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Eighteenth century painting of Manco Cápac, founder of the Inca dynasty. According to one legend, Manco Cápac and his wide, Mama Ocllo, were sent to earth by the Sun God, emerging from a cave on the Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca.

Incal was the Supreme God of the Atlanteans, symbolized by the blazing sun. The inner meaning of the word Incal (or Inca) is inner calling, “the calling of the voice of the Word within.”

The Inca people of South America were the descendants of colonists from Atlantis who took their name from Incal. Saint Germain says that what we have seen and what we have found out archaeologically of the Incas is only what we observed in the period of their decline, that we don’t have any outer awareness of the real wealth and God consciousness of these people when their civilization was at its height.

The golden age of the Incas

In Unveiled Mysteries, Saint Germain speaks of Godfre, Lotus and Donald Ballard coming into embodiment to give assistance as the Inca civilization reached its apex. They came to give service that was needed as the children of an Inca ruler, who had a great devotion to the Source and through that Source had a very high attainment: “He knew and consciously acknowledged the power of the Great Central Sun.... [The Incan people at that time] used the sun as the symbol of the Godhead. They had a real, inner understanding and acknowledged the fullness of the power from the Great Central Sun—which today we call the Christ.”[1]

Because of his gratitude and his love, the Inca ruler was taught to understand and use the Great Cosmic Law. Donald was embodied as his son. He was taught the laws of government and the divine duties of a ruler. Lotus, a daughter, was taught the inner work and the full law and consecration of Priestess in the Temple of the Sun. Godfre was taught the cosmic laws of the priesthood and also, secretly, the generalship of Armies.

One of the buildings in the archeological site at Mitla, Mexico

After ten years of special training in Peru, the three were sent north to one of the new colonies of the Incan empire for the purpose of helping the people expand their activities and stimulate their progress. They came to the place which is now Mitla, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Lotus served there as a priestess for more than forty years in what was one of the most magnificent temples of the period, which they constructed under the direction of one of the great ascended masters of the Golden City over the Sahara Desert. The outer part was made of massive stones, some of which can be seen among the ruins of the temple today.

The Incan ruler made his ascension at the conclusion of this period of service.

At another time during the period of the Incan civilization, we as a community of the Holy Spirit embodied there together to anchor the light of the God and Goddess Meru. This was at a time when the ruler of that civilization was an incarnation of Lanello.

Paul the Venetian embodied in the Incan empire as an artist who used paints that did not fade (a mastery that he brought back in his final embodiment). Thanks to the tremendous momentum that he drew forth, the Inca civilization flourished.

The Inca sun disk as it is depicted on the national flags of Argentina and Uruguay

The image of the sun

Archangel Jophiel has spoken of the sun disk of the Incas:

I ask that you think of that wondrous sun which was depicted in the ancient hieroglyphs of the Incas, behind the throne of their rulers, and indicated to mankind the dependence of those ancient civilizations upon the flame of God’s wisdom, released through the great power of the Central Sun, through the sun of this system of worlds, and every sun, including that blessed sun of illumination whose plume is anchored in the mighty threefold flame within your own beating hearts.[2]

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For more information about Incal, see Phylos the Thibetan, A Dweller on Two Planets.

For more information about the golden age of the Incas, see Godfré Ray King, Unveiled Mysteries.

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