Solar-plexus chakra

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The solar-plexus chakra

“Place of the sun,” chakra anchored in the etheric body at the navel corresponding to the nerve center. The spiritual center through which one realizes the Christ consciousness of peace. When this is attained, Jesus said, “Out of the belly shall flow rivers of living water.”[1]

The solar-plexus chakra corresponds to the sixth ray of ministration and service, vibrates with the purple-and-gold band of the causal body, and has ten petals. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Manipūra.

The solar plexus is the center of feeling where we employ the energy of emotion as God’s energy in motion to realize the peace of God’s consciousness, the peace of the ascended Jesus Christ. When your solar plexus is calm, you have the power of peace. And, using the full potential of the desire body, you have that full momentum of the “Pacific ocean,” of water molded in a matrix of love.

The flame of purple and gold is God’s desiring to be God within you. And the power of God’s desire comes forth as you raise the energy from the solar plexus to the level of the throat and release the fiat, as Jesus did, “Peace, be still!” Through the spoken Word, a wave of light goes over the whole planet, causing atoms and electrons to come into alignment with the flame of the Prince of Peace.

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