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Illustration created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing the structure of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)

A virus is an identity, a mechanical creation at the microscopic level that attacks the cells of the body. If you ever look at a virus under a microscope, you will see that it has a mechanical look to it.

When you are dealing with a virus, which is very tough and for which there is little recourse in medicine today, it’s the body’s defenses which must rise up against it.

So, as we consider the evil mind at the nucleus of the genetic code, at the nucleus of identity, and at the nucleus of the inception of evil itself as it is spawned upon the earth, we realize that it does begin at microscopic levels, whether it is the insanity of the mind that starts wars or does evil, or whether it is the attack of the physical body by a microbe or a virus.[1]

Note that the words virus and virulent have the same root (Latin vīrus, meaning “slime”, “poison”), indicating an intense misuse of energy.[2]

The origin of viruses

Although plagues and viruses have been with the earth throughout recorded history, their origin goes back even further. Oromasis and Diana have told us that outcroppings of diseases were contrived and manufactured long ago in the laboratories of other civilizations and continents, including Atlantis and Lemuria.[3] Indeed, Atlantean scientists, embodied on earth but originally from other planets, created viruses and plagues that have passed into the waters and the groundwaters in the earth to be released for generations.[4]

These viruses unchecked represent the wrath of fallen angels whose time is short. The archangels have told us that these viruses are a manifestation of the venom of the fallen angel Samael and other evil spirits who spread these diseases to torment the children of God.[5] Furthermore, the masters have told us that some of these plagues and viruses have extraterrestrial origins.[6]

The Book of Revelation speaks about the “last plagues” that are released upon the earth in the end times.[7] There are many different manifestations of these last plagues. They are not merely the sicknesses unto death that we know about, but they also include viruses and diseases that are yet unseen and unknown and for which presently there are no cures.[8]

Viruses and the fire element

Oromasis explains that viruses are created through a misuse of the fire element:

We who understand the fiery element know that human emotions actually do give rise to pestilence in the world. Through the phenomenon known as mutation, intense concentrations of negative thought and feeling patterns that are released into the atmosphere by the undisciplined use of energy create new forms of virus which, once having been launched, continue as parasitic organisms to prey upon mankind.

Your own beloved I AM Presence, precious ones, did not create disease germs and unhealthy conditions upon the planet. These were created by wrong thought and feeling, by a misuse of the fiery element as it works through the water element in the emotional body of man. The four elements of nature are a harmonious whole which functions according to the law of the square. When there is a distortion in any one or more of these elements, it cannot help but affect the harmonious balance of life in the other elements....

I want to tell you, beloved ones, that the power of the Spirit and the power of prayer—the power of the invisible world—when properly harnessed and called into action by embodied mankind, can produce more so-called miraculous corrections of disturbing conditions than most people would ever dream possible.[9]

Vulnerability to viruses

The issue of plagues and viruses in the earth is thus a complex one, involving karma as well as the malintent of fallen angels, both in and out of embodiment. People are vulnerable to all forms of dread diseases in the earth because their four lower bodies are not balanced and do not have the spiritual fire banked within the heart chakra to throw off the energies of darkness manifest in these diseases.[10] The decline in mankind’s consciousness, ignoring the will of God, causes systems in the body and also in society to break down. Buildings crumble, bodies decay, the death spiral sets in—and it is seen in both the macrocosm and the microcosm.[11]

There is also the factor of karma. This has been multiplied by evil minds that have brought plagues upon peoples and nations who have made themselves vulnerable by neglecting their God and the warnings of the prophets.[12] Plagues have descended because the people have a watered-down religion and they have not protected their souls and spirits and bodies.[13]

Spiritual solutions

The masters, angels and elementals will greatly assist us in this spiritual work, and there are dispensations that we can invoke. They have told us that if we will work on these issues with a great fervor of heart, especially in our early morning decrees, we will be able to deal with the last plagues.[14]

The angels are out in the streets and in the hospitals fighting these new plagues being born through the combination of viruses in the earth.[15] We must enlist their help. Speaking of unchecked viruses in the earth, Archangel Raphael explained that through free will and the power of the spoken Word we can take dominion in this octave. As we invite the Archangels to enter in we will see impossible situations turned around.[16]

The names of the seven Archangels are specific keys whereby we can access their causal bodies of Light. In time of crisis such as a viral pandemic, we can say, “In the name of God, Archangels Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel, Uzziel, come forth now! Save this city! Save this city and bind all forces of darkness instrumental in this particular crisis.”[17]

It is also vitally important to enlist the cooperation of elemental life, and to invoke the intercession of the elementals daily. They await assignments. They wait to be sent forth to consume the cause and core of disease and all manner of viruses. We must call forth the cooperation of angels, elementals and sons and daughters of God, for only in the balanced action of the three kingdoms and the manifestation of light will the earth be restored.[18]

The following are some of the spiritual solutions that the masters offer to us in our time of need.

The violet flame

The principal solution to the problem of viruses is the God-solution of the seventh ray of Aquarius of Saint Germain and Portia. The violet flame used with intensity, especially in the forty-eight-hour cycle with Omri-Tas, will rid the earth of all kinds of diseases and viruses in the bodies of the people and the entire evolution of the planet.[19]

Dynamic, enthusiastic and heartfelt violet flame decrees can clear much from the planet, especially when combined with decree 10.14 to beloved Mighty Astrea, the Elohim of the fourth ray.

The circle and sword of Astrea

The Ascended Master Cuzco in 1995 gave us a specific formula of giving the decree to Astrea as a powerful matrix for clearing forces of darkness from the earth. He said:

The more Astreas you give, the more we can send down the chute (i.e., spiral, or tunnel) of your Astrea patterns all types of demons, of viruses and other microorganisms that cause disease or plague.[20]

The decrees to Astrea allow the violet flame to penetrate deeper into the heart of the earth and into the psyches of the people at subconscious and unconscious levels. The masters can encircle the mass consciousness of the people and see to it that well-meaning people are stripped of error by the circle and sword of blue flame.[21]

Lanello has given a thoughtform for use in spiritual work against the threat of viruses:

Following is the thoughtform I would give you for your visualization. Visualize the circle and sword of Astrea encircling viruses that cannot be seen except under a microscope. Visualize billions times billions of the Electronic Presence of Astrea around them. And use your Astrea decrees henceforth to encircle all kinds of evil life forms that have been planted in the earth, that have survived the sinking of continents and cataclysms and yet remain....

I sound the alarm this day. You ought to be alarmed and you ought to realize that the power of the sacred fire that is in your hand, if you will make use of it daily, can turn around and consume these foul viruses in the earth. But this planetary clearance must be done by those who are initiates....

And so, beloved, I now turn my attention to the Tibetan monasteries, where the original purity of Buddhism has been kept alive for centuries by the monks and nuns. I speak to you, then, as monks and nuns of the Pure Land and I say, if you will return to giving your early morning decrees before breakfast and if you will work on these issues with a great fervor of heart, you will be able to deal with the last plagues. For we will send reinforcements by the power of Astrea in answer to your call....

Think not that you have not also been initiated in past ages and even in this life and recently in the retreats of the Ascended Masters. Indeed you have. Now I ask you to come with me and go to the retreat of the Lord Jesus Christ over the Holy Land. Come with me this night, for I desire you to be in the presence of Jesus. My desire is for you to receive initiations from him directly. Any number of you are ready. And others of you can become ready by fasting and purifying your consciousness. Your consciousness must be one-pointed.[22]

The healing flame

It is also necessary to intensify the action of the healing green flame of the fifth ray of beloved Cyclopea. Ask for the emerald fire to descend for the consuming of microbes and viruses.[23]

We can call to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary for the Healing Thoughtform, made up of concentric white, blue and green spheres, to seal the earth and to seal those who suffer from diseases such as viruses that never should have been allowed to invade the body.[24]

The ascended lady master Leto has rendered great assistance to mankind, especially during periods of plague.[25] We can call for her assistance in times of epidemics.

Astral and mental viruses

Gabriel and Hope explain that there are also viruses beyond the physical plane:

Hearts of infinite fire, there is the spreading of a disease in the astral bodies of the people. It is a virus like physical viruses. It is a cancer affecting the entire astral plane and the astral bodies of those who are already unhealthy in consciousness in that they misuse the light of purity and they compromise the laws of God. And therefore their four lower bodies are not whole, are not healthy, by the natural and harmonious distribution of the light. There is the clogging and the constipation of the astral body, even as there is this condition within the very tiniest physical cells.

This cancer affecting the astral bodies of the races of the people most notably affects those who are a part of the mechanization-man consciousness, whether by adoption or by the intent of their original creation of the fallen ones—that is, whether by the intent to set aside their own God flame and follow in the path of the sophistication of the seed of the wicked.

Therefore those who have the least light or no God flame at all are the most susceptible to the astral viral diseases which create a forcefield that in turn is susceptible to the murderous intent and to the blood rites of the Satanic councils who exist both on the physical plane and on the astral plane and in certain levels of the mental plane. Therefore the fallen ones, who proceed by deliberate design, also spawn their viruses in their astral laboratories.

Therefore understand that those who walk in the way of righteousness, those who respond to the I AM Presence and worship the God of very gods, those who are open and pure in heart and not deceitful are clear channels for that light to flow. And that light, as a mighty waterfall, daily cleanses and purifies the four lower bodies, thus displacing any condition whatsoever which would tend to accumulate those forcefields that are conducive to the establishment of diseases of the astral body.

There are also diseases of the mental body, and conditions in the physical body make possible their establishment. For instance, beloved hearts, the effects of nicotine on the brain and on the cutting off of the flow of light through the upper chakras will also weaken the interaction of the flow of light in the mental body. And therefore at inner levels there is the weakening and there is the entering in of that disease which causes lack of judgment, poor understanding of life, poor perspective, paranoia, and unwise and unrighteous and unlawful decisions on a day-to-day basis. It is called insanity by various names—emotional disorders. But, beloved ones, there is a chemistry and an alchemy of the four lower bodies, and these are most affected.

The etheric body, being the fire body, is the last to be affected; and it is only affected when there is the gross misuse of the sacred fire in black magic itself, in witchcraft. And therefore when that etheric body is violated, penetrating the higher atmosphere and spheres of the planetary body, there is an interaction with the false hierarchy and their misuse of the fire element. And these individuals for a season intensify, seemingly, great powers at the etheric level. But, I say, in the name of the Holy One of Israel: They shall not pass!...

Let us, therefore, be wise even as the archangels establish row upon row of legions of light guarding their retreats, guarding their sacred alchemy. Let us now—as you are alchemists of the Spirit/Matter universe—invoke, daily, angels keeping the flame of Life at the door of consciousness. Therefore, you will not experience the life-and-death struggle each time you depart from your household, your office, or your place of striving; for there will be tier upon tier of reinforcements of God who were created to reinforce your own Christhood....

I have taken you round about through all of this that you might realize that festering in the fallen ones are the forcefields of these astral and mental viruses. Unless they be brought to the judgment, unless the calls be made for that lethal substance to be bound—the very essence of Death and Hell itself—there will continue to be a contamination and a pollution of the stream of consciousness in the earth, affecting those who are not nearly so dark but who have only small elements of darkness or carelessness or ignorance of the laws of God.

And therefore ultimately from the fallen ones, from the archdeceivers of the Satanic council and their emissaries, there results in this chain of activity the murder in the streets of Los Angeles, New York, and across the earth. Therefore we must begin at the beginning.

And therefore when you read the accounts of crime, you must give pause, you must be still and invoke the full intensity of the judgment for the binding of that chain of consciousness from that individual who was an ignorant or a malicious tool, what the case may be—all the way back through that chain of energy, through that degeneration spiral, clearing the virus, clearing the consciousness, going to the core of the archdeceivers.[26]

For more information

For additional information about these topics, see the Pearls of Wisdom mentioned in the notes.


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