Court of the Sacred Fire

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In the God Star, Sirius, which is the focus of the Central Sun for this sector of our galaxy, the twelve hierarchies of the Sun focus their flames at the Court of the Sacred Fire through the Four and Twenty Elders. These twelve sets of twin flames preside over the twelve temples or outer courts surrounding the central court. The Court of the Sacred Fire is described in Revelation 4 and 5.

On February 3, 1985, Archangel Michael announced that a focus of the Court of the Sacred Fire had been established in the city of Los Angeles:

Alpha and Omega have determined to use the Threefold Flame Fountain of Light established here more than twenty years ago. Using that Fountain of Light then, beloved hearts, they have set the forcefield of the Great Central Sun and the Four and Twenty Elders. This is in the etheric octave. It presses close to the physical and the astral planes, and it is sent that the witnesses of God and that this Church, which represents the Great White Brotherhood truly, might receive the witness of heaven and the true and just judgments as well as the protection....

Concurrently with the descent of the replica of the forcefield of the Court of the Sacred Fire over Los Angeles, there is also the descent of the etheric matrix of the New Jerusalem at this point and in various points on the planet.[1]

He also said that this could also be invoked in other places:

Let us see both manifest in every area—the local divine plan as the etheric city descending (that peculiar to that area) and that of the New Jerusalem itself. Let all realize that if there is to be any Justice on earth in any field of endeavor, it is this matrix that must be invoked and lowered into manifestation. Thus, those citizens of other cities, states, and nations may take this, my release—they may play it and play it as often as they will and write their letters to the Four and Twenty Elders that the very same etheric matrix of the Court of the Sacred Fire might focus over their states and nations.[2]

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