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Saint Germain dressed in armour, wearing a sword
Saint Germain, the Knight Commander

The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity was founded in 1961 by Saint Germain as an organization of ascended masters and their chelas who vow to keep the flame of Life on earth and support the activities of the Great White Brotherhood in the establishment of their Community and Mystery School and in the dissemination of their teachings. Keepers of the Flame receive graded lessons in cosmic law dictated by the ascended masters to their messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.


El Morya speaks of the purposes of the fraternity:

In January 1961 I authorized the formation of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity to be formed of a circle of devotees within The Summit Lighthouse who would give supreme allegiance to the flame of Life and to the Knight Commander, Saint Germain. I invited all who would pledge their support to this hierarch of the Aquarian age to participate in a worldwide endeavor to draw into the flame of the Holy Spirit sons and daughters of God who would come forward to claim their inheritance as joint heirs of the Christ consciousness....

To those who would give their support shoulder to shoulder to the Ascended Masters and to our Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet for the promulgation of authentic teaching delivered unto them by the hierarchy, a special invitation was extended by the Knight Commander and me to affirm their sponsorship and their commitment by joining this outer fraternity of the Great White Brotherhood....

Those who responded are those who understood from deep within the soul the need to reconsecrate that flame through daily invocations and decrees made in the name of the I AM Presence and the Christed Self of all mankind—those who were eager to pursue the alchemy of the Spirit and to work directly with Saint Germain to precipitate the foundations of the golden age.

Those who have remained constant to their pledge have also understood the need to sponsor the teachings through regular financial support of our organization, The Summit Lighthouse. And over the years they have affirmed their loyalty and their oneness, their willingness to sacrifice, if necessary, lesser causes and concerns for the greater cause of the Brotherhood on earth, the cause to which their souls were already dedicated in heaven....

By the law of alchemy, as you give regular support—heart, head, and hand—to our cause through the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity, we are authorized to deliver into your hands instruction in cosmic law that has already laid the foundation for the ascension of not one but a number of Keepers of the Flame. These have both received and applied the monthly lessons written by the hierarchy, presenting step by step the certain knowledge of the law that leads each Keeper of the Flame on the path of initiation to the door of the I AM Presence who declares, “Behold, I AM the open door which no man can shut!”...

Keepers of the Flame are responsible to the spiritual board of the fraternity, which is headed by the Maha Chohan, the Keeper of the Flame, and the Knight Commander, Saint Germain. The board of directors is composed of the seven chohans, who direct various aspects of the unfoldment of the law both through the printed instruction and through the individual training which Keepers of the Flame are given in the etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. A special Committee for Child Guidance formed for the preparation of parents of incoming souls and for the proper education of children is headed by the World Teachers, Jesus and Kuthumi, together with Mother Mary.

All who uphold the honor of the Keepers of the Flame and live according to the principles and precepts of the law find an acceleration of both inner and outer discipline which comes to them out of the living fount of joy and gratitude which the hierarchies of heaven hold for all upon earth who are willing to give a more than ordinary support to the cause that is paramount to the salvation (self-elevation) of humanity....

Those who have faithfully served the cause of the Brotherhood through their support of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity have been amply rewarded with countless blessings. One and all, though sometimes unbeknownst to their outer consciousness, have had the opportunity to attend closed classes in the retreats of the masters, as well as at our quarterly conferences, and to balance an extraordinary amount of karma through their application to the violet flame multiplied by the sponsors of the fraternity (the members of the spiritual board), who enter into a direct and intimate relationship with each chela who is willing to make the commitment that is required.[1]


The establishment of the fraternity was announced in a letter by El Morya on January 31, 1961:

I hope soon to take the first step in the broad creation of a Diamond Heart which will later be refined so as to choose the individuals who shall by reason of their constancy and devotion make up the "center" or cells of the Heart of this Heart!...

I AM therefore authorizing the formation of a specially dedicated group within The Summit Lighthouse to be made up of actual members in good standing. This is to be called the “KEEPERS OF THE FLAME” because its purpose is to KEEP constantly in mind and heart all that the FATHER, the mighty I AM Presence, has already given into mind, heart and hand, for His glory and the speedy externalization of His Kingdom upon Earth, and in the Hearts of men who are already His embryonic creation!

To this end actual “CLASS LESSONS” are to be offered to the members of the Keepers of the Flame group, just as soon as they are printed and ready. Regardless of one's station, all those interested in both basic and advanced instruction ought to enroll in this dedicated group of Servers for many reasons. A word to the wise is sufficient.

On March 7, 1961, Saint Germain wrote this letter regarding the fraternity:


March 7, 1961

Beloved Friends of Freedom:

The requirements of the hour are constancy, harmony, and loyalty! For centuries men have tasted of the treasures of heaven, and for an equal time they have debated, delayed, and strained at the proper use of those same treasures. The heaven that might have manifested long ago upon earth has been delayed solely by man, and through no fault of the Father, whose kingdom is still in the process of coming! Now, today the cosmic wheel has turned almost to the point of no return and it is imperative for all mankind that the necessary unity and other divine qualities be forthcoming with expediency.

In this hour of great testing and decision, I say no peril is so great as to further impede or stop the progress of Ascended Master sponsored activities, as long as there are men and women of faith and good will who will lovingly band together with almost fierce loyalty under the Father’s aegis and our right hand of fellowship to do the cosmic purposed actions that fan the fires of Freedom and keep aloft the torch of God-Liberty.

Recently the Darjeeling Council through the beloved Ascended Master El Morya, my friend and yours, made known the formation of a Spiritual Fraternity composed of dedicated men and women who are willing to put their shoulders, minds and hearts to the wheel of sponsorship in the coordination of the manifold activities under Our direction. This voluntary group of the Faithful is destined, if they will accept it, to be a part of the selective focus from which shall be drawn Beloved Morya’s Diamond Heart (dedicated to the Will of God). Now I AM honored with the first tangible gleams from the hearts of those blessed ones who have accepted with dignity and joy the real privilege of becoming KEEPERS OF THE FLAME!

Beloved Ones, millions have possessed; few have retained their possessions. This is true of the spirit as well as the flesh. To love God is good, but to love Him with dependable constancy is far better! Yet, the slip between the cup and the lip lies in sheer vacillation, for even the downward way seems paved with so-called good intentions. To change this for the better and then the best is Our intention right here where we will continue to supply the Wisdom and God-Direction, if you will make the necessary applications faithfully. Herein lies the saving grace for the earth as well as for man: in conscious unity, faith, constancy and determination, as much your own as my own!

I AM certain no organization on earth can exist without the loyalty and support of its adherents. Our projects are no different in that sense either, but they do differ greatly from human plans in the end results; for Our plans do not and cannot fail to produce perfection whenever called into action by Divine Love. For maximum results, blessed chelas, the Law requires faithfulness, and a full feeling of love and intensity in your application.

Draw close to Me now, blessed ones, as I take you into My Heart and confide in you a wholly constructive manner, intending only Freedom and God-Good for all on earth: Many of you already know that We have long desired to activate on earth an esoteric organization to faithfully promote Our principles among men, free from commercialization and yet ably financed so as to do the needed with dignity, propriety, and a world-wide outreach. We have also desired to keep such an organization free from human opinion, inharmonies among its leaders (alas, to exclude them from its members, one and all, seems too much to hope for—but We shall)! or a dictatorial attitude on the part of its contributors who ought rather to be wholly dedicated to the ascended masters’ will. In the past many have acted impurely from selfish or hidden motives which once prompted Me to exclaim, “O, for ten-thousand scrub-women who will faithfully give to the Cause! With these I will show you how to change the world with Divine Truth!”[2]

You see, by God's Law We can give you our Love, our Power and Illumination; but We cannot precipitate funds to use in spreading Our words the world around. This must come from your octave by Divine Law and those chelas who are both perceptive and faithful will learn the real meaning behind the statement, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

The Keepers of the Flame is intended for multipurpose, constructive action, among these to cut the blessed Summit Lighthouse activity free from dependence on the whims of mankind by banding together those faithful adherents who will keep a steady, dependable flow of the needed finances available to our staff in utter defiance of communism, greed, selfishness, and the hordes of evil. These relentlessly seek to undermine the causes of Freedom and make men forget God at least in deed if not in Word as well, mainly through misplacing attention on human problems instead of directing it to their own Great God Source.

Balanced action is the Law’s requirement, and while in a most practical sense outer supply is essential, inner fortification is equally vital in expanding our Light; hence, the Keepers will give daily attention to decrees and visualizations to assist in expanding Freedom among men. Many thrilling projects are in preparation; these We will reveal in due time. We shall likewise flood your worlds with the Sacred Flame of Love from our hearts, giving you the additional blessing of graded ascended master instruction to help all who are willing to TRY to make progress, looking beyond past mistakes to the glory of God that will uplift all men into the fullness of light’s Perfection.

As you “mark time” as a Keeper of the Flame, you will find yourself the recipient of a “measured beat” from God’s heart and ours, for we number among our band “out there” those who serve with “joy to the world,” the causes of Freedom for all the earth!

Faithfully, I AM your Freedom in action,
Knight Commander
The Keepers of the Flame

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Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Saint Germain On Alchemy: Formulas for Self-Transformation.

  1. El Morya, The Chela and the Path: Keys to Soul Mastery in the Aquarian Age, chapter 14.
  2. On February 26, 1978, the messenger made the following comments about this statement by Saint Germain: “The reason he said that was because in many of the attempts he had made as the Wonderman of Europe, to sponsor groups who would actually bring forth his teaching, there would always enter in the powerful and the wealthy who would try to control the mouthpiece and dictate what the teaching would be and then keep it for the private few as an occult kind of a thing. And Saint Germain says, ‘I’m standing for the people.’ This teaching is for the people and it’s not for the manipulators.” —Ed.