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A being of nature (ordinarily invisible and functioning unnoticed in the physical octave) that serves the soul from the moment of its first incarnation in the planes of Mater to tend the physical body.

About three feet high and resembling the individual whom he serves, the body elemental, working with the guardian angel under the regenerative Christ Self, is the unseen friend and helper of man.

This devoted servant is man’s constant companion throughout his numerous incarnations.

The role of the body elemental in the birth of a child

Working under the direction of the Christ Self and the I AM Presence, to whom he bows as the Great Regenerator of Life, the body elemental lowers into physical manifestation the electronic pattern and the etheric blueprint of the lifestream. From the moment rebirth is announced by the Lords of Karma and conception takes place, the body elemental of the incoming soul joins forces with the body elementals of the father and mother, forming a trinity in action under orders to coalesce the energies of Father, Son and Holy Spirit within each cell of the developing embryo.[1]

From the moment the umbilical cord is cut and the threefold flame is lit by the Holy Spirit—who breathes into his nostrils the breath of life—until it is extinguished at the close of the earthly cycle, the body elemental serves the needs of the evolving soul on the physical plane even as the angelic hosts minister to his needs on the emotional and mental planes.

The work of the body elemental

The body elemental is always a mimic of the individual’s moods and mandates. Whether man decrees “I am well” or “I am sick,” “I feel good” or “I feel bad,” the body elemental is the genie that appears to carry out his wish—man’s karma his only limitation.

The body elemental is the playmate that children often see and that parents have come to accept as part of their “make-believe” world. Dressing according to the mode of the individual’s consciousness, this unseen helper dons the garb that most resembles either the predominant quality currently being expressed by the lifestream or one that is outstanding from the past.

Whether or not man acknowledges the existence of the body elemental and his responsibility to deal justly with this servant, the elemental takes his orders from him and acts according to his will. All of man’s thoughts and feelings are electronically transferred to him, and he immediately outpictures them within the cells of the body temple. Thus, man often makes himself ill by first making his body elemental ill. He trains his servant to think negatively and to feel negative, and his servant obeys. Whereas man’s doubts and fears completely paralyze the body elemental, a positive attitude toward life releases him to establish man’s health and well-being.

Just as sylphs and salamanders, gnomes and undines are bowed down by the planetary effluvia, so mankind’s body elementals are severely handicapped by the mass consciousness. If the individual is possessed by demons or is under a negative influence, the body elemental cannot help but be affected. Thus an ailing physical body can be symptomatic of the contamination of the aura and the control of the consciousness by forces untethered to the Christ. Unless challenged in the name of the Christ, these intruders can prevent the body elemental from effectively performing his service. Prevention being the best and safest cure, it behooves man to make daily invocations to the Christ Self for the freedom and protection of the body elemental from all foreign interference and from all that is not of the light.

The source of the energy the body elemental uses in servicing the physical body is man’s own heart flame and the light emanations of the chakras. If these centers, which are for the distribution of energy from the heart to the four lower bodies, are covered with astral effluvia, the body elemental is hindered in his attempts to bring forth perfection on the physical plane. The more light the individual has lowered into the forcefield of his being, the more light the body elemental has to work with as he tends the flame upon the altar of the body temple.

You are the master of your body elemental. As you give him positive input instead of those complaining negatives, you will be much happier, more healthy and more holy—and so will your body elemental. And, of course, body elementals cannot do the best job, even though they would like to, when you don’t give them the best food and exercise, spiritual teaching and practices.

The immortality of the body elemental

Unlike other elementals, the body elemental enjoys a type of immortality. Created simultaneously with the physical body of man, he becomes a part of the evolving soul consciousness as it gains experience in the plane of Matter. Between the soul’s embodiments, the body elemental identifies with the etheric counterpart and is prepared with the soul for the next incarnation. Recharged by the Christ Self for the service ahead, the body elemental assumes the form of the sometimes changing polarity—masculine or feminine—of the body that the soul will inhabit.

The body elemental gains immortality only when the soul earns his ascension. Having no further need for a physical body, the soul no longer requires the services of the body elemental, who likewise is freed from the rounds of reembodiment and the burdens of human density. Having attained through service, the body elemental may be retained by the ascended master as an immortal aid. Ascended twin flames, each possessing such a friend, make a spiritual foursome. The immortal bond between the Master and his aid is one without parallel in the human scene except, perhaps, in the loyalty of a Damon and Pythias.

Laying aside the body

Even the highest yogis have had moments of great burden and sorrow in leaving their body in their final samadhi, when the soul passes on and does not return. This is called the mahasamadhi. Almost everyone (with the exception of those who suffer severe psychological detachment from self and body) forms an emotional attachment to the body. After all, this is the body we have worn and worked through, the body that has provided the temple for our soul and the means by which we experience pleasure and pain on this plane, balance our karma and do good deeds.

So we say, “Blest be the tie that binds us to earth when we need to be earthbound to fulfill our reason for being and blest be the liberating power of Shiva! when it’s time ‘to shuffle off this mortal coil.’” Emotions connected with our attachment to the body are natural, and you should be aware that your body elemental has a consciousness and its consciousness permeates the physical body.

Don’t mistake your body elemental’s fears for your own. Your body elemental is also attached to the body, because that’s his job. He takes care of the body. No more body, no more job! So he’s wondering where he’s going and what he’s going to do when you lay that body aside in your final embodiment. You have to comfort your body elemental as you would a little child and promise him that you are taking him with you to the next octave because he has been a very faithful servant. Tell him he can still be your aide-de-camp after you’ve ascended and he’ll have plenty of assignments.

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  1. Where the father is not present, his Christ Self directs the light rays to the mother to assist in the development of the child.