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Mark L. Prophet

Mark L. Prophet, now the ascended master Lanello was called by El Morya to found The Summit Lighthouse and to set forth the teachings of the ascended masters for the Aquarian age.

Early life

Mark L. Prophet was the only child of Thomas and Mabel Prophet, born Christmas Eve 1918 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. As a child his mystical inclinations were apparent. He saw and frequently communed with angels and nature spirits. When he was nine yeas old his father died and it affected him deeply. Attending the Pentecostal church, praying by the hour at the altar he built in the attic of his home, the young Mark showed an extraordinary religious devotion. Before finishing high school he had received all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.

When Mark was a young man the ascended master El Morya appeared to him but, unable to reconcile the turbaned Eastern adept with his lifelong devotion to Jesus, Mark dismissed him.

Years later, El Morya returned. Having realized that the path of the Ascended Masters was also the path of Jesus, Mark accepted Morya as his teacher and took on the rigors of Eastern discipleship. Mark also studied the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and was for a time associated with Self-Realization Fellowship as well as the Rosicrucian order.

After serving in the Air Force in World War II, Mark lectured on Christian and Eastern mysticism and the Masters of Wisdom from 1945 until 1952 when he began publishing a series of letters for his students called Ashram Notes, dictated by El Morya from his Ashram at Darjeeling, India.

Founding of The Summit Lighthouse

In 1958 the master called him to Washington, D.C., to found The Summit Lighthouse for the purpose of publishing the teachings of the ascended masters. In August 1958, El Morya dictated to Mark the first of the Pearls of Wisdom, weekly letters from the ascended masters to their students, launching a worldwide movement.

On April 22, 1961, Elizabeth, the twin flame of Mark, attended a meeting of The Summit Lighthouse in Boston, and met Mark, the messenger for the ascended masters, for the first time. She then began her training as a messenger for the masters. Mark and Elizabeth were married on March 16, 1963, and continued to build The Summit Lighthouse together.


On February 26, 1973, Mark passed on, having completed his mission. He is now known as the ascended master Lanello.

Previous embodiments

Mark was also a messenger in prior embodiments. As the prophet Noah, he received the prophecy of the Flood and exhorted the people for over a hundred years. As the Egyptian pharaoh Ikhnaton, messenger of Aton (the God of the Sun), he introduced monotheism.

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