Astral plane

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The astral plane is one of the four planes of Matter. It is the repository of the collective thought/feeling patterns, conscious and unconscious, of mankind.

The pristine purpose of this band, or frequency, is for the amplification of the pure thoughts and feelings of God in man. Instead it has been polluted with the impure records (vibrations) of the race memory multiplied ad infinitum by an evolution caught in the riptides and repetitive cycles of its own negativity.

The astral plane includes what the Catholic Church has called purgatory and hell. It has 33 levels in descending order of density. Souls who make the transition and have remaining debts of karma are often required to spend some time on the astral plane in order to pay their debts to life by experiencing some portion of the pain they have caused. Following this, many reembody to take up the balancing of karma in the physical octave.

Those at the lowest levels of the astral plane are waiting on “death row” for the time of their second death before the Four and Twenty Elders at the Court of the Sacred Fire.[1] These, too, are required to experience some portion of the pain they have caused life before the end of opportunity come.

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