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The centaur of Greek mythology is a memory of the genetic hybrids of Atlantis

Scientists who lived thousands of years ago on the lost continent of Atlantis were far in advance of our present-day geneticists. More than twelve thousand years ago mutations were created in their laboratories that developed into grotesque formations, such as those creatures of mythology—half goat/half man, half horse/half man. From the akashic records we read the history of these creatures, and there was no end to the vile “things” these scientists created for their pleasure—animated robots, slaves that did their bidding. Edgar Cayce did many readings in which he described these miscreations.

The genetic engineering of the human race and lower creatures became the modus operandi for controlling God and Man, and it was precisely this violation of the RNA and DNA chains that interfered with and severely curtailed Man’s relationship to God. Through the control of the brain waves and the neurological system with its delicate balance in the interchange of the life-force from Spiritual Man through the chakras to the organs and cells of generic man, the sons of Belial altered humanity’s genetic capacity for soul, or “solar,” awareness.

Then came the flood of Noah, the Great Deluge that wiped all this from the face of the earth, “for it repenteth me that I have made them....”[1] The cataclysm that ensued sank the entire continent of Atlantis. And the fiat went forth from God (through Elohim): “Henceforth, let every seed bear after its kind.”

An account of genetic engineering on Atlantis

Servatus was an eye-witness to the misuse of science in genetic engineering that took place on Atlantis, contributing to the fall of that continent. He is concerned about the return of mankind’s karma of the misuse of the emerald ray and the return again of genetic engineering to the earth:

I would caution you that in the last days of Atlantis the misuses of the emerald ray were very great. Science reached a great crescendo of materialism and mechanization. People became more and more dependent upon the scientists of the day who had their instruction from the laggards who came from Maldek, from the fallen ones and from the Luciferians.

And therefore, the science of genetics and the manipulation of the DNA chain was in advance of that which it is today. And today’s scientists are just beginning to touch on the records that were in the laboratories of Atlantis that caused such a degeneration of consciousness and of body and such a proliferation of perverted forms and the cross-breeding of all types of animal life with human life so as to ultimately find the decree of the LORD God in the flood of Noah and in the sinking of that continent.[2]

The spiritual consequences of genetic engineering today

Jesus and Magda speak of the threat of genetic engineering today:

Even now, in the realm of genetic engineering, what is proposed—to engage now the human genes and to give them to animal genes and to combine the species—is abhorrent to the LORD God. For the imprisoning of human genes in animal form is the imprisoning of a portion of the race itself, a portion of those genes which are actually endowed with a certain formula by the I AM Presence.

Thus, this is the taking of heaven by the violent who take it by force. And they take it by force through genetic engineering. And thus you see the prophecy of Daniel coming to pass in many areas—the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place where it ought not.[3] This statement from the Old Testament has numerous interpretations connected with the violation of the temple in those eras. But I speak to you today of the violation of the temple of man and the abomination in the violation of the genes and the DNA chain.

Beloved ones, these things are not merely on the drawing board. These experiments are being conducted and they are a living fact of today. Realize, then, that one of the causes for the Flood and the sinking of Atlantis was the combining of these genes in such a horrendous manner as to create half-man/half-goat creatures, et cetera. And these things became proliferated to such an extent that the very wombs of women were used as experimental laboratories for the bringing forth of all kinds of grotesque creatures. And the hour is coming in the earth when, through the absence of the standard of the Christ mind, women shall be offering their bodies in all manner of foul experimentation.

The creation of life without the God flame in the test tube and all manner of implantation of animal parts within the human body is the collective degeneration of consciousness that all might become animals once again....

The separation of the seed of Christ must come. For, you see, the giving of the seed of Christ in experimentation is truly the end of evolution. And thus, cataclysm can be held back for the lightbearers, it can be held back for the coming of the golden age, but it cannot be held back when these practices are allowed to continue. There is no further purpose to an evolution that then consists of half-animal/half-human and is endowed with a divine spark by those children of the Sun.[4]

The choices before us

We are facing the decisions today as to whether we are going to pursue these false gods and genetic engineering or we are going to choose to go with the great initiators of the race, those appointed by God himself, who are the ascended masters, who are truly Christed ones, who have the love in their hearts and the compassion to engender the true qualities of God as well as the ability to master our environment. Their sponsorship, then, assists the children of God to learn the arts and sciences brought forth by representatives of the Brotherhood who work behind the scenes at inner levels as well as through representatives in physical embodiment.

The records of Atlantis are with us in genetic engineering and in all sorts of inventions of science, both good and bad. We are in the present reaping the past, the arbiters of the future. And there is only one way to make the future happen—by the freewill use of the science of the Word.

The violet flame transmutation of one’s genes and chromosomes is the only lawful genetic engineering. Because inherent in the violet flame is the God-control of the Holy Spirit. This is the spiritual science of genetic engineering practiced by the Sons of God. And this is where true science and the mysteries of God converge in the golden man of the heart.

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