Third-eye chakra

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The third-eye chakra

The third eye is an emerald-green chakra located between the eyebrows. It is associated with the fifth ray and the expression of truth, divine vision, holding the highest vision for oneself and others, healing, wholeness, abundance, clarity, constancy, focus, music and science. The Sanskrit name for the third-eye chakra is Ājñā, meaning “to command.”

The power of vision

We return to the consciousness of absolute Good through the third-eye chakra, which has ninety-six petals. The third eye, vibrating in the emerald green of the science of truth, gives us the immaculate picture of individuals, of civilizations, of the divine pattern.

Jesus said: “The light of the body is the eye.”[1] Through the all-seeing eye of God, the inner eye of the soul, you tune in to what should be in reality, instead of what may be occurring in the actualities of the present.

You can always tell whether or not you are looking through the third eye or through the two eyes: the third eye always gives you the immaculate concept of the blueprint of life as well as the discrimination to know Good and Evil. The two eyes give you a relative and often unclear perception and perspective on life. They do not penetrate beyond the physical plane unless in an exalted vision the faculty of sight be accelerated by miraculous intercession.

The petals of the chakra

This is considered to be the chakra of ninety-six petals, but it is also called the chakra of two petals, the two wings of Mercury on the caduceus. So we can think of it as two times forty-eight, or ninety-six, or just two. It is really the two halves of the whole. Science and religion are the two petals, the two wings on the third-eye attainment.

Forty-eight is twelve in each of the four quadrants: fire, air, water and earth. So it is the initiations of the twelve solar hierarchies in each of the four quadrants of being.

The piano is the instrument of the third eye, and all of the notes on the piano are representative of the steps of initiation that you must pass in these ninety-six petals. Once you have passed them, they become the two petals or the two spheres, the white fire/blue fire sun, and they merge as one eye. Before you have passed them, you have two-eyed vision, which is most inadequate. But when the ninety-six become the two times forty-eight and that becomes the two because you have passed them and they become one, then you have the single-eyed vision of Cyclopea.

What you allow yourself to see and visualize in the third eye is what you become. “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”[2] By right attention, right focus, right effort, the point of the third eye literally drinks in the limitless energy of the cosmos.

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