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A root race is a group of souls, or a lifewave, who embody together and have a unique archetypal pattern, divine plan, and mission to fulfill on earth. According to esoteric tradition, there are seven primary aggregations of souls, i.e., the first to the seventh root races.

The seventh root race is an evolution of souls sponsored by the Great Divine Director and destined to embody on the continent of South America under the seventh dispensation, the Aquarian age, and the seventh ray.

The ascended lady master Clara Louise speaks of the coming of the seventh root race:

I have been privileged to walk with the Great Divine Director; and in my service to the Cosmic Virgin, he has allowed me to behold the pristine pattern of their soul-identity. And he has asked that I continue my service, service to the Flame as the Regent Mother of the Flame, not only on behalf of souls in embodiment, but on behalf of those souls who have never taken embodiment in the world of form. And thus a portion of my daily communion with Omega is to reinforce the Christic pattern of the seventh root race within the consciousness of those parents who are destined to bring forth the seventh-root-race children.

Some of these parents are in embodiment in this hemisphere, North and South America; and some are yet abiding in etheric temples waiting to be born, that they might bring forth these souls twenty years from now, twenty-five years, thirty years. And thus by giving birth to souls who are preparing, you see, you can entertain unawares the parents of the seventh root race and become thereby grandparents of these incoming souls.

And you will live to see them. And when you find yourselves at that age when you can enjoy your grandchildren, you will see by your heightened sensitivity, which you will have gained by that time by your devotion to the Flame, that the auras of these precious ones will have a violet hue, and their rosy cheeks and their delicate skin tone will also have a violet cast. And in those days you will remember that on October 25, 1973, as I came to you to establish the victory of my ascension and to lock you in my embrace, you heard my words and my prophesy of those who would come forth.

You see, precious hearts, it will take several centuries before the entire seventh root race is in embodiment. They will come in sections according to the rays under which they serve. The forerunners of the seventh root race are the strong who have etched upon their etheric bodies the flame of God’s holy will. They come imbued with that power to clear the way, to establish the right consciousness of the holy will. And so, you see, in the focus of God’s holy will which you have dedicated, you are likewise reinforcing the will of God on behalf of the forerunners, the avant-garde of the seventh root race.

And next will come those who serve on the second ray, and then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh. And in this order and by this divine design, the Great Divine Director will sponsor the lifewave. And you will see the pattern of that lifewave at inner levels be as a giant curve until the focal point of the curve, like the trailing garments of the comet itself,[1] will manifest centrally in the Son consciousness. And the Christ consciousness of the seventh root race will come to the fore, then, when each of the seven rays shall have come into embodiment.

You must also understand that light descends and that waves of light come forth within the first wave as representatives of all the seven rays are within the first wave. And thus you see that spirals within spirals within spirals prepare the way for the grand finale of the entire mandala of a root race to appear.[2]

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  1. The comet Kohoutek heralded the descent of the 10,001 avatars to be born in coming months.
  2. Clara Louise Kieninger, Ich Dien, chapter 14.