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Lady Master Portia

Through thousands of years of service to God on the seventh ray of justice, freedom, mercy, forgiveness, alchemy and sacred ritual, beloved Portia attained to the embodiment of the God flame and God consciousness of divine justice as divine opportunity. Hence, she is called the Goddess of Justice or the Goddess of Opportunity.

Representing the sixth ray of service and ministration on the Karmic Board, Portia keeps the flame of justice and opportunity on behalf of the evolutions of earth. Serving with the hierarchy of Libra (see Twelve solar hierarchies), she teaches mankind to hold the balance of the flame of the Christ in the four lower bodies through mastery over the four elements. Since justice is the pivotal point between thought and feeling, her balance is between the creative polarities of the masculine and feminine rays of the Deity, or between the yin and yang of creation.

Beloved Portia is the twin flame and divine consort of Saint Germain, the chohan of the seventh ray. On May 1, 1954, at inner levels, they were officially crowned directors of the seventh dispensation of ordered service. During this two-thousand-year cycle, known as the Aquarian age, it has been ordained that the new and permanent golden age shall be established for the planet Earth.

Her service in past ages

In past ages of beauty, perfection and abundance, justice reigned supreme. Before discord began to manifest upon the earth, Portia made her ascension in the light. When mankind’s sense of justice became warped, thus causing an imbalance in all she undertook, she could but fold her mantle about her and remain in the Great Silence (in higher realms of consciousness), for the ascended masters never interfere with the doings of men unless invoked by their decree as it manifests as thought, word and deed.

During these ages, Saint Germain continued to embody on earth while Portia remained in the octaves of light. Upon his ascension from the Rakoczy Mansion in 1684, Saint Germain also entered the Great Silence, where his beloved twin flame—whose name he had inscribed in The Merchant of Venice—had long been awaiting his return.

Not long thereafter, the beloved Sanctus Germanus was given the dispensation by the Lords of Karma to function in the world of form as an ascended being having the appearance of an unascended being. Throughout the courts of eighteenth-century Europe, he was known as the Comte de Saint Germain. Many of his demonstrations of mastery are described in the diaries of Mme. d’Adhémar, who knew him for at least half a century. She records Saint Germain’s visits to herself and to the courts of Louis XV and Louis XVI, noting in his glowing face the appearance of a man in his early forties throughout the period. Unfortunately, his efforts to secure the attention of the Court of France and others of the crowned heads of Europe were unsuccessful.

Saint Germain was last seen by Madame d’Adhémar at la Place de la Révolution on October 16, 1793, at the guillotining of Marie Antoinette. The master stood with Portia beneath the statue of the Goddess of Liberty. Immediately following her execution, they took the soul of Marie Antoinette to the Cave of Light, the Great Divine Director’s retreat in India. Three months after their departure from this scene, Portia withdrew to the octaves of light, where she remained in nirvana until she stepped forth in 1939 to assist Saint Germain with his activities in the United States.

While in nirvana, Portia both held the balance for Saint Germain’s outer world activities and cleansed the records and the pain of his (i.e., their) European experience. Some time after Portia entered nirvana, Saint Germain returned to Europe by himself to sponsor Napoleon in the establishment of the United States of Europe. Once it was clear that Napoleon would take the master’s power to promote his own will, Saint Germain withdrew all sponsorship from him in 1810. From that time on Saint Germain was, for want of a better word, “resting” in the Cave of Light and regrouping his forces. From time to time he sponsored activities in the United States and spent calculated cycles in nirvana.

The Goddess of Justice

Her service today

At this time, the cycles of life have demanded that the scales of justice be balanced in preparation for the golden age, and since some among mankind had begun to request that divine justice be reestablished, on April 9, 1939, Portia came forth from the Great Silence to speak for the first time since her ascension. Even now she seldom speaks, but when she does, her divine attribute of perfect balance (symbolized by the scales) is anchored in the forcefield of all who will receive it.

The balance of justice and mercy

Portia speaks of the balance of justice and mercy, two qualities of the seventh ray:

Great distress frequently comes to mankind by reason of their own karmic acts and the records that are within their form, for like the tiny bird, they feel as though in the grip of outer conditions and know not that even life here is for the purpose of restoring them to the nest of God’s heart and the nest of holy justice.

Men tremble, for they tremble in ignorance. Let them now, then, receive comfort from justice and know that although I am known as the Goddess of Justice, Mercy holdeth my hand for aye and will so do for aye, for Kuan Yin walks with me where’er I walk and sheds her radiance also.

Upon the circle of justice is stamped the circle of mercy. And if you would also do as I do, wherever you attempt or seek to administer justice to others whom you also may have beneath your charge, you will give forth mercy—not in that quality unbalanced that will cause mankind to destroy themselves because of your lack of firmness, but in that perfect balance of spiritual understanding that gives to each man that portion of mercy properly mixed with justice that is best for him.[1]

How, then, will freedom as a Mother flame, as the shakti of Saint Germain, translate the mercy and the justice of the Law in this age? O beloved ones, justice and mercy, mercy and justice are the interaction of the great caduceus of the feminine ray of the seventh age and dispensation. The seventh ray of God’s light of the violet flame is a fiery caduceus—the weaving of mercy and justice as a garland of Alpha and Omega around the central altar of freedom’s light.[2]


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Portia has a retreat over Ghana. She has asked that we use the music of the “Rakoczy March,” by Franz Liszt, to magnetize her presence.


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