitreya, Gautama, Sanat Kumara, Solar Logoi: Come into the center of the Law of the One! For only in that point of the Law of the One is there safety from the calamities of former selves positioned in time and space—these relics of the past and skeletons strewn on the deserts of life. I speak of alternate egos of thyself yet to be withdrawn.

But Noah, a wise man and a good, retired then. And in the hour of the Great Flood the seed of the wicked, fearing for their lives, would enter also. They were not ready. They did not have the watchfulness nor the desire to surrender. They wanted only physical safety....

Noah and the fallen angels

So, beloved ones, the era of Noah and his wife and sons and progeny was the era of a new covenant—of God-government and the rule of the universal Law of the One, yet subject unto the free will of men and nations. This opportunity for new beginnings was shortly to be violated once again by the fallen angels. Understand that, as in the case of Abraham called to your attention by Lord Gautama at Wesak,[2] Noah himself wrestled with the Nephilim gods, had many interchanges, as these evolutions of the sons of God and fallen angels were abroad in the earth.

So, as Gautama commended Abraham for his strength and courage in the face of these gods, I also commend Noah for that determination and the strategy of the will of God to maintain life and renewal and newness of opportunity by the rainbow rays of the causal body of God, to survive lifetime after lifetime the interchanges and challenges of this evolution.

Beloved ones, this Noah I reveal to you in the person of your own beloved Lanello. Now understand the obedience of the heart of this prophet Noah who preached without response and yet remained one-pointed in his course.

The offspring and descendants of this one, according, then, to scripture, have peopled the earth, but also those of karmic evolution. The intermarrying of fallen angels and their seed with this seed resulted in the necessity of bringing forth the entire spectrum of the karmic evolution of this planetary home, no longer merely the offspring of four root races but the offspring of all others who must yet settle their accounts before all these things should come to pass....

Interior of the Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California

Symbolism of the ark

Some of you may know that the Crystal Cathedral has been called a modern-day Noah’s ark. But this, in her outer mind, the Messenger did not know. Thus, when in recent months she entered there, instantaneously was the awareness, “I am in Noah’s ark.” It was the forcefield and a certain geometry.[3]...

Noah’s ark draws us back to the concept of the womb—this time not the womb of the Mother, but the womb of the Father. For out of the Father and the spiritual womb of the Father there did come forth the souls of Omega. Out of the masculine twin flame in the white fire core of being, out of the masculine counterpart, there does come forth and there is born the womb-man, just as in the story of Adam and Eve.[4] For this reason the feminine is the passive side of the nature of twin flames. For this reason the feminine portion of thyself desires to return to the interior of the spiritual self.

The going to the ark, then, is more than the retreat to the womb; we are beyond this stage. We are retreating to the womb of the Spirit and of the Father.[5]

The Inner Retreat as the ark today

Jesus also spoke of the Inner Retreat as a modern-day Noah’s ark:

Thus on the mount Ararat so Noah was. And so in the mountain of God he is, so in the spiritual womb of cosmos. And thus the retreat is prepared. It is stretched on land, elongated like a giant ark. Inside of this are all the plains and altitudes, forests, streams, rivers, mountaintops, the snow and the winter, the springtide and the summer—a replication of a cross section of life in the northern hemisphere.

Beloved ones, hear then: Visualize this land as though it were the interior of God, as though it were inside of a giant ark and the curve of space created the ark itself, this time an ark of Light, an ark of life and opportunity.

The ark, then, becomes a necessity in the path of initiation, which has naught to do with outer calamity and cataclysm but has much to do with the mandate of the soul’s initiation. Thus the sign of tribulation which I gave, written down, then, in the Gospel of Mark, is the sign of the hour of the retreat of the soul into the spiritual womb of the Father, there to take the initiations which must be taken.[6]

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, August 23, 1996.

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