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Cuzco is a disciple of Surya and director of his retreat of God’s will near Suva, the Sacred Retreat of the Blue Flame. This retreat is in an island northeast of Viti Levu (the largest of the Fiji Islands) and is both under the sea and within the mountains. For many centuries, Cuzco has served under beloved Surya to avert or temper cataclysmic activities. His mighty balancing power of peace, his advice to us to follow the wisdom offered by the Great White Brotherhood and his divine love are radiant gifts to all mankind.

Righting the earth’s axis

Cuzco’s retreat is dedicated to the holding of the balance of forces in the earth, to the adjustment of the earth to the weight of karmic effluvia and to the guarding of the earth on its axis and in orbit. Ascended masters who serve with Cuzco at his retreat use advanced technology, including computers and scientific instruments.

For millennia, the axis of the earth has been tilted at a considerable angle due to the great weight of human discord of the planet’s evolutions. During the comparatively recent righting of the earth’s axis at the etheric level (October 12, 1958), it was the cosmic being Cuzco, with others of the ascended host, who stood guard, staying cataclysmic action that might otherwise have occurred during this adjustment. This adjustment will enable the planet Earth to receive a fuller measure of blessing from Helios and Vesta.

The “Count to Nine Decree”

Cuzco is concerned with the riptides of anger, hate, fear, frustration, confusion, derision, gossip and many other momentums of psychic force that rush headlong against the lifestreams of unascended beings. He has given a “Count to Nine Decree” by which the individual may protect his four lower bodies against the bombardments of these astral riptides.


In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, beloved Archangel Michael, Prince Oromasis, Mighty Astrea, Goddess of Light, beloved Ascended Master Cuzco, beloved Guru Ma and Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water, and earth! I decree:

(Visualize the white light filling the ovoid of the aura)

Come now by Love divine,
Guard thou this soul of mine,
Make now my world all thine,
God’s Light around me shine.

(Visualize a band of white fire around the solar plexus)

I count one,
It is done.
O feeling world, Be still!
Two and three,
I AM free,
Peace, it is God’s Will.

(Visualize a band of white fire around the neck and throat chakra)

I count four,
I do adore
My Presence all divine.
Five and six,
O God, affix
My gaze on Thee sublime!

(Visualize a band of white fire around the head and third eye)

I count seven,
Come, O Heaven,
My energies take hold!
Eight and nine,
Completely thine,
My mental world enfold!

(Visualize the white light encircling all of the chakras and the four lower bodies)

The white-fire Light now encircles me,
All riptides are rejected!
With God’s own might around me bright
I AM by Love protected!

I accept this done right now with full Power! I AM this done right now with full Power! I AM, I AM, I AM God-Life expressing Perfection all ways at all times. This which I call forth for myself I call forth for every man, woman, and child on this planet!

The raising of the Mother flame

Surya and Cuzco are also concerned about raising the flame of Mu (Mother) and the culture of the Motherland. The cult of the Mother, destined to come into prominence as we enter the Aquarian age, was the foundation of the civilization of Lemuria. The fall of Mu was the direct result of the Fall of man, which reached its lowest point in the desecration of the shrines to the Cosmic Virgin. Through the worship of the Motherhood of God and the elevation in society of the functions of the feminine aspect of the Deity, it is expected that science and religion will once again reach their apex, and man will discover the Spirit of God as the flame enshrined upon the altar of his own being.

Convent of Santo Domingo, Cuzco, built on the foundation of the Inca Temple of the Sun, the most important temple in the Inca empire. The walls of the temple were originally covered with sheets of solid gold.

The meaning of his name

The ascended master Cuzco explained the meaning of his name in a dictation delivered at Cuzco, Peru, on December 23, 1973. He said:

I am the masterful Presence that hails the coming of the Christed one. And this is the inner meaning, the light pattern of the name Cuzco: the coming of the Christed one.

He also said:

I am the governing Presence of a flame that was anchored here [at Cuzco] thousands of years ago, far beyond the mists of time and space as you reckon them. And the flame is a focus of hearts, hearts consecrated to the Christ, twin flames consecrated to a new race and a golden age.

On April 4, 1969, Cuzco said that some of us were with him at the Temple of the Wind on Lemuria. He said:

I, Cuzco of old, have reigned over the islands of the sea. I am well remembered in South America and honored there.

Work with elemental life

Cuzco works closely with elemental life to hold the balance for earth’s transition from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. In his 1988 dictation Cuzco said:

I hold the balance of the currents of the seas and of the continents. And in my retreat, which the unascended do not frequent, there the balance of the tides and of the unleashing of the karma of a planetary sphere may be sent forth by higher edict. Thus we work very closely with all elemental life and the four hierarchs of the elements....

It is the great desire of all elemental life to bring peaceful and calm transition everywhere upon earth. Unfortunately, the cooperation has not been forthcoming from many. O let the violet flame go forth into the hearts of those who do know better but do lead in anger in their protest and thus, to a certain extent, negate their opportunity to be the instrument of God Harmony....

From my retreat I send forth resurrection’s flame that you might be above the din, the turmoil, above the discord and all burdens of the conclusion of the century....

I am an emissary of the God Surya. I am an emissary of the focal point of the Central Sun and the seat of God-government of this galaxy [the God Star, Sirius].... Each time you call upon beloved Surya, I am also the echo that answers, for I am the chela of this Great One, and therefore, I bring to you the Omega balance of your call.

I will come to you if you call me. I will be in your heart if you will have me. I come in the fullness of the comfort flame of the Holy Spirit. I bring comfort to all life even as I assist all life to adjust to new cycles.”[1]

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