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Maldek, once a planet in our solar system, was destroyed when its lifewaves waged a war ending in nuclear annihilation. The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is the remains of this planet.

The existence of a planet between Mars and Jupiter was predicted by Johann Titius and restated in 1772 by German astronomer Johann Bode based on the numerical progression of the distances of the then-known planets from the sun. Following the discovery in 1781 of Uranus, whose location conformed to Bode’s law, astronomers began to search for the missing planet, finding instead the asteroid belt. About 95% of the thousands of asteroids, or minor planets as they are called, that have since been discovered in our solar system are part of this main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Mother Mary speaks of the destruction of Maldek:

You have only to look at the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter to find what a civilization did with the misuse of atomic power. For that was once a mighty and noble planet. The warring factions of that civilization could not come into agreement in the reason of the Lord: “Come let us reason together, saith the LORD.”[1] No, they would not; they could not; they refused to surrender their mortal pride, their vilifications of one another.

They understood not that in hating one another they were hating themselves. And so the hatred they sent forth came back upon them in a mighty surge of explosive power. They actually blew up their home and annihilated themselves with their hatred, blew themselves to smithereens. And all that is left is chunks of clay floating in space, unfit for habitation. Is this the destiny that you desire for your star? I think not.[2]

For the history of Maldek and its evolutions, see Laggards.

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Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Paths of Light and Darkness, chapter 1, contains the history of Maldek, Hedron and their evolutions, some of which have since come to earth.


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