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Two panels of a temple mural from the Ming dynasty of China depicting the Pure Land of Amitabha. (c. 1450)

According to the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, a Pure Land (or Buddha-field) is a spiritual realm or paradise presided over by a Buddha. A Pure Land is first conceived when a Bodhisattva, out of compassion for sentient beings, makes a vow that after he has attained supreme Buddhahood he will establish a Pure Land where conditions will be ideally suited to the attainment of enlightenment.

The most famous Pure Land is Sukhavati (“Pure Land” or “Happy Land”), the Western Paradise of the Buddha Amitabha. As related in Mahayana sutras, Amitabha established this Pure Land for all who would simply invoke his name in faith or, according to one sutra, live by certain precepts and perform good deeds.

In A Survey of Buddhism, Buddhist monk and scholar Sangharakshita explains that Sukhavati may be

thought of as a kind of cosmic Sangha, unthinkably vaster and infinitely more perfect than the institution which is ... its shadow here on earth. One who [is reborn] in this spiritual kingdom is free from the evil destinies; he has no more to fear rebirth ... as a tormented being. Problems of food, clothing and means of livelihood perplex him not. His whole concern is with the attainment of Enlightenment.”[1]

The Pure Lands are described in Buddhist writings as beautiful abodes, rich and fertile, inhabited by gods and men; they are devoid of all pain or sin as well as the problems of everyday existence. Traditionally, these paradises are believed to actually exist geographically but they are also seen as representing aspects of the awakened mind.

The Pure Land school of Buddhism, whose adherents look toward rebirth in the Pure Land through the efficacy of Amitabha, has become one of the most popular forms of Mahayana Buddhism in China and Japan.

According to Buddhist teaching, there are countless Pure Lands; and it is believed that another Pure Land will be brought forth by the Future Buddha Maitreya.

Maitreya’s Mystery School

El Morya, in his December 13, 1992, dictation, referred to Maitreya’s Mystery School at the Royal Teton Ranch as the Pure Land. He said:

I am determined, then, if you are determined, to see to it that there is a pillar of fire in this place, which we call the Pure Land. The Pure Land is the heaven-world of the Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas, long ago prophesied. And therefore, you may know that you have arrived at [the physical counterpart of] the Pure Land and that you may only enter [this advanced level of] the etheric octave when you are free of these syndromes.

For you cannot fully enter that plane and consciousness [of the Pure Land] on a day-by-day basis unless you determine now to get rid of the plague of your addictions. [Nevertheless,] we ourselves can, at will, anchor [the consciousness of the Pure Land within you through our Electronic Presence until you are able to reach that level on your own].”[2]

On January 31, 1993, El Morya said, “Maintain your line and do not give up the Pure Land, for this Pure Land is Hierarchy’s dispensation and offering” for you at your level of attainment.[3]

On July 3, 1993, Lord Maitreya said:

You must protect the Pure Land that is in this physical octave. Treasure it! Care for it! Hallow it, as you already have, and keep it holy.

For, beloved, how long will there be such places as this Royal Teton Ranch available to those who would form a community under the sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood—places that are in a pristine state and that can be used by the hierarchy of Light to increase the vibrations of Light in the earth that earth might know a balance and, in having that balance through the light of mantra descending, so know that healing will come about?[4]


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