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Roman statue of Hercules (c. A.D. 80)

Hercules and Amazonia are the Elohim of the first ray of power, faith and God’s will. The auras of Hercules and Amazonia are charged with blue lightning and have an intense pink lining.

Hercules in Greek mythology

Hercules was the most famous of the heroes of Greek mythology. The origin of the figures in Greek mythology is a distant soul memory and a decadent understanding that there were great beings of light who walked and talked with mankind during past golden ages. The ascended masters once walked with mankind on Atlantis, but they gradually withdrew with the fall in consciousness of mankind.

To the ancients, Hercules was one of their most illustrious ancestors, an intermediary between men and the gods. His name means “glory of the air.” Hercules presided over all aspects of Hellenic education. In his aspect of athlete-hero, the Olympic Games were ascribed to him.

It is said that at the command of the Oracle of Delphi, Hercules spent twelve years under the orders of Eurystheus, who imposed upon him twelve arduous, seemingly impossible “labors.” Students of the deeper mysteries understand that the story of Hercules’ labors illustrates the soul requirement on the path of initiation for self-mastery of the energies of the twelve solar hierarchies.

The service of Elohim

The Elohim Hercules is millennia older than Greek mythology. When God commanded this solar system to be formed, the fiat went forth, “Let there be light,” and there was light. It was Hercules who summoned the mighty Elohim, the Builders of Form, to come forth and to precipitate the divine plan of the Solar Logoi. His great strength is drawn through his obedience to love of the will of God. He releases blue-lightning protection and his momentum of will-energy-action in answer to mankind’s calls for strength and direction.

Hercules has told us that in many cases, because of his office among the Seven Elohim, he is the only representative of the Godhead who can stand between mankind and their returning karma. He said in 1974, “Wherever there is cataclysm, flood or fire or storm or drought, I ask you to call unto me, that I may intercede with the great power that God has given me.... Call on the name of Hercules, day and night.”[1]

According to the law of free will, the masters, the Elohim, the angels cannot intercede in our world unless we ask them to. In 1995 Hercules said:

Never before has there been such a dispensation for using our decree to focus in the earth the ribbons of blue fire and white lightning whereby there is a literal disintegration of misqualified human substance.

I promise you that each and every time you give your call to me in multiples of nine, you shall have the multiplication that you have not seen since my original physical presence in the earth. You can use this decree to summon the Great Teams of Conquerors who work with our legions. Ours is a most specific dispensation. For we are the only ones allowed to be so physical in the earth at this time.[2]

In 1996, Hercules said, “Calling to us is imperative to hold the world in peace.... Make calls to me daily, even if you only offer me three Hercules decrees. That is enough, beloved. But call my name, and you empower me to work in your levels.”[3]

Hercules wants us to focus on turning back domestic and international terrorism, earth changes and all challenges to God-government. As you give these calls, you can visualize the Elohim pouring their light into this world through the chalice of Elohim anchored over the Heart of the Inner Retreat. Visualize white fire and blue lightning turning back domestic and international terrorism and all that opposes God-government. Make your visualizations as specific as possible. The more specific your visualizations, the more effective your decrees will be, because you are directing God’s light, like a laser beam, right into the core of a situation.

Hercules slaying the Nemean lion, one of the twelve labors (c. 500 B.C.)
Hercules and the Stymphalian birds, one of the twelve labors, Albrecht Dürer (1600)

The labors of Hercules

In August 1989 the messenger requested decree assignments from El Morya to accomplish “meritorious deeds” that would help the Great White Brotherhood, El Morya and the lightbearers of the world. During the 1989 fall conference, Archangel Michael announced that Hercules and the seven Elohim had come to give us spiritual labors. He said, “They come to give you those assignments whereby this world may be delivered of certain increments of karma and certain manifestations of the fallen ones whose time is up.”[4]

During the conference the messenger and chelas worked on twelve spiritual labors corresponding to the twelve labors of Hercules in Greek mythology. Beloved Hercules and El Morya have periodically given us labors for the binding of astral forces and fallen angels attacking the lightbearers. These decree assignments are also for penance, initiation and the balancing of karma.

Hercules’ embodiment on earth

Morya has told us that the reason our beloved mighty Hercules is so close to the physical octave is that he once volunteered to embody on earth:

There came a time in earth’s history when evil was so rampant and spacecraft and aliens, and indeed there were giants in the earth and there were gods,[5] that Hercules himself did volunteer to take embodiment to deal with those Watchers, to deal with their creation half-animal, half-human. And therefore, he did descend in another era. And he did go forth all of his days and all of his hours to challenge those fallen ones.

And therefore, heart and mind and soul and spirit one-pointed, Hercules did save the day for planet Earth at one point in an era past. And he did save the earth for you, beloved, to be here again in this time. And now he is grateful that you have chosen to call forth his Electronic Presence and to walk the earth not only as Morya’s chelas, as Michael’s chelas, but also as the chelas of Hercules and Amazonia.

Blessed ones, the myths you hear are indeed myths, stories told many times over and embellished. But at the seed of it and the heart of it there is truth and there is the realization that one so great a being of Light could actually receive the dispensation of Almighty God to embody and then become so involved in dealing with Evil incarnate as to create karma, as to also be trapped by that barrage of human creation/Nephilim creation and all manner of manipulation of the sacred science as to have to reincarnate thrice in order to expiate the karma incurred for literally rolling in the mud of earth with these fallen ones.

Here you can understand the sacrifice of one so beloved. Here you can understand a heart who would not stand by and see the infamy of these fallen ones on planet earth and did forego the octaves of perfection and light and God-dominion. And therefore you see that by the planetary climate of gross darkness and delusion even such a one can become detoured and make karma.

Therefore, do not chide yourselves for your mistakes but learn from his sacrifices and his victories as well as from his mistakes and also know that for an Ascended Master or a being of cosmos to volunteer to take physical embodiment is indeed a calculated risk. And many have found themselves in this very predicament, beloved ones, and have had to come home the long, hard road of karma yoga until the coming of Saint Germain and Portia and the dawn of the Aquarian age and the dispensation of the violet flame.

And therefore I tell you, Hercules’ wrestling with physical monsters now becomes for you the exorcism by the Ruby Ray of the Holy Ghost of their astral counterparts. And although it be very hard spiritual work and a certain physical, emotional and mental stress and strain, beloved, when you have that victory you know peace at a new level of victory and you know a new level of peace. And each time you have the victory that sacred fire of the Kundalini is rising and you experience a new heaven; and gradually your souls are meshing with the etheric octave so that the transition called death when it comes upon you in the natural order of things will be nothing at all, for you will already have been living in that octave for decades while yet in the physical body.[6]

The Amazonians

On December 16, 1962, Amazonia came from the Great Central Sun to speak of the ancient civilizations of South America and of a giant race of magnificent women who once dwelt there when Amazonia herself “manifested physically upon this planet.” However, the Amazons “became depraved individuals using their giant strength to wage destructive warfare even against the opposite sex and degenerating into mere tribes.”

Amazonia then reminded us of many of the cataclysmic upheavals that have occurred throughout history in order “to call to your attention the dangers inherent in wrong thinking and wrong living and misjudging and misdirecting your energy.” She explained that the Great White Brotherhood longs to see an era of peace and plenty in South America, “to see the old temples raised anew.” But Amazonia warned that “the power of freedom must be retained in the heart of America that the germinal seeds of light may be transmitted safely there in one mighty Pan-American union.”

Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California


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Hercules and Amazonia’s retreat is on the etheric plane in and over Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in Northern California.

Amazonia also has a focus in the southern part of South America.

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