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The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Texas is a very important state in the past, present, and future of America. Every American is proud—and should be—of the tremendous contribution the people of Texas have made throughout our history as they held the line of freedom in Texas, opening the way for the freedom of the West.

Remember the Alamo! and the selfless stand for freedom by such great heroes as Colonel William B. Travis, James Bowie, Davy Crockett, and the many men who gave their lives for this cause. Thousands of the enemy under General Santa Anna were marching unopposed through Texas. Facing certain death, that brave little band of men held up the invaders long enough to allow the lightbearers to gather together and say: “Thus far, and no farther!”

Without the great victory won by Sam Houston at San Jacinto, most of the western half of the United States probably would have become Latin American. This battle led to the establishment of the Republic of Texas and its subsequent admission into the Union in 1845. This precipitated the Mexican War, with Texas being the center of military operations.

Since the beginning of its statehood, Texas has been one of the leading states in military activities because of its strategic location on the Gulf of Mexico, midway between the East and West Coasts. Since its formation at Fort Sam Houston near San Antonio in 1971, the Fifth Army has commanded U.S. Army reserve units and supervised the training of Army National Guard units in thirteen states. During World War II thousands of pilots, navigators, and bombardiers were trained at airfields in Texas.

The importance of Texas

Archangel Michael has spoken about the importance of Texas for the defense of America:

Now realize, the point, the strong point of the Mother chakra in America is the state of Texas itself.[1] Realize that in the very center of America, Texas forms at that base point even the matrix of the base of the pyramid of Life that must be raised, with its crown at the Inner Retreat.

Now, I realize, geographically, that this centering is not exact. But as a matter of fact, the centering of the heart in your temple is not exact either, yet it is the center. Realize, then, that those forces moving in Central America through Castro’s Cuba and the rest are also aligning themselves.[2] And they hold their fantasy of moving against Texas because they understand, at some level of their being, that to assail the Mother flame is to defeat a nation! And thus, they move against that Mother light.[3]

Saint Germain on Texas

On July 4, 1981, Saint Germain said:

We hurl now into Central America and South America violet flame spheres—dispersing that malintent and that cocky self assurance of Castro and his henchmen that they shall unite and overtake, not only Central America but Mexico and come marching in across the borders of Texas! Well, I say to you, I am certain that the hearts of that great state will not allow it. Is it not so?

Blessed ones, the eye of Almighty God is upon you. And that Lone Star state is truly that same forcefield of my own heart, my own Purple Fiery Heart, for the holding of the strength of God against the encroachments of the south. Therefore, I have designed it as a great state of great individuals. And you must see to it that you stump there, that you rally the forces of light—and that you also bring the teaching of the judgment of the Nephilim there, for there is also infiltration.

Therefore, we draw the line across the entire border of the south and we say: Reverse the tide! Roll them back! Roll them back! Roll them back! And let there be the building of the barriers of light![4]

On January 6, 1982, he said to a group of students embarking on a lecture tour of Texas:

Understand, you purple fiery hearts moving toward the fiery-hearted state of Texas: I have called you to defend a bastion of liberty, a border of light, a line of sacred fire that I have drawn! And I draw it with my life! I multiply my causal body over and over and over again, until you think you see the rolling of the tumbling tumbleweed. And it is my fiery causal body, rolling down the highways, rolling across the plains, rolling now on that border, that they may not pass! And my legions of light stretch forth to the east and to the west from that state and there reinforce that border of light![5]

Records to be cleared

In a dictation given in 1987 in Dallas, Texas, Mother Mary spoke of the spiritual work that is needed in that state:

As Jesus has taught: neither the karma nor the sin of a people so burdened by tragedy in this state can be considered any greater than that of the people of any other state. Though the crosshairs of the eye of God may pinpoint a date and place and time for events to take place, beloved hearts, the event must be considered a planetary karma, a national karma. So, too, anywhere on earth where the fire of judgment must descend by the right hand of the Divine Virgin or the Son, all others must consider that by grace they are saved[6] and there but for the grace of God might have been their own demise.

Blessed ones, from time to time an assassination or war or calamity does bring an object lesson to all people that the time is also short for them and that they must hasten to bring fruits meet for repentance[7]—those fruits which may count and therefore stand between the soul and the avenging sword of the angel of the Lord.

Therefore comes the mighty Archangel of the Twelfth Ray descending over this state for the binding of condemnation, criticism and judgment of her people, her life-style, the misrepresentation in the media of this people of God. Thus, according to the twelve hierarchies of the Sun do the Archangels of these remaining eleven points of the clock descend with their Archeiai for a purging.

Beloved ones, I believe that the people of this state have always known that there is a star in their destiny and that they are called to defend freedom on the line and to give their life on that line as so demonstrated at the Alamo and in many other challenging situations. But, beloved, the full fruition of that destiny has not come, for the weighting upon the state of recent and ancient records of tragedy.

Though our concentration be here, then, the light rays overflow to the southwest, southeast and central-south portions of the United States. As the Messenger does move from city to city, so by the spoken Word we shall anchor again and again in the physical octave this which is indeed a dispensation of Eastertide for the clearing of records which would [if not cleared] hasten the day of judgment and continue to ensnare a people in old habit patterns, whether of Lemuria or Atlantean days or other forms of civilizations that existed prior to, in between, and post the sinking of those continents.

Blessed ones, this is a most necessary action. And it is the building of the fires of freedom—“a hundred circling camps” and more of our Study Groups and Teaching Centers who have raised an altar to God and kept that flame-flower burning. Truly the violet flame spirals in the cities across North America have done a great deal for the protection and liberation of souls.[8]


Compiled by the editors, including excerpts from a letter by Eileen Connor, January 13, 1982, published in 1982 Pearls of Wisdom.

  1. The messenger has explained that in general, the chakras of a nation are in bands of latitude from the south to the north focusing the energies from the base to the crown. Texas, in the far south of the nation, therefore represents the base chakra. This light is also focused specifically in the city of Miami, Florida. For more on the chakras of the nation, see the articles Geographical chakras and Chakras of America.
  2. Business Week (21 December 1981) reported that “a revitalized Mexican Communist Party (PCM), invigorated by a new, young, Cuban-trained and Soviet-schooled nucleus, is building an infrastructure in a group of towns on the Rio Grande along the Texas border.”
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