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In the long millennia since darkness first came upon the planet, earth has been host to many different evolutions, and not all of these evolutions descended from God. Jesus makes this clear in the Gospels when he says of the Pharisees, “You are of the father, the devil. I am from above; you are from beneath.”[1]

Jesus left a record of these different evolutions in the parable of the tares and the wheat. He explained to his disciples that the good seed were the children of God, and that the tares were sown by the enemy, the devil, and that these were the seed, the offspring of the evil one.[2]

The creation of mechanization man on earth

We see that fallen angels were cast down into the earth in judgment for their failure to bend the knee before Christ the Lord. There was war in heaven. Archangel Michael cast them out of heaven because they violated the Christ principle.[3] They took embodiment. A class of these fallen angels is called Watchers, written about by Enoch. Another group is known as the Nephilim.

These fallen angels and the laggard races who came to this planet had great scientific knowledge. They knew the mysteries of creation, and through genetic engineering, they were able to create human bodies. And so their creation has multiplied. These are known as mechanization man (to distinguish from those who have the divine spark, who have an I AM Presence and who have a Holy Christ Self).

Other evolutions without a threefold flame

There are also evolutions upon this planet that have come here in spacecraft from all over the universe. And these individuals, many of them, never originated in God, yet they are highly sophisticated and developed.

Thus, there is a whole order of beings who did not descend from God. There are also some who once had a threefold flame but lost it by continually misusing the flame—for instance, through lifetimes of uncontrolled anger and uncontrolled misuses of the sacred fire in their chakras.

The opportunity to receive a threefold flame

However, in this day and age the absence of a threefold flame does not disqualify anyone from the Path—as long as they meet the requirements of the Guru-chela relationship.

Any one of these beings—from the Watcher to the Nephilim to the laggard to the mechanization man to the child of God who has lost the threefold flame—has the opportunity, through Jesus Christ, to accept him as their Saviour, to bend the knee, to walk a path of discipleship, to take accountability for their karma and at some point on the path to receive the gift of a threefold flame and also to have imparted to them the substance whereby the soul itself comes into that temple and reincarnates.

It may take lifetimes for this to occur, or by heroic deeds for God and the Christed ones, by becoming a servant of God, an individual may receive that gift in a single lifetime.

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