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[Sanskrit lit. “coiled-up serpent”] Coiled energy in latency at the base-of-the-spine chakra; the Life-force; the Mother energy; the seal of the seed atom; negative polarity in Matter of the positive Spirit-fire that descends from the I AM Presence to the heart chakra.

When the Kundalini is awakened (through specific yogic techniques, postures and bija mantras, spiritual disciplines, or intense love of God) it begins to ascend the spinal column through the channels of the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, penetrating and activating each of the chakras.

Use and misuse of the light of the Kundalini

The initiate who has taken the left-handed path at the ''Y'' uses the Kundalini to enhance his adeptship in the black arts. The false guru initiates the unwary in the rites of raising the Kundalini before the rituals of soul purification and transmutation of the chakras have taken place. This can result in insanity, demon possession, or uncontrolled and inordinate sexual desire or a perversion of the Life-force in all the chakras.

The One Sent takes his disciples by the hand and leads them gently in the disciplines of self-mastery until they can deal with the great powers conferred by the Goddess Kundalini and use them to bless and heal all life by the release of the sacred fire through all of the chakras—centering in the heart, which in the true initiate becomes the chalice for the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. When the base chakra and the Kundalini are mastered, they become the vessels for the ascension flame in the one preparing for this initiation.

Raising the light

The missing link in the Eastern tradition of raising the Kundalini is the use of the dynamic decree in the science of the spoken Word to draw down the Light of the Father from the I AM THAT I AM and causal body and the realization that the Light of the upper chakras is intended to magnetize the Light from the base of the spine to the heart. The descending Light of the Father uniting in the heart with the Light of the Mother raised up from the base of the spine results in the awareness of the sacred heart and the wholeness of Alpha and Omega.

The Blessed Mother has provided the rosary as a safe method of raising the Mother Light by the fervent heat of love and adoration, without a violent eruption of energy. The cleansing of the aura and chakras with the violet flame also enables the Kundalini to rise gradually without danger.

When used in conjunction with the violet flame, the bija mantras to the Divine Mother are safe under the sponsorship of Saint Germain, whose East/West experiment in transmutation, combining dynamic decrees with meditation and the recitation of mantras to the feminine deities, provides a path of acceleration for disciples of both traditions. Saint Germain recommends decrees for the tube of light and protection by Archangel Michael as the foundation for these sessions.

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