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Sirius (lower center of the image) with the constellation Orion (on the right)
Image by the Hubble Telescope

The God Star, Sirius, (known as the “Dog Star”) is the seat of God-government in this sector of our galaxy. It is held by astronomers to be a binary star of the constellation Canis Major and is the brightest star in the heavens.

Sirius was known to the ancients as the “Royal One.” Its name is generally thought to be derived from the Greek word for “sparkling” or “scorching.” The name in Arabic, Al Shi’ra, is so similar to its name in Egyptian, Persian, Greek and other languages that one nineteenth-century astronomer thought they might have had a common ancient source, possibly the Sanskrit Surya, meaning “the Shining One,” “the Sun.” In Hindu lore and religion, Surya is the sun or sun god.

Sirius A, the brighter of the two stars, is a blue-white star that is twenty-three times as bright as our sun. Sirius B is a white dwarf star that is not visible to the naked eye.

In a spiritual sense, all have come from Sirius. It is our point of origin and our home at the deepest level of our being. As Jesus said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.... I go to prepare a place for you,”[1] so we understand that there is indeed a mansion, a castle of light on Sirius, our original home that we left so long ago.

A glimpse of Sirius

On September 30th, 1989, Cuzco gave us a glimpse of the magnificent sea on Sirius, our Home:

As you hear the waves of the sea upon the shore of life and of earth, you are transported to that magnificent sea on the God Star, your Home. You recall that there [on] Sirius [that] wave of Light and of the sea does come upon the shore in the most magnificent place that you could ever conceive. Thus your longing for Home is very great; but you have chosen to sojourn here on this darkened star, for many that you have loved long are here. [And] your love for God is great and to be the rescuers of those who are of God is your calling.[2]

An arc of light between the God Star and earth

On March 25, 1989, Astrea and Purity established an arc between the God Star and earth:

My beloved Elohim Purity does speak to you now, beloved, as I am forever your Starry Mother and my star in this moment does shoot to the star Sirius as Purity shall remain and we shall establish this arcing of Sirius to earth, for God Surya has taken note of the effort of a band of chelas of the will of God in the twentieth century as time is counted in the space of planet earth....

Circle and sword of Astrea from the God Star Sirius, arc the light! I AM THAT I AM Elohim. We are one.

Now the oscillation of the light of the God Star Sirius to this point of contact does begin. And by these blue-flame tapes so used, beloved, you have enabled this to be established.[3]...

Thus, in Morya’s name and for his victory we minister to the chelas of the will of God. Without the will of God there is no purity. And the Divine Mother is cloaked in a star-fire blue of sapphire hue.[4]

El Morya and Sirius

Later the same day, Surya told why this arc had been established and explained El Morya’s role as a Son of Sirius in the training of those who are from the God Star:

For I am Surya, and Cuzco with me affirm the origin of the sons and daughters of God at the point of the God Star Sirius. I affirm this focus of the Great Central Sun as a point of origin for many who pass through earth’s schoolroom at this hour.

Thus I come to reinforce the Order of the Blue Rose of Sirius and I come to remind all of your fealty to the order of the First Ray. And thus I desire to enable you to understand how the beloved El Morya, son of Sirius, devotee of the will of God, is the Lord of the First Ray for a reason, that reason being, beloved, that he does tarry in the earth for the training in the path of chelaship of those who are descended from that God Star and need the sharpening of the mind, the soul, the heart and the desire body according to a path of devotion and service, according to, then, a true activity of the Gemini Mind of God that is truly founded in that will, that holy will which is the grid of light of the divine plan.

If you can visualize the complex geometric form of earth itself, of a sphere, then understand that it is the congruency with that pattern that does raise you to the vibration of Sirius, that does become the open door to the purity of Sirius and the open door to the return to that home of Light. This is our call to those, then, who are beginning to remember that you are pilgrims passing through and that you have upon our star of Light truly homes of great magnificence. You have left there and you have left great palaces and the golden age that is perpetual and the evolution with lifewaves who are in constant contact with their teachers.

Thus there is not the oppression and the state of mind of searching and looking as it is upon earth and not knowing the way or being God-taught in all of the various fields of human knowledge. These fields, beloved, are developed to their fullest extent on the God Star and we desire to welcome you home once you have paid your respects and spent your sojourn on the planet Venus herself....

Come, then, ye into alignment with the God Star. For this reason beloved Astrea and Purity have established this arc between the God Star and the earth. I suggest that you take a moment when our star is visible to you to face that central sun and to give the mantra “I AM Alpha and Omega. I AM Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of being.”

Blessed ones, the mantra of the affirmation of ourselves where you are, as “I AM THAT I AM God Surya and Cuzco in my heart and soul and mind,” will enable us to anchor within you these currents. And, believe me, beloved ones, there are currents from the stars. There are rays that do descend. And those rays are vital in the development of the spirituality of souls and of their chakras.

Thus know, as you do and as some are aware, that this is a binary star. And thus you see in the revolving of the lesser sun around the greater what is the devotion of chela, the Chela Cuzco to the Guru Surya. May it also be with yourselves, for we desire to see the replica and the duplicate of this Guru-chela relationship manifest upon earth.

El Morya, then, is the key and the focus and the fulcrum, the very springboard to your reattainment of the God-mastery of the blue rose and the God-mastery that enables you to become one with the God Star. Begin, then, with all of his writings and dictations. Begin, then, with the teachings as well as the lectures and sermons of the Messenger Mark who was his mouthpiece. Understand that Morya and his blue rose and his vibration of the God Star Sirius does absolutely permeate this activity.

Anyone who should pass through these halls for any number of years and not reach the fullness of becoming a candidate for the ascension at Luxor and attaining that which is necessary to return to the God Star, I tell you, beloved, it is his own fault. For everything is here to reach and achieve that goal. And the final missing link to the entire path is the correct diet for each and every one of you....

Let the full power, then, of Surya and Cuzco be made known unto you this day. For we hold the balance in the heart of the will of God of the true Guru-chela relationship which you may entertain with beloved El Morya and which you may intensify if you desire to do so through the heart of the embodied and ascended Messengers.

Blessed ones, there is a path and it can be fully realized and attained to here. You need not be concerned, beloved ones. For the tests you receive are directly the wavelength of the God Star. We must have full warriors of the Spirit. We must have adepts out of this experiment on planet earth.[5]

The Court of the Sacred Fire is located on the God Star, Sirius.

The mighty Blue Eagle from Sirius

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The mighty Blue Eagle is a formation of blue-lightning angels who come from Sirius to assist Archangel Michael in his work on behalf of the evolutions of this solar system. When you study the components of the mighty Blue Eagle, you will see that every feather and part is a blue-flame angel. It is a vast formation that fills the starry heavens.

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