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Oromasis and Diana are the directors of the fire element, in charge of the elemental beings of fire, called salamanders, serving this planet. Standing on the twelve o’clock line, their office under the direction of the four cosmic forces focused in the Hub, these twin flames serve from Hercules’ retreat at Half Dome in Yosemite National Park and from their focus in the etheric realm over an island in the Bering Sea off the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Their service

Prince Oromasis and Princess Diana, as they are addressed by their retinue, serve with the hierarchies of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces to teach mankind the mastery of the etheric plane, and with the hierarchies of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in teaching the mastery of the fire element. They also work with Zarathustra and the priests of the Order of Melchizedek.

Being of the fiery element themselves, they work closely with the etheric, or fire, body of man and assist him in mastering the caduceus action and in opening the seven chakras, in addition to regulating the flow of light through the chakras and aligning the four lower bodies.

Using their momentum of the sacred fire, Oromasis and Diana, together with the legions of blue-lightning and white-fire angels in their command, intensify and quicken the action of the flames in answer to the calls of embodied mankind. This ability to quicken and intensify the action of the flame invoked, including the threefold flame within the heart, makes them especially qualified to assist in the purification of the four lower bodies and the freeing of the physical body from the densities of impure foods, drugs and stimuli. Oromasis and Diana should be called upon to walk through one’s four lower bodies and one’s environment every twenty-four hours to purify one’s forcefield of the mass effluvia of the world.

The salamanders

The salamanders in the command of Oromasis and Diana are fiery beings whose auras ripple with the rainbow rays of the causal body. Composed of liquid fire that reflects the consciousness of those whom they serve, their appearance is constantly changing, for their chameleon-like natures instantly reflect the prism of the Christ consciousness that plays upon their forms.

These beings are actually the mirrors of the Great Central Sun Magnet and instruments of every ascended and cosmic being. Powerful in their outreach and service to life, they carry rods of white lightning as scepters of authority to hold the balance of the fire element in the world of form.

Salamanders, being of the realm of Spirit-formless, are not confined to any dimension. Standing nine feet tall, they may reduce their size, with the flicker of a flame, to an inch in height. They are beings of tremendous power. Once captured by black magicians, they can be extremely destructive, but in the service of those who love the Christ—where they love to be—there is nothing they cannot do to uplift the standards of the race.

Beloved Aries has described the work of the salamanders:

The fiery salamanders are tall and majestic, scintillating in the rainbow fires of the Most High God....

The fiery salamanders serve mankind by consuming, on contact, the debris not only of the physical plane but also of the emotional, mental and etheric planes. Fire is the only means whereby the atoms and the electrons can be free of the density that man has imposed upon them, sending that density forth to the Great Central Sun to be repolarized with perfection and to be used again in the grand creation, in the symphony of the centuries.[1]

Setting free imprisoned elementals

Oromasis and Diana tell us:

The fallen ones have long ago recognized the value of controlling the beings of the elements. This they do through the bloodletting of voodoo ceremony and satanic rite, invoking demoniac forces of the astral plane and casting spells of death and destruction and hexes that hypnotically bind the elementals to do their bidding. Under these gross misuses of the sacred fire, some salamanders as well as other elementals have been imprisoned for centuries, and thus mankind have come to fear the nature spirits and to attribute to them mischievous and even malevolent designs.

Thus the first order of the day is to invoke the legions of Archangel Michael and Mighty Astrea to cut free the imprisoned salamanders, to draw them up into the Great Central Sun Magnet to God’s heart for repolarization and realignment with his mighty will, which is always good for all who partake of its cup.[2]

Mankind can call to Archangel Michael and Mighty Astrea to cut free the salamanders and all elemental life from the negativity and black magic that keep them from performing their service in full obedience to the will of God.

Call to Oromasis and Diana to take command of the fiery salamanders and to contain all uncontrolled, destructive fires. In the name of the Christ, command the elementals to bring such fires under God-control. Ask beloved Helios and Vesta to draw the salamanders up into the Great Central Sun Magnet for the repolarization and realignment with God’s holy will. Call to the Great Divine Director to arrest the spirals of human infamy that have imprisoned elementals in lower forms.

Also, ask for all elementals to be cleared by the combined alchemy of the resurrection flame and the violet flame. The violet flame can consume all radioactive substances that have burdened the salamanders and the earth through irresponsible uses of nuclear energy. Ask Cyclopea to give to every elemental the divine image and the divine vision of the golden age, the City Foursquare and the Temple Beautiful so that every elemental can hold the matrix for perfect form on earth. Ask for the earth be sealed in the emerald matrix and the healing thoughtform.

Dispensation of twelve elementals

On July 8, 1990, Diana announced:

I have brought with me today representatives of the four kingdoms. To each one of you is given a troop of elementals, some from each of the kingdoms. They will stay with you and obey your command that is heart-centered in the diamond heart of Mary and Morya. And they will remain as long as you tend them and nurture them, include them in your calls and give them assignments only in keeping with the will of God—so long as you do not abuse them but invoke them for many, many purposes in your life, not excluding the healing of the four lower bodies or the tending to practical matters.... Thus, they are children. And you may consider that you have adopted a little tribe today numbering twelve.[3]

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