World Teacher

From TSL Encyclopedia

(1) World Teacher is an office in hierarchy held by those ascended beings whose attainment qualifies them to represent the universal and personal Christ to unascended mankind. The office of World Teacher, formerly held by Maitreya, was passed to Jesus and his disciple Saint Francis (Kuthumi) on January 1, 1956, when the mantle of Lord of the World was transferred from Sanat Kumara to Gautama Buddha and the office of Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha (formerly held by Gautama) was simultaneously filled by Lord Maitreya.

Serving under Lord Maitreya, Jesus and Kuthumi are responsible for setting forth the Teachings in this two-thousand-year cycle leading to individual self-mastery and the Christ consciousness. They sponsor all souls seeking union with God, tutoring them in the fundamental laws governing the cause/effect sequences of their own karma and teaching them how to come to grips with the day-to-day challenges of their individual dharma, one’s duty to fulfill the Christ potential through the sacred labor.

The World Teachers have sponsored the education of souls in the Christ light at every level, from preschool through primary and secondary education to college and university levels. In every nation on earth, they have inspired teachers, philosophers, scientists, artists, professional and nonprofessional people with the wisdom of the ages as it applies to each particular culture, even as the many cultures of the world serve to bring forth the many facets of the Christ consciousness.

(2) The term “world teacher,” lowercased, refers to the embodied disciple who dedicates himself to the lifetime calling of planetary enlightenment under the Universal Christ. This appellation is descriptive of the disciple’s chosen sacred labor and dedication to it. It is not an indication of his attainment or that he has necessarily qualified himself to share the office or mantle of Jesus and Kuthumi.


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