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The Laggards are those who lag behind the evolutions of their planets; specifically souls assigned to earth who had failed to fulfill their divine plan on schedule on their home star, Maldek, and have continued to lag behind their own God-ordained destiny as well as that of the lifewaves of earth, among whom they continue to reembody.

History of the laggards

Following the destruction of the planet Hedron, the remnant of the Hedonists (or the Hedrons), those who were counted worthy, were allowed to reembody on Maldek. At that time Maldek was a very pure, virgin planet. With the coming of the Hedrons, this planet was also perverted through a pleasure cult.

The Hedrons were not a new evolution. They had great experience in science and in war, and they were able to create weapons greater than our most modern nuclear weapons, inventions greater than our most modern forms of transportation in air, on sea and land. And so they brought about a nuclear holocaust on Maldek and destroyed themselves.

Among those evolving on Maldek were lifestreams and souls of high principle dedicated to Truth, yet all were destroyed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, all were flung out of their physical bodies into the astral realm. Once again, life provided an opportunity. The Lords of Karma determined that two-thirds of the evolution of that entire planet were not worthy of perpetuation. They were brought to final judgment and they passed through the second death. One third who were considered redeemable, those who were humanitarians, philanthropists, scientists, who had resisted war and inharmony, who had resisted the misuse of love—love as obedience and love as vision—were allowed to reembody upon the earth.

The laggards’ effect on planet Earth

The majority of laggards, although highly evolved materially and scientifically, had willfully refused to use their talents and their free will to glorify God and to execute his plan on Maldek. The momentums they had developed and that had caused the destruction of their planetary home were brought with them; and here on earth they have continued to lag behind the spiritual evolution of the race and their God-ordained destiny. In addition to the arts of Cain and Tubal-cain,[1] the laggard scientists taught the less experienced evolutions of this planet how to split the atom and harness nuclear power for peaceful as well as destructive purposes, how to create various forms of life in a test tube, and how to use ultrasonic waves, laser beams and astral rays as implements of healing and conquest. Their advancements in aeronautics, space travel and many other branches of science were far ahead of those of the scientists of today.

Because of their greater development and longer experience in the physical plane, the laggards soon gained complete control of the materialistic society they built on Atlantis, holding key positions in government, religion, science, the economy, the arts and the media, which they dominated with their recalcitrant consciousness that sought after wealth and power as an end in itself rather than as the means to implement spiritual values. Thus by their efficiency in material things, they reinforced the Luciferian lie that man does not need God because he can do all things for himself; and although the innocents, joined by the best of the Maldekians, desired to return to their lost estate, they soon fell under almost total domination of these more advanced lifewaves, whose every effort, no matter how socially progressive, was intended to preserve the status quo and to prevent the spiritual enlightenment of the race. Jesus’ commentary on their aggressive activities was simply “The children of this world are wiser in their own generation than the children of light.”[2]

The student of higher Truth must be careful to identify the laggards and the Luciferians by their actions and not by their religion, nationality or race; for these advocates of Antichrist have infiltrated every walk of life, and no church, no government and no nation can claim immunity from their presence. They are the tares that the enemy has sown in the fields of human endeavor, growing side by side with the wheat, which the Lord has said will not be separated until the harvest. Any attempt to label, classify or categorize these dark ones can only be met with failure; and to do so is to fall prey to their schemes of dividing and conquering the people. From the outer standpoint, there is no clear-cut line of demarcation between the sons of Belial and the sons of God. Therefore, let us study cosmic law and cosmic truth and follow in the footsteps of the Master who said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”[3]

The laggards’ misuse of the sacred fire included the creation of vile forms of life—half man and half horse—distortions of the Christ not in keeping with the Father’s plan. Imprisoned as they were in these grotesque bodies, the souls of the innocents were not free to evolve spiritually. Perversions of the divine art destroyed the Real Image in man, and the pure ideas and noble forms necessary to his practice of real-eye magic were replaced by fractionalized concepts, jagged forms, upside-down images. Finally, even the beings of the elements were imprisoned in distorted animal forms. Thus, through these ani-mal (animated evil) forms, the seeds of rebellion and sensuality were planted in the holy ground of man’s subconscious mind; and man, shorn of his God-identity, became an unwitting tool that could be conditioned to respond to evil minds.

Whereas Lemuria went down in smoke and fire, Atlantis was destroyed by earthquake and tidal wave, recorded in the Book of Genesis as the Flood of Noah. The miscreations of the laggards were destroyed as Nature shrugged off the imbalances imposed upon her by a wayward generation. And the edict went forth: “Henceforth every seed shall bear after its kind.” The possibility of crossing animal and human life was thus forbidden by divine decree.

A dispensation for the laggards

In 1960, Helios announced a dispensation for the laggards:

I, Helios, grant by the power of the Solar Logos, the “Word” of God, an eternal fiat, declaring this day May 17, 1960, that a new dispensation is given to the people of earth in Mighty Victory’s name, to assist the earth in attaining cosmic liberation from self-created discord and bondage so that the fealty of eternal happiness may take possession of the minds, worlds and affairs of mankind, producing perfection and sustaining civilization’s great light during the coming golden age whose presently approaching “glow” shall now expand limitlessly to the glory of the Eternal Father!

Therefore, in order to loosen the hold of the laggards and secure the blessing of freedom to all earth’s posterities, in order also to anchor the spirit of liberty which is victor over “every form of tyranny over the mind of man,”[4] this gift is now given to all sincere students and chelas of the Ascended Masters who apply their hearts to their own God Presence “I AM,” asking that they be made a divine channel through which the power and presence of one or more of the Universal Christs located on other systems of worlds shall flow during hours of sleep—or even consciously as the Great Law directs—shall promptly and without delay be vested with our power in accordance with the cosmic law in order to enable these Christs to anchor their radiation and presence in the physical, thinking, feeling and memory worlds of such volunteers so as to provide a means whereby a Cosmic Christ can be assigned to each “laggard” on this planet (they are legion) individually in order to help control the spread of discord and transmute their thoughts and feelings to love for the Light!

Mathematically at present the number volunteering shall be divided by the number of laggards there are as known to the Keeper of the Records, so that many million Cosmic Christs will use the “coaxial” cable of the volunteering consciousness as a means to reach these of whom Jesus said, “Father forgive them—they know not what they do!”[5] As the number of volunteers increase, so shall the number of Christs using each lifestream as a point of anchorage decrease until eventually we hope for each Christ to use one chela—and reach one laggard thereby, using the power of the three-times-three to produce and sustain perfection here. Now, I AM the safeguard for every lifestream so serving, for the Law provides that only good shall flow from the starry realms through you—and nothing which is not of the Light can return to you. It should be understood that you are responsible for using your tube of light and the violet fire daily as usual in order to protect yourself from human effluvia which every day occupies the atmosphere of the planet!

Rest assured the laggards will be unable to consciously know of this action except in accordance with cosmic law when they too enter to serve the Light. Know too that while these Cosmic Christs have no authority to interfere with free will, they are hereby given full authority to enlighten, heal, bless and guide each lifestream firmly even to the extent of adjusting karma through the Karmic Board—acting thus as a wise parent who chastens at times the ones they love, till all are once again at home in realms of light, wholly ascended and free as beloved Jesus is!

I further declare that all so serving as channels for this service are afforded full protection from Lord Michael the Archangel and Mighty Astrea’s legions! Let this service be without limit as to time and place, continuing to function as an activity of divine love until all “laggards” are—with the earth itself—at last free!

Let this be done from this day forward with increasing God-speed until as Samuel Morse, the inventor of the telegraph, said in its first message—“What God hath wrought!”[6]

The end of opportunity for some

In 1995, Lord Himalaya announced that the time of opportunity was over for certain of the laggard evolutions:

You can see what a weight has been on the planet and how this weight must be lifted. Can ye lift it up? Can the World Mother lift it up? Can all of us put together lift it up? I tell you, it will be an act of all evolutions of this world and of the Great Central Sun also. For the weight of extra karma was brought by these scientists who were interested in materialistic science only and not the science of the Spirit—they have brought the heavy, heavy weight of Earth.

And elemental life since that hour have continually been working to balance that karma. And many times they have had to resort to tremendous cataclysm under the direction of Elohim and Surya and Cuzco and the four hierarchs of the elementals. Thus, continents, as you know, have risen and they have sunk, and civilizations have occurred on the earth long before that which you think to be the beginning at the early days of Lemuria.

Blessed ones, time is vast. And the weight that is upon your shoulders today is a weight that you carry, a portion of these laggards who have come to Earth so long ago. Had they not been invited by certain among the people of Earth who desired to save them, to lead them into the light and to help them in bearing their progeny, this earth would be a lighter place. But in addition to their recalcitrance, their ultimate stubbornness, their ultimate intransigence, they, then, have burdened all. Think not, then, that the burden of weight that you carry on your shoulders and in your aura is merely your own. You all, one and all, have volunteered to bear some portion of it.

And thus, beloved, Saint Germain, in his infinite mercy and compassion, has brought to you the violet flame. And those who did not have the pride and reject it, as these laggard evolutions did, but those who walk in the spiritual path who have accepted that violet flame, they have become lighter and they have lightened the burden of the earth.

So you see, beloved, there are some who have become angry or annoyed as to why they must carry the burden of the laggard evolutions. Well, it goes back to exactly what I have just told you: that those individuals living on Earth at that time decided to invite them, the remnants of those who did not destroy themselves in the war on Maldek. Thus they came to Earth, for they had destroyed their own planet. And today, again and again, you see these warring factions who will never relent, never give up, never say die, never enter into the communion of the Lord Gautama, the Lord Himalaya, the Lord Vaivasvata Manu, the God and Goddess Meru....

Come to understand that the Great Divine Director has a plan.[7] The Great Divine Director has a plan for the root races and for this entire hemisphere. It is a scientific interchange of lifestreams coming together to ultimately defeat the powers and forces of evil in this earth.

I assign you, therefore, together with those who have planned this conference and the ascended ones speaking, to enter into a labor whereby you call for the binding and the judgment of laggard evolutions whose time is up, who have defied God, who have been obscene before his Presence and have no desire whatsoever to attain everlasting life.

I tell you, and mark it well—the time, the day and the date of my statement—this is the hour and the moment when the LORD God Almighty would say through me to you:

Enough is enough. These evolutions have had their opportunity. They shall be removed to other planets and other systems where they can make a go of life if they will.

Therefore, in addition to the judgments being brought by Archangel Uriel of the fallen angels whose time is up in this year,[8] there is also the dispensation whereby certain laggard evolutions can and must be removed from the earth, for their weight is critical. It is critical, beloved, because it can tip the scales toward darkness if these particular lifestreams are not removed. A place is prepared for them and therefore they may continue at their pace. And one day, in the millennia to come, they will also face the opportunity to live, to embrace God, and to escape at the final judgment the second death at the Court of the Sacred Fire.

Thus, beloved, this is a dispensation that the tribes in the earth who have mourned, mourned the coming of the laggards, have waited for, for centuries upon centuries. This day and this hour is come. And already in this moment there are ships that are taking these certain laggard individuals who cannot remain another hour on planet Earth. They shall be taken in the astral plane. They shall be taken in the etheric plane. Some may have a remainder of themselves in the earth but most of them, beloved, will be taken. And some of them will wait until the logical conclusion of their life span, but those I speak of today are those who must be gone.

Thus, I enlist your decree power and your momentum. Not only in this conference (which we would like to see sustained forever if we could) but every day after you leave this place, remember: there are souls of darkness who are weighing down the youth of the world, the children, the babes being born, families and lightbearers who are working against all odds and with not even enough of the coin of the realm to complete their projects for humanity. Yes, these ones, beloved, these precious ones must know a surcease from the groaning and the burden upon their backs....

Undoubtedly, then, you will take the opportunity to call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold of the laggards being taken and even of those who are remaining. For that will be an assist to them to perhaps see the light and decide they may want to live forever in the heart of God, Elohim.[9]

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