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On July 2, 1994, Surya announced that he would place his Electronic Presence over the earth for forty-eight hours each month:

The legions of the God Star are not content merely to win this battle in the earth but they are determined to go on and on and on and conquer while the open door is there, while you are there, ready to respond to our leading.

Thus, we will not stop our labors. And I shall place my Electronic Presence here, and sometimes I shall center myself here and then on other systems of worlds, even as Omri-Tas has done. He is with you forty-eight hours in each month. And, beloved, the rest of the time he is here and there on other systems of worlds where the evolutions have such great need of the violet flame.

Thus I shall now do the same. As you know, all who are ascended may place the Electronic Presence of their being anywhere and multiply that Presence many thousands and millions of times, thereby appearing to untold numbers simultaneously and tending to their needs. In addition to our being able to place our Electronic Presence where it is needed, it is surely a boon and a dispensation for us to have you as the key anchor point of our lifestream on earth. And this we treasure.

Thus it is the time and thus it is the season. And this is the time that you may reap all the good you have sown.

Therefore, beloved, I come. And I AM here in this hour and I shall remain with you as the Great Law will allow. And you shall see and know the turning points in the earth, and you shall remark one to another how God and his angels and his chelas have turned this old world around. For the news shall confirm it, the minds of the people shall confirm it, and you stand to see a great transformation.[1]

The Messenger has announced that Surya will be with us on the twenty-second and twenty-third of each month.

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Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 37, no. 43, October 23, 1994.

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