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Statue of Neptune, Copenhagen

Neptune and Luara are hierarchs of the water element on this planet. Overseeing the water element and the balance of life therein, Neptune and Luara, together with the undines (elementals of the water element) in their command, govern the tides of the seas and the waters under the sea, precipitation over the landed areas and purification of water wherever it is found—even in the body of man.

Their service

Neptune and Luara serve with the hierarchies of Cancer, Leo and Virgo to teach mankind the mastery of the emotional body. They also teach the mastery of the water element in the physical and etheric bodies and the balance of the threefold flame through that element under the hierarchies of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

Neptune carries a trident as a symbol of the threefold flame and his authority over the action of the Christ consciousness that governs the water element through these three hierarchies (2, 6, 10) of the sun. The influence of the moon upon the astral bodies of earth’s evolutions is the perversion of the activities of Luara, who, as the feminine representative of the water element, teaches us the mastery of the emotional body.

The undines

The undines live wherever water is found, sometimes appearing in the form of a mermaid. They intensify the purity and flow of God’s light in the waters. As more than two-thirds of the surface of the earth is covered with water, the undines are kept very busy. Kuthumi speaks of their service:

The serious work of the undines moves on as the oceans and the rivers and the lakes, streams and rivulets and raindrops all play a part in the formation and re-formation of the body of our planet and of man, utterly dependent upon the elementals.

The undines, who also laugh and play in the waves and waterfalls, lovingly follow the example of their hierarchs. Neptune is the king of the deep, and his consort, Luara, is mother of tides, governing cycles of fertility and the water element as it affects the emotional body (known as the water, feeling or desire body) and the communications of mankind’s joy, grief, guilt, anger and love through the astral plane, strongly influencing the collective unconscious of the race.[1]

Freeing the undines

It is important that mankind pray for the undines and tell them how grateful we are for their magnificent work—and encourage them to keep on keeping on. Call to Saint Germain and legions of violet-flame angels to transmute the collective unconscious of mankind and all darkness, disease and death that pollutes the emotional bodies of humanity and the waters of planet Earth. Ask for the restoration of the natural flow of Spirit’s fire to the seas to lighten the weight of the astral plane borne by the undines. We must also ask for the protection of the precious whales so that they may continue to transmit cosmic light and cosmic rays to all life on earth.

Pray for the transmutation of all pollution of the waters of the earth. The violet flame can restore unbalanced river and lake ecosystems that can no longer support full biological diversity and reverse the damage of forests through acid rain. Call especially for the purification of the drinking water of earth to maintain the balance of the water element in the bodies of mankind.

The significance of the sea

Neptune and Luara have spoken of the significance of the sea:

The sea is where Life begets life. The sea is the womb of the Cosmic Virgin, even as it is the tomb where hieroglyphs of the collective unconscious of earth’s evolutionary chain are recorded and rerecorded for the transformation of all life. The sea is the desiring of the Mother to give birth to the children of God, and it represents the highest and the lowest of the desirings of humanity to beget God and anti-God, universal harmony or its antithesis.

The seven seas are man’s desirings for wholeness in the seven planes of being. They represent the seven colors, tones and vibrations of the seven days of creation. The seas contain the Grund and the Ungrund—the formed and the unformed elements of life. The seas and the bodies of water that dot the earth with jewels of glacial blue, aquamarine and gorgeous sapphire hues actually exist in seven layered planes corresponding to the seven bodies of man.

Elemental beings of light and angel ministrants provide the focus for the interchange of these “seven seas” with the sacred fire of the seven vehicles of man’s consciousness. Most people in your octave observe only the physical body of man, and therefore they likewise observe only the physical body of the sea.

John the Revelator beheld the “sea of glass like unto crystal” before the throne of the Ancient of Days and again the “sea of glass mingled with fire.”[2] Thus, the interchange of sacred fire and flowing water in the Great Central Sun is ever the life-giving movement of Alpha and Omega in the heart of the flaming Monad whose Presence in you is the I AM THAT I AM.

Thus, Father and Mother, ever begetting life, release the crystal cord as a chain of crystal light. This chain, as a mighty caduceus spanning the ocean of cosmos, is the ascending/descending spinal altar whose structure becomes the superstructure for the mental and physical vehicles of every part of life.[3]

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