Amethyst (gemstone)

From TSL Encyclopedia

Amethyst [Greek, améthystos, “not drunken”] is the gemstone of the alchemist and the prophet; a gemstone that stores the seventh ray and attracts the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The ancients believed that amethyst quelled any kind of passion, appetites, desires of the body, preserved chastity, controlled the emotions, imparted dignity, love, compassion and hope. The Hebrew belief is that it could induce dreams and visions. Edgar Cayce says it makes the body more sensitive to spiritual influences, higher vibrations and healing forces. It is good to wear for meditation, increasing abilities during exertion and preventing personal anger. It is the gem of the bishop’s ring in the Catholic and Episcopal Churches, associated with kingship, religious ceremony, ritual in church and state.

One should always have an amethyst on one’s person and an amethyst crystal on one’s desk for resolution, harmony, joy, creativity and freedom. You can visualize the amethyst on your desk as a nexus of a figure-eight through which all deliberations and conversations with others that see you may flow and be transmuted.

Amethyst is used by Saint Germain, who may impart a flame to an amethyst you wear.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 18, 1987.