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Since the expulsion of man and woman from the Garden of Eden (the Mystery School of Lord Maitreya), because of the misuse of the sacred fire in the incorrect application of free will, the Great White Brotherhood has maintained mystery schools, or retreats. These have served as repositories for the knowledge of the sacred fire that is vouchsafed to twin flames when they have demonstrated the discipline necessary to keep the way of the Tree of Life.

After the Fall (the willful descent into lower planes of consciousness), the Great White Brotherhood sponsored mystery schools on Lemuria and Atlantis, where the higher spiritual truths were taught to those who were willing to keep the disciplines of the adepts. The Sangha of the Buddha, the Essene community at Qumran, and Pythagoras’ school at Crotona were among the more recent mystery schools. Other schools were located in the Himalayas, the Far East and Egypt, as well as in Europe and South America.

In medieval Europe, the guilds were mystery schools. The cathedrals that they built reflected the mysteries of an inner law of the soul in architecture, in their design, far beyond the comprehension of medieval man. The artisans were skilled in raising the consciousness of those who entered these cathedrals by building around them a structure that reflected the inner geometry of divinity that is God. Many of the secrets of the temple of Solomon and of the Great Pyramid are evidenced in the teachings of these mystery schools. The romances of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are also the reports of one of the mystery schools of the Brotherhood.

One by one, these mystery schools were destroyed or disbanded. And wherever this happened, the ascended masters who sponsored them withdrew their flames and sacred shrines to their retreats on the etheric plane. Here their disciples are trained between embodiments and in their finer bodies (during sleep or samadhi) in order that they might attain that Divine Self-knowledge which, until Saint Germain once again advanced it in this century, has not been available to mankind en masse in the physical plane for centuries.

In 1984, Lord Maitreya reestablished his mystery school at the Royal Teton Ranch in southwest Montana.

Known mystery schools

The Garden of Eden

Pythagoras’ school at Crotona

The Sangha of Gautama Buddha

The Essene community at Qumran

King Arthur’s Camelot

Maitreya’s Mystery School

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