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Vaivasvata Manu and his consort are the manus for the fifth root race. As manus, they hold the archetypal pattern for that root race and sponsor the Christic path for all souls of that evolution. The manus and their divine complements represent the Father-Mother God to their respective root races. The members of a root race embody together and have a unique archetypal pattern, divine plan and mission to fulfill on earth.

Eastern teachings

Vaivasvata is a Sanskrit word meaning “sun-born”—born of the Sun, born of the Great Central Sun. In Hindu teachings, Vaivasvata is a poet, sage and guru. He is also one of the manus, or divine lawgivers, who guide the lives of mankind. Hindus believe that he is the manu of the present age.

In Hindu mythology, Vaivasvata appears as the Indian Noah, and various legends relate how he was saved from a great deluge. Helena Blavatsky called him “the progenitor of our fifth race, who saved it from the flood that nearly exterminated the fourth race.” She specifies further that each manu “has to become the witness of one of the periodical and ever-recurring cataclysms (by fire and water in turn) that close the cycle of every Root-race.”[1]

In his book The Masters and the Path, C. W. Leadbeater describes Vaivasvata as “a kingly figure,... the tallest of all the Adepts, being six feet eight inches in height, and perfectly proportioned. He is the Representative Man of our race, its prototype, and every member of that race is directly descended from Him. The Manu has a very striking face of great power, with an aquiline nose, a full and flowing brown beard and brown eyes, and a magnificent head of leonine poise.... He is living at present in the Himalaya mountains.”[2]

His service today

Vaivasvata Manu maintains a focus in the Himalayas. The flame focused in his retreat magnetizes the souls evolving within the fifth root race to the pattern of the Christ consciousness that he holds on their behalf. The love of Vaivasvata for his children is so great that once they contact the flame from his heart chalice upon his altar, they are cut free from the impositions of civilization that run contrary to their destiny as members of this root race. His electronic pattern is a complex yet delicate filigree, an antahkarana that surrounds the earth and connects with the heart flames of every member of his family.

The pronunciation of certain vowel tones at a certain pitch attunes the consciousness with the antahkarana (or web of light), and hence into the tremendous God-power of Vaivasvata. Students should make the call to tune into this antahkarana whether or not they are of the fifth root race, for he directs mighty currents that appear as shooting stars across the vast regions of the planet into the hearts of all who will serve with him.

Vaivasvata Manu has said:

Learn this one lesson from a guru who has had hundreds and thousands of victorious chelas: Absolute obedience to the teacher will secure instantaneous mastery. When you think you are alone, separate, misunderstood, maligned, remember Vaivasvata Manu, and call for my pattern to appear. Call for your pattern to appear. And know that I AM in the center of every pattern as the white-fire-core consciousness.

I AM the white-fire-core consciousness of seed and seedling, of oak and redwood, of flower, of star, of birds that sing, of church bells that ring, of the chiming of the clock, the cosmic clock that tells the time of initiation, of victory, of love. As I walk with you each step of the way, it is because I pursue children of the dawn, children of my root race. And thus, from now on, I would speed to you on wings of light the impetus of our light and of our love that you might also release the great homing call of Father-Mother God to our children to “Come home, come home, come home.” I withdraw to the heart of the secret rays, and when you invoke those rays, I shall come forth and place upon you my Electronic Presence to raise you into the pattern of God-identity.[3]

Vaivasvata Manu’s divine complement remains in embodiment to anchor their twin flames in form.

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