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Elizabeth Clare Prophet described the founding and purposes of Church Universal and Triumphant in a lecture given July 6, 1975:

It has ever been in the tradition of world religion that the Church is the Bride of the Holy Spirit. The Church is the feminine aspect. The Church represents the squaring of the circle. The New Jerusalem is the City Foursquare.[1] It is the squaring of the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Church comes forth so that the Mother flame can be enshrined upon the altar; and with the Mother flame enshrined upon the altar, the Church is the magnet that draws the children of God back to the ritual of ordered service and worship whereby they pass through the gate of the victory of the ascension.

The statement of the law and the teaching of the law could not be complete without organization in the Mother flame, which is the Church. Accordingly, the ascended masters made the announcement over the last two years, in many dictations and documents that we have received, of the founding of what is to be known as the Church Universal and Triumphant.

Vision and inauguration of the Church

The vision of the Church was given to me as I saw beloved Jesus the Christ in heaven standing at the altar of a mighty cathedral. And I saw assembled by the thousands those whom we call the saints—those souls at the etheric level and above in the ascended octaves who form that part of God which is known as the body of God in heaven. And Jesus revealed to me that it was time for that Church, that conception as a cosmic conception, to be lowered into manifestation. The time had come because the cycles had turned. The time had come because disciples had made themselves ready.

And so Jesus appointed me to inaugurate this Church; and he placed upon me the mantle of the Vicar of Christ, which means simply the representative of Christ. Mother Mary was the head of the Church when Jesus left. It is the Mother flame that is the center of the Church. And subsequent to that anointing, which took place several years ago, we received the dictation from the Ascended Master Pope John XXIII, who, as the Vicar of Christ, came forth in February of 1974 to announce that it was time for the Church Universal and Triumphant to be formally inaugurated, to have legal status in the world, to have a set of articles and bylaws and a formal board of directors and categories of members and communicants. The dictation in which he outlined this is included in a Keepers of the Flame Lesson. When you arrive at that lesson, you will be able to read it in its entirety.

He said in this dictation that the Church Universal and Triumphant was to be the feminine aspect of our mandala. It was to be the nucleus and the white-fire core of those devotees who had a more than ordinary desire to be devoted, to become part of the ritual of the true Church, participating in the sacraments to be dictated by beloved Jesus, who would accept a body of tenets, who would bind together and form the cosmic cube. He explained that although The Summit Lighthouse had been functioning as the Church, as the Father aspect, it was like the white sphere; and the wholeness of Alpha and Omega as the whole sphere would now be divided in twain. Now the Alpha-to-Omega would function in polarity as The Summit Lighthouse, representing the Father of God, and Church Universal and Triumphant, representing the Mother of God.

Church Universal and Triumphant is a circular stairway that we take step by step. It presents the outline of the thirty-three initiations that are required of everyone who takes the ascension. And it presents a nucleus, an order, a foundation whereby we can take our families, our loved ones, our children, and give them the training that is necessary.

Just as the Mother flame is not the first thing that we discover when we come into the teachings, so Church Universal and Triumphant is not that which is most obvious about the work of the Great White Brotherhood. Rather, it represents the fiery core, the inner devotees—those who hold the flame of the Mother and are concerned with the raising of the culture of Lemuria and being part of the body of God on earth and who are willing to undergo the disciplines to so become. It is Church Universal and Triumphant that sounds the death knell to the total organization of the misuse of the feminine ray on the planet. I am very pleased to report, then, to this company that on the anniversary of Saint Germain’s ascension, on May 1, 1975, Church Universal and Triumphant was officially incorporated and has status as a corporation in the United States of America.

The white cube within the heart

Finally, should you really decide to become part of the foundation of the Mother flame for the Aquarian age, you would consider membership in Church Universal and Triumphant. Pope John XXIII explained to us that those who are members of the inner Church, the heavenly Church, already have the cube within their heart. The cube is the sign of membership, and it cannot be gainsaid: you either have the cube or you do not. It is the mark of the Godhead and the mark of your service to the light in previous incarnations. You may earn the cube by affiliating as a communicant of the Church.

It is very interesting that since we have begun initiating members in the Church, as the prospective members have come before me for an interview, Jesus has shown me the cube in the heart. It lights up. It is a crystal. It is a perfect cube. And it encases the threefold flame. It is magnificent to behold, and we behold it in all of the saints in white robes who stand in that mighty cathedral. The Church Universal and Triumphant is designed to be the open door of the Divine Mother to receive individuals from every walk of life. There are individuals in every church on the planet who have that cube in the heart. Our concern is not so much that they join us but that we reinforce their light that we might be one in the flame.


There are twelve tenets of faith that form the foundation for those who would become communicants in the Church. Communicants are those who desire to affiliate with the Church in an outer way by applying for membership and supporting the outer organization. There are several classes of membership within the Church. To be eligible to be a communicant, we ask that you shall have passed through seven lessons of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity.

Membership in the Church is not to be taken lightly, but with consideration of the responsibility of the totality of the mission. We feel it is important that people have time to consider the responsibility—to study the teachings of the masters, to read the books, to really come to grips with what membership means.

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