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Cyclopea and Virginia are the Elohim of the fifth ray (green ray) of truth, healing, constancy and the desire to precipitate the abundance of God through the immaculate concept of the Holy Virgin. Holding the focus for the All-Seeing Eye of God and the purity of the science of precipitation, these twin flames assist mankind and elemental forms of life to precipitate the abundance of the Spirit of God into manifest form.

The All-Seeing Eye of God

Cyclopea is the Elohim of vision, and his cosmic consciousness ensouls the vision of the Creator. Creation is an action of the faculty of God’s vision. Cyclopea holds the vision for all of life, and thus he is known as the All-Seeing Eye of God. He teaches mastery of the third eye and lends his momentum of vision for the freedom of lifewaves and planetary homes such as Earth, Venus, Mars and countless others beyond our solar system and galaxy.

The apostle James said, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”[1] Jesus said, “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”[2] Cyclopea and Virginia focus the purity of single-eyed vision, which was lost when mankind partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Through the focus of the All-Seeing Eye of God in the third-eye chakra in the center of each one’s forehead, they radiate the truth of the original divine plan through a single green flame emitting the seven color rays of the Elohim. This is a focus of the purity that ennobles man through the spiraling caduceus, which, when raised and anchored in the forehead, is the symbol of his winged victory and his return to wholeness.

Their service

Seated among the twelve solar hierarchies, Cyclopea occupies the position of the ten o’clock line on behalf of the evolutions of this solar system, representing the hierarchy of Scorpio and teaching the correct use of the creative energies. Cyclopea is a member of the Karmic Board, where he represents the fourth ray of purity.

He and Virginia are also known as the Elohim of Music or the God and Goddess of Music. Through the music of the spheres, they govern the activities of speech, hearing and sight, focusing the rays of concentration and consecration to the evolutions in their care. They are cosmic patrons of music in charge of the release of the music of the spheres through the masculine and feminine rays of Alpha and Omega. These magnificent God flames have long served in this capacity on behalf of the evolutions of many systems of worlds.

Cyclopea and Virginia guard the virgin consciousness. During the conclaves held at each half-year cycle in the Royal Teton Retreat, Cyclopea releases balls of blue fire into the atmosphere of earth through the focus of the All-Seeing Eye at the north end of the sanctuary. These balls, with their accompanying light rays, charge the earth with the action of the will of God and the purity of the divine conception of every man, woman and child on the planet. The action of the blue lightning cuts through the dense effluvia and paves the way for the crystal flame of purity and the emerald ray, which are healing mantras from the heart of Cyclopea and Virginia that purify the four lower bodies of the lifestreams to whom they minister.

The power of vision

Cyclopea says that if we would recognize “the connecting link” between angelic hosts and Elohim, between cosmic masters and ascended masters, and between students of spirituality throughout the world, “you would find a great outpouring of spiritual assistance descending from on high as the perfect indicator of any given moment that would enable you to have that spiritual finesse ... similar to the ascended master Saint Germain prior to his ascension.”

Therefore, “in the holy name of freedom, let the power of your vision expand. Let the power of God’s light within you be a radiating glow-ray to act as a sword of penetration ... and reveal the path toward infinite mastership that is to be found posited within your own God Presence, I AM.”

The Elohim emphasize that “you must have the selfsame sense as your beloved Saint Germain has attained to—that the victory of God is a cosmic Reality ... radiantly expanding its power from the altar of your heart ... into the world of form.... The power of transmutative vision, then, must be recognized” so that “the power that flows forth through man will also extend itself to elemental life.... The power of spiritual vision can be transferred to them, for they are great mimics and have hitherto mimicked mankind in their erroneous outpicturings, producing thorn and thistle to manifest in consciousness.”[3]

In 1997, Cyclopea came with a dispensation to help us fulfill our divine plan: “Out of the white light I create an imprint,” he said, “which I affix to every soul of God who has transmuted a certain level of her karma. You who have reached that certain level ... shall receive from me, as long as you call to me each day, assistance in outpicturing your divine blueprint in small things and in great things, in planetary things and in the systems of worlds.”

If you were not in attendance for that dictation or you had not yet transmuted the required level of karma, you can ask Cyclopea to bless you now, in this very moment. You can ask him to bless you with that imprint and to assist you in manifesting your “divine blueprint.”

Cyclopea went on to say that “at a certain point on the Path every chela must activate and claim divine vision as his own.” Cyclopea said that you can consecrate his decree[4] and other emerald-ray decrees to him, and he will strengthen you and “show you the vast science of God, even the science of your own ascension in the light.”[5]

The Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia want us to focus on our divine blueprint as well as on the following issues: the healing of the nations, their economies and their peoples; the halting of misuses of music, science and technology, including genetic engineering and cloning; and the counteracting of germ warfare and the spreading of harmful viruses and microbes.


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Cyclopea’s aura is green with a reflection of the prism of the Christ consciousness resembling the action of crystal. Virginia’s aura is green tinged with white. Their retreat is in the etheric realm high in the Altai Range where Mongolia, China and Russia meet, near Tabun Bogdo.

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