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The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid is the carving in stone of the record of the path of initiation whereby the soul, beginning in Matter, the base of the pyramid, the four sides, rises from the center of the pyramid to the apex. The raising up of that flame is the meditation upon the white light that travels in the physical body from the base of the spine to the crown. The resurrection flame is anchored at the two-thirds level of the pyramid.


Serapis was the architect of the Great Pyramid and El Morya was the master mason. The Great Pyramid, revealing the course of events past, present, and future, is the great prophecy that time and space one day shall be no more and only the resurrection flame shall show the enduring light of individual identity. It is a tremendous point of contact with the heart flame of Serapis Bey. Scientists have said no man could build the pyramid, but only God. There were those who walked the earth who not only had the adeptship but were the living incarnation of the Word to such precision that they knew the science of levitation and the literal transfer of the laws of perfection into stone, stone upon stone, made to the precision of one-thousandth of an inch; stones so heavy they could not be moved by current standards; stones too perfectly wrought that no craftsman today could imitate them. Obviously these individuals who were responsible for that pyramid had a superior attunement with the God flame and knew the science of its use in matter.

Spiritual significance

The initiation of the crucifixion is sometimes given in one of the chambers of the Great Pyramid, which is used at the etheric level for this test of laying down the body to see if man is attached to his body or if he knows that he is real in God. This initiation is no longer held in the physical pyramid of Giza, which remains the shell of its former focus and function due to the misuse of its energy by black magicians and false gurus and false chelas.


Oromasis and Diana explain that “the four-sided base of the Great Pyramid of Selfhood is the symbol of the four planes of consciousness provided for the sons and daughters of God to perfect their Christ consciousness. The base of the Matter pyramid is both the platform of the rising spiral of self-awareness and the takeoff point whereby, through the All-Seeing Eye of God manifest as the ‘EYE’ AM Presence, the soul transcends itself in the ‘leap’ to realms of the infinite fire.”[1]

The capstone of the Pyramid

The community of the Great White Brotherhood is symbolized in the Great Pyramid. On March 23, 1980, Cyclopea explained that “the capstone ... is indeed composed of the initiates of the sacred fire.” It is missing because “there has never manifested in this octave a body of souls unascended who could make that pledge of eternal unity, of fusion!” On March 30, 1980, Cyclopea announced:

We are assembling the components of the capstone.... It has not been accomplished in twelve thousand years except in the ascended master octaves.”[2]

The Elohim Cyclopea announced at the conclusion of the November 26, 1989, service that he was placing the capstone on the pyramid of the United States of America at the level of the etheric octave.

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