Royal Teton Ranch

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Electric Peak seen from the Royal Teton Ranch

The Royal Teton Ranch is a beautiful 7,000-acre ranch bordering the Yellowstone River, located just north of Yellowstone National Park in the State of Montana. This spiritual community is the international headquarters of The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant and the site of the quarterly conferences. Summit University is also held here.

In the tradition of the world’s religions, seekers of truth come to the Ranch to learn about the teachings of the ascended masters and to retreat, meditate, commune with nature or participate in community life. People of all ages—professionals, families, the retired and the young—call this “Inner Retreat” their spiritual home. To them it is sacred ground, revered as a place of pilgrimage. The Royal Teton Ranch is approximately 90 miles north of the Grand Teton (the mountain in which the physical/etheric Royal Teton Retreat is located).

The ascended masters have often spoken about this sacred place. The Great Divine Director has said:

This very land itself must be protected and prepared, for it has a very ancient, ancient spiritual focus, beloved. It is indeed a cradle. But I would tell you that the feet of archangels were placed upon that land long, long ago in its formation, making etheric tracks in akasha and sealing that place as a magnet for the drawing of pilgrims. It is truly the shrine of this international movement. It is truly the point of convergence of suns.

Let it become a more permanent place. Let the facilities be there, for you will see that we will bring members of the nations and the root races. Understand its link to the Grand Teton and to the very heart of the earth. It is indeed a place prepared for twin flames and the cosmic cross of white fire and solar lights and the aurora borealis and the descent of mighty souls from above, in those twinkling causal bodies, to waiting parents below.[1]

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