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There exist today throughout the world numberless witches’ covens whose members follow the religious code (if it can be called that) of the witches. These strange practices of witchcraft—forms of black magic—are carried on daily by people whose outer appearance would never indicate this degrading activity of the Antichrist.

There is no question that witchcraft has a definite attraction for those who seek power over others, self-aggrandizement and various forms of sensuality. We refer to the power to control mortal minds and forms by invisible forces, the power to influence the motives and acts of others by hypnotic suggestions and the power to invoke various spirit forces, entities and even elemental beings to carry out their spells and schemes.

El Morya writes on the subject of witchcraft, as discussed in an address by the God Meru:

He spoke on witchcraft, not only as it was practiced in past civilizations but also as it has continued to be practiced through the centuries and is extant to the present day in many parts of Africa, the Caribbean, England and even America, particular infestations occurring in and around parts of Louisiana. All such negative foci contribute much to disturbances not only upon the planet itself but also in the hearts of its people. Incalculable damage has been done to the Christ Image through the practice of this discordant human art....

God Meru emphasized ... that the name “witchcraft” and its practice have no power (except that which men give to it). [This word] is derived from the words wit and craft, indicating that witchcraft is nothing more than the craftiness of the human wit or intellect. Never could it originate in nor derive power from the Divine Mind.

He defined it as man’s cleverness or “wit” in manipulating the forces of the mind and the human psyche and the projecting to distant points of a vibratory action of fear and domination over others. He emphasized the terrible karmic penalties involved, but particularly desired to alert the students of the greater Light to these continuing negative practices and the resulting emanations, in order that they might effect the proper safeguards at this present hour.

There are, of course, individuals who feel that by merely denying the existence of such forces, they are able to negate their influence. I do not question the fact that to deny is to remove much power from such conditions. For my statements are not at all in affirmation of the power of the human “wit” to successfully compete with the permanent Realities of Being. Nay, I am hereby offering to those willing to receive it the wisdom that will enable men to stand the guard in their own world and in the world of others against all forces not derived from the consent of the Holy Spirit and the purity of heaven.

It is not that men themselves desire to give power unto the “world’s wits” or to those who would presume to be manipulators of others. It is that the power of negation is often unwittingly assumed over others without their knowledge and without their recognition of the source of influence that attempts to defraud them of the great blessings God intends man to have.

Let me compare this to the incident of a legacy that a relative in a distant city bequeaths to a loved one. He entrusts it unknowingly to an unscrupulous attorney who, through manipulating the law, does not give proper notice to the heir at the passing of the relative and secures for himself an appointment as trustee, thereby gaining control of the fortune himself. This defrauds the heir either in part or in toto, who is thus unaware of the total good that should have befallen him....

We affirm that all men are children of God in that they were originally endowed with a threefold flame and were intended to inherit God’s kingdom. But the fact remains that those who at the present hour desecrate the divine intent by the practice of witchcraft are not only hindering themselves, but they are also hindering the planet through the emanations of negation that they release.

Now, self-condemnation is one of the factors that governs the amount of negative radiation that men take in. The Christian Church, in its mission of saving men’s souls, has frequently emphasized the nature of “sin” in the human psyche, and thereby many have been burdened with feelings of guilt that they have inadvertently accepted in place of the joy of their own individual Christ-identity.

Those who desire to have dominion over the consciousness of others may seek to achieve it through the imposition of intense feelings of self-condemnation upon their victims, who, in their resultant state of self-delusion, are easy prey to those Evil designs that the malpractitioner then masquerades as Good....

Condemnation, then, which is actually a frontal attack against the Christ-good in man, is one of the most insidious types of witchcraft because it opens the door to the disorientation of personality and a great deal of unhappiness. In addition to the more obvious and direct attempts to depreciate the manifestation of God, there are projected into the subconscious recesses of the human psyche animal forms and astral distortions that would be enough to unhinge the most balanced of minds if they were aware of them.

The dissonant lines of force emanating from these projections cut across the beautiful soul-regenerating powers of the Christ, which would ordinarily flow unimpeded down through the whole lifestream from the great Source of Life, the individualized mighty I AM Presence. Eventually these distortions reach the surface of men’s conscious awareness, there to manifest as even more complex lies of insecurity, remorse and shame. Thus men’s hopes are dashed by these treacherous thieves, which have entered the night of his subconscious mind, and he, cast down before his own eyes, is unable to rise and behold the love of God that flows forth from the fount of Life to free him.[1]

The Maha Chohan also speaks of the dangers of witchcraft:

Your soul can be lost by wrong choices, by entering into the black arts, even unwittingly, and by practicing those practices that are called witchcraft, which are truly not of the light.

I say, come out from among them! Forsake these perversions of the Mother flame and of the Holy Spirit! Understand that these forces of darkness are the archdeceivers of mankind, who tell you that witchcraft is of the Great White Brotherhood. I say, it is not! And I denounce it as the practice of the dark ones who are usurping the light of the Father-Mother God in these cities of the twin flames [of Alpha and Omega] and the cloven tongues of fire.[2]

There is no such thing as a white witch! Who gave you that word? Who told you that you could go by that name? You are a child of the light! Claim that light and practice the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood! Shun evil and forsake the manipulators, who are manipulating your soul to its utter corrosion!...

Understand, then, that the term “witchcraft” has nothing in it of the light but only darkness. This is not the teaching of the Brotherhood! Therefore if you would do good, forsake even the word that implies the turning around of the light into darkness.

Be followers of the Christ within your heart! Forsake all that is less than the Christ perfection that God has given you! Understand that these archdeceivers are abroad in the land and that they have sought to manipulate those who have the greatest light in order to turn that light into darkness until it is spoken of you, “How great is that darkness?”[3][4]

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