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The Summit Lighthouse was founded in Washington, D.C., in 1958 by the Ascended Master El Morya of Darjeeling, India, for the express purpose of publishing the teachings of the ascended masters dictated to the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

A unique nondenominational religious and philosophical organization, The Summit Lighthouse has become a forum for the ascended masters and their students throughout the world. With international headquarters at the Royal Teton Ranch, in Park County, Montana, and study groups and teaching centers in major cities around the world, the ascended masters and their students are disseminating the ancient wisdom to every nation.


From its inception, The Summit Lighthouse has remained dedicated first to the development of the unlimited spiritual potential of man, and second, to the bringing forth of such progressive revelation as will assist the individual to unfold his character, his ideals, and his understanding of cosmic law. The Summit Lighthouse seeks the betterment of mankind and the resolving of all human problems through its program of assisting individuals and nations to realize their intrinsic worth and capability.

Recognizing dogma and narrowness of belief as confining to the progress of the soul, the ascended masters’ teachings point to truth wherever it is found. In their approach to the religious quest, they outline the need for reason and order as well as consecration. The writings of the great masters published by The Summit Lighthouse point to the fact that nothing happens by chance, but everything happens according to natural and spiritual laws which may often appear as chance. The universe was set into motion by Infinite Law and Infinite Wisdom. Even its finite characteristics show the scientific accuracy behind the manifestation.

The teachings of the ascended masters are available to all no matter what their educational or religious background. They are intended for those who maintain an open mind, for those who realize that a college or a high school diploma by no means marks the completion of one’s study of life. Life is ongoing by nature, noble by intent, and spirited by vital purpose. Life is the great teacher of all men, and none dare close the mind to its secrets. The illusions of the world are screens that blur reality and conceal its grand design even from the most learned. Man dare not, if he would be free to know the truth, allow himself to remain sheltered by concepts that defy review, that stand idly by while civilization crumbles.

World Service

Civilized man need not tear down the systems of the past by violent revolution, for he is capable of assessing social problems and of evolving solutions without destroying those foundations which are needed to support change in every area of living. With faith in man’s inherent ability to apply himself to the will of his Creator, we can seek a better understanding of ourselves and of our raison d'être here on earth.

Men need to rely on the balance wheel that nature has placed within the psyche of man. Reliance on one’s own sensitivity to truth and to reality will help the individual to clear the decks of mortal illusions and release the consciousness from stabbing confusion that numbs the brain and being of man.

We are living in a time when the media are often controlled, education is sometimes biased, and prejudice is frequently incited. Each man seeks the good life, but seldom is he sure of just what good life really is. Evil forces are bent on the overthrow of all religion, right or wrong. They would like to drown its meaning in the tide of events and in the crosscurrents of social unrest. Men are willing to forfeit freedom while they place their hopes in the group mystique whose collective deliberations have been pronounced superior to individual conscience.

Midst the confusion of the age, The Summit Lighthouse rises as a spiritual tower to keep the flame of wonder, joy, and faith forever alive in the hearts of men. Its authority is derived from the order of devotees comprised of the ascended masters and their unascended chelas known as the Great White Brotherhood. Having mastered time and space and ascended into the white light of the Presence of God, the ascended masters have fostered the exploration of reality and the defining of individual self-mastery since the dawn of civilization.

This spiritual order has been behind every constructive endeavor that has ever been brought forth upon the planet. Its members have founded churches, fraternities, governments, hospitals, schools, and every type of philanthropic organization. Working in the main behind the scenes, they have mercifully overlooked mankind’s violence, selfishness, and greed, always striving to replace chaos with noble purpose and actively seeking to elevate the consciousness of mankind by reestablishing man’s faith in his immortal destiny as a son of God. These selfless servants have sought no personal credit for their doings. They have aligned themselves with the Presence of Life in all men as it was revealed by Jesus and others who have been sent to bring the light of truth to a darkened world.

Since its founding in 1958, The Summit Lighthouse has remained “a pillar of fire by night, a cloud by day” to all who seek the truth of the inner Self and the knowledge of cosmic law and its personal and planetary application. In the midst of the multifaceted activities of the ascended masters and the expansion of the organization under the capable direction of the messengers, The Summit Lighthouse has remained, in the words of Longfellow,

Steadfast, serene, immovable, the same
Year after year, through all the silent night
Burns on for evermore that quenchless flame,
Shines on that inextinguishable light!

Opportunities to study the teachings

The organizational requirements of an expanding movement have been met by the ascended masters in the founding of Church Universal and Triumphant, Summit University, Montessori International, and the opening of community teaching centers throughout the world. But The Summit Lighthouse endures—the tower of power upon the rock, symbol of the light of the I AM THAT I AM and the summit of each one’s being, the very present help in time of trouble. To thousands of devotees of truth, The Summit Lighthouse has been a beacon through the night, guiding the soul to the port of reality.

Our standard is commitment to cosmic purpose and to the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God. Those whose loyalties are the same will find much in common with our service. All truth has its origin in universal law. The consciousness of man, as a repository of truth, provides opportunity for endless research. Those who study with us learn how they can overcome deep-seated limitations that, in some cases, from birth onward have prevented their manifestation of the full and rich life they were intended to enjoy.

Man is like a flower. His consciousness and body temple provide him with a platform for magnificent achievement. He is intended to blossom and to bear fruit. He is intended to pursue happiness while being harmless. He is intended to achieve, to overcome difficulties and limitations, and to rise to heights far above his present norm that he might benefit his fellowmen and set an example for the age.

If you are among those who keep an open mind and who are eager to learn new and scientific truths, keys that will unlock your full potential and free you from a sense of drudgery and frustration, if you are looking for a more effective means to help your family and friends and at the same time discover your inner Self, if you believe there is a purpose to life—that the spark was not intended to go out—then we invite you to take advantage of facts and findings that you may have never imagined could be true or possible.

Since 1958, The Summit Lighthouse has published the weekly letters of the ascended masters to their students throughout the world. Called Pearls of Wisdom, these letters are the intimate contact, heart to heart, between the Guru and the chela. They contain instruction on cosmic law, commentary on current conditions on earth, and whatever the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood deems necessary to the individual initiation of those who form a part of this great movement of lightbearers on earth.

The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity is a worthy body of men and women dedicated to self-improvement and the upliftment of humanity. Receipt of monthly lessons that provide graded instruction in cosmic law and the opportunity of attending special classes are among the many advantages of membership.

We welcome you to write or call us for further information about the activities of students of the ascended masters in your area. And we look forward to meeting you at our services and retreats.

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