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The God and Goddess Meru are manus of the sixth root race (the sixth of seven primary groups of souls destined to embody on earth). They are the lawgivers and they embody the Christic image for all the members of this root race. These masters are also the sponsors of education, advanced learning, the acceleration of the mind, the heart, the soul and the full development of the potential of the unborn child and all children as they mature.

The terms God and Goddess denote that they are cosmic beings who ensoul the God consciousness of their office. God Meru has explained that the names God and Goddess Meru have come down from ancient Lemuria, where their twin flames guarded the light of the Motherland. The physical focus of the Mother flame was lost when Lemuria sank beneath the Pacific. The God and Goddess Meru have enshrined the Mother flame at their retreat on the etheric plane to make up for the loss of the focus of the flame on the ancient Motherland.

Their retreat

Main article: Temple of Illumination

Their vast retreat, the Temple of Illumination, is located over Lake Titicaca, high in the Andes mountains on the Peru-Bolivia border. The center of the retreat is directly over the remains of an ancient temple on an island in this lake, the Island of the Sun.

At their retreat, the God and Goddess Meru focus the feminine ray of the Godhead for the planet, just as Himalaya and his twin flame, the manus of the fourth root race, focus the masculine ray in their etheric retreat in the Himalayas. The polarity of these rays is evident in the religious philosophies of East and West. The austerity and mental polarity of worship in the East is balanced by devotion to the Mother principle and the feeling aspect of religion prevalent in the West.

The retreat of the Royal Teton is a relay station for the energies of the Brotherhood of Wisdom. Thus there is an arc of illumination from the Andes to the Rockies, and from their focus in North America, the God and Goddess Meru direct the action of illumination’s flame into the hearts of the youth of the world. Their program of education of the masses, whereby souls are taken to temples of light for training while their bodies sleep, is carried on in retreats of the Brotherhood throughout the world. A massive outreach of the Brotherhood through the efforts of the God and Goddess Meru is preparing the way for the incoming seventh root race and for the golden age.

God Meru tells us of the founding of his retreat:

In the ancient civilizations here in South America we saw how cosmic travail did produce that which is far, far beyond what you have yet seen in your modern world. We were able to see great highways builded by the early Incas. We were able to see vehicles of transportation that far exceed that which you presently enjoy. We were able to witness the great temples of truth and life and light and love that grew and manifested by the labor of men’s hearts and minds working in universal harmony until their grandeur surpassed all that modern life—and ancient life in most cases in other continents—has ever manifested. Yet today much of the region occupied by those grand temples and cities lies a tangled jungle ruin. Why, gracious ones, is this so?

It is so because the minds and hearts of those individuals did not actually keep pace with the scientific advancement that life had vouchsafed unto them. Rather, individuals began first of all within themselves to express some form of inharmony, and then this was transmitted unto other parts of life. And there came into play a vying with one another for recognition and acknowledgment of the dreams of their life and the unfoldment thereof.

And so it was by the spirit of competition and the “competement” of individuals with one another that inharmony rode in. And the civilization, led by priests of sacred light who had fallen from their lofty office, eventually came down to the banality of ruin. And the ruin that manifested there in South America was very great. But because of the light that they had sent forth, which light ascended unto God reaching up into the very heavens itself, it was decreed by a karmic law that we should maintain a great spiritual focus of majestic light here!

And so, at Lake Titicaca, a region relatively unspoiled by mortal thought and feeling, there sprang into manifestation the full focus of the gathered momentum of all of the lifestreams and their constructive endeavors, to merge into the great cosmic flame of illumination. The wisdom of God that built those civilizations, then, itself was gathered, and the flame that rises here at Titicaca is the flame of Almighty God’s wisdom, which ascends as a great pillar of witness to all people and all nations. Yet only the few are able to understand the majesty which now and for all time rises into the ethers and pulsates with the flame of divine wisdom for the freeing of mankind.[1]

On December 28, 1977, the God and Goddess Meru dedicated the Ashram of the World Mother in Los Angeles as an extension of their retreat.

Their plan for youth and families

In our time, there are great burdens on families, children and youth. In assessing these situations, the God and Goddess Meru have evolved a plan for the cooperation of the child, the family and the community. Meru says:

I read to you now a scroll. This scroll has been penned by the angels of our retreat. And it is the setting forth by the beloved Goddess Meru and myself of the priorities that we see for the protection and the securing of youth to a ripened age of maturity and Christhood at thirty-three:

First and foremost, the dedication of education upon the Word and the Sacred Heart—dedicating the three R’s as the three rays of the threefold flame and therefore setting the foundation whereby all learning might proceed from within....

Parents need understanding and training. Therefore, second on our list is parental training....

There must be as point three a pact made twixt parents, teachers and sponsors of children to work together as a threefold flame of devotion in this community and then city by city. This entails the realization that death and hell desire to devour your children, and therefore, you must pray fervently! You must vow, after understanding the meaning of the vow, to stand between the youth of the world and death and hell....

Fourth on our list must be the white-fire bastion of the vow made.... Once the vow is taken, you must remember the first Mother of the Flame, Clara Louise, who kept a daily prayer vigil for the youth, beginning at four in the morning and not concluding till late morning, praying for all souls of the youth, from the unborn to those in college and beyond....

Community action is next on our list—an involvement of community that does reinforce family as these twin pillars of family and community brace a path of individualism for those of all ages. The breaking down of the family, the breaking down of the neighborhood communities—this is a fragmenting of society and the separation of members of karmic groups as well as individuals of varying ages so that they cannot learn from one another and ripen and mature, as the mature inspire those coming up, and the youth introduce the new wave of a New Age that can also challenge those in the middle of life or retiring.

Community, then, must be a stronghold of values, of serving together, of meeting one another’s needs and of establishing goals and priorities, not the least of which is the protection of that circle of lives. Blessed ones, a community must have more than the survival of itself or its happiness as a goal. It must have a totality of a reason for being toward which every member is galvanized and does rise.

Apropos this, our next point on the list is the training of all members of society, and especially the children, in responsible citizenship—in taking responsibility for the necessary functions of the group, whether as a police force, as firemen, as a city council or as those who are supplying the unguent and the service in order that a community might endure.

When all of the forces of chaos are attempting to break down a way of life, let us turn to the music of the spheres. Let us turn to the quieting of souls, to the invoking of harmonies, to the bringing forth of the golden-age sounds that have not been heard. Thus, this point on our list is an activation from the heart of Cyclopea, who does join us in sponsoring this call. Cyclopea holds secret melodies waiting to come forth that will remind the youth of ancient times, inner vows, other years when beauty and love, even in etheric octaves, was their lot.

The youth need comfort of the Holy Spirit and not surfeiting. Tragically, tragically, few among them in actuality desire a path and a discipleship. Therefore, we do recommend the study and the structuring of a program that does reinforce individuality and thereby diminish the necessity in perilous times for such an emotional interdependence among teenagers as to make them fear to stand their ground for a cause or a principle.

Why is peer pressure of such great consequence, beloved? Is it because of absence of parental reinforcement, understanding and even the camaraderie of a family that is not so distant and that does not set artificial barriers between one generation and the next? Let us not so poorly educate children as to see that they do not know their own minds or hearts or values, having had no noble ideals or stories of saints and heroes or examples of karmic consequences of misdeeds....

We are the God and Goddess Meru. We are the sponsors and the teachers of Jesus and all who have come to minister unto the sixth root race. Thus, Jesus and many other saints have long studied in our retreat. It is a home base for them. We invite you to come frequently.... Thus you know that with the World Teachers we shall abide with you until every child on earth does have the opportunity to be tutored in the heart by the Holy Christ Self and by anointed teachers and parents and sponsors.[2]


God Meru has given an excellent teaching on self-condemnation:

Some of you sit in the seat of the scornful. You are scornful toward yourselves. You condemn yourselves because you think you are not what you ought to be, that you have not made a great enough effort. Perhaps you forgot to pray this morning, or you did not have the time. Will you live in condemnation of yourself throughout the day? Or if you, through indiscretion, commit an act of sin for which you have sincere regret, will you be burdened by your own self-condemnation all the days of your life, thinking that you are unacceptable to the Godhead?

Finally the end result of self-condemnation is rebellion against the Deity. For man cannot live in self-condemnation, and thus he must throw off what the imagines to be the angry God who is condemning him. And thus he can only find his freedom by denying God totally. But who has created this God of condemnation but man himself, in his dissatisfaction with himself?

I say, O precious children of the Sun, be not weary in welldoing. Be not burdened with a sense of guilt. For there is no condemnation in God, but the demons and the fallen ones stand before you to condemn you night and day. And they whisper here, and they whisper there, and they tell you what a terrible person you are, what a miserable sinner you are, and that there is no hope for your salvation. I tell you, precious hearts, the majority of mankind in this very hour are burdened with this sense of condemnation, which stifles creativity, stifles the beauty of the Godhead—the potential to bring forth the science of light, the music of the spheres, a golden-age culture.

People walk the streets feeling unworthy of life itself. God in you is worthy to be adored! God in you is worthy to be joyous, to be upheld! If you are burdened with a sense of the consciousness of sin, then I say, what is your consciousness of God? What do you think of God if you make sin so real that you can never be released from the bondage of sin? Is God aware of all that? I tell you, nay. And if he is not aware of it, why should you give it even a flicker of your consciousness of attention? For where your consciousness is, there your energy flows. And there your energy goes, and thus you give the great River of Life into a matrix of self-condemnation. And by and by you condemn yourself out of existence.

Some of you ... are suffering at the present time from physical diseases or impediments that are the direct result of your own condemnation of yourself that has become such a burden to your body elemental that it has outpictured in your physical form.

O precious hearts, arise and be free and Christ shall give thee light. You must be free of this sense of sin if you would progress one foot forward on the Path. You stop all progress as long as you conceive of yourself as a sinner. Has the Creator lost his power to forgive, to transmute, to dissolve sin? Nay. Our God is a God of mercy and a consuming fire. Prove him, therefore, as he has commanded you to do. Prove his law.

Thrust your sins into the fire as in the ancient sacrifice of the children of Israel, symbolical of putting into the flame the menagerie of the subconscious—the animal forms, the darkness, the density. How do you do this? You simply say: “In the name of Jesus the Christ, I cast all that is less than the Christ into the flame. O God, consume it! I ask it. Hear my plea and answer. I accept it done this hour in full power in fulfillment of the promise of the Creator.” If you will but make that call, all of heaven will move this very hour to lift the burden of the sense of sin from you.[3]

The corridor of light to the Royal Teton Ranch

In his Christmas Day address 1986, Jesus announced that the God and Goddess Meru had come from Lake Titicaca to “establish a corridor of light from the etheric retreat over the Royal Teton Ranch to the etheric retreat of the feminine ray at Lake Titicaca,” opening a highway whereby our calls might “reach South America in time.”

On October 10, 1988, Hercules said that because the physical area of Lake Titicaca in the Andes (where the feminine ray should be anchored physically) is covered over with astral substance, the Royal Teton Ranch “must suffice” as “the physical focus of the feminine ray to the earth here in the Northern Rockies ... until the dark period of earth’s travail does pass.” Because the ascended and unascended masters of the Himalayas keep the flame of the masculine ray, it is able to be anchored physically in the Himalayas from Lord Himalaya’s Retreat of the Blue Lotus.

Future service

The God and Goddess Meru serve directly under Helios and Vesta, and they are destined to assume the office of Helios and Vesta when these great beings of light move to higher service. The ascended master Casimir Poseidon announced on September 12, 1965, that the messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet were being prepared to assume the offices of the God and Goddess Meru when these masters advanced in their own cosmic service.


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