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The Marriage of the Virgin, Alexandre-Francois Caminade (1824) (detail). The priest is shown wearing the breastplate of twelve gemstones.

To assist us in holding light in our bodies, God has given to the nature spirits the assignment of forming gemstones in the earth for our use.

Twelve of those gemstones were on the breastplate of the high priest of Israel, signifying a stone for each of the twelve tribes. Each of those twelve stones was for the initiation of one of the twelve tribes, who had to fulfill the Christ consciousness under one of the twelve signs of the zodiac as a path of initiation.

A molecular chalice

A crystal is a molecular chalice. Therefore, it can be used as a tool by you, by the adepts and by the ascended masters. It has a chemical and molecular formula containing metals and other elements, and that precise formula defines one particular crystal as quartz, something else as amethyst, something else as rose quartz, as emerald, sapphire, garnet, and so forth.

All of those stones are molecular chalices. They carry a vibration in the physical, in the negative polarity, which becomes a vessel and a magnet to draw the exact counterpart of spiritual energy in the positive polarity. So, they serve as adjuncts to the development of our chakras.

You can place a crystal upon your altar where you meditate and pray. And as you repeat mantras and you feel that light flowing through you, that light can actually coalesce or crystallize in the focus of your choosing.

We use gemstones for the same reason that we use technology and scientific instruments: we are at such a level of density in the earth that our bodies are not developed spiritually, nor are they physically light enough to hold the light that we are destined to hold. A gemstone has a molecular structure such that it can store energy which would be too much for our bodies.

So we use them as tools, not superstitiously as amulets. They are a means of storing the energies of our decrees and devotions. And whenever an ascended master may so choose, he may charge or endow a stone with light.

Focuses for meditation

Crystals and gemstones may also be used as focuses for meditation. Lanello says:

Now you perceive the wonder of celestial bodies, of the evening star, of man’s outer adoration become the blazing glory of man’s inner realization. Behold a celestial sphere suspended in spacelessness around the heart! Behold the heart suspended in the timelessness of the sphere! Behold the entering in to the Holy of Holies as man becomes God cycle by cycle, year by year! As you contemplate the wonder of the spiral nebula of being moving into the center of our oneness, you penetrate the world of crystalline dimensions. Of chalcedony, agate, and chrysoprase. Of kunzite, sphalerite, labradorite, and alexandrite. Of ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald, and aquamarine. Such are the geometric crystallizations of the Christ mind and of the soul that has begun the mastery of Life all one—of Life as Mother flow into the schemata of the Elohim here below.

Now, inasmuch as the energies of God coalesce in form according to the patterns of crystal,[1] I urge you to meditate upon all aspects of crystal which the elementals have defined in their role as instruments for the handiwork of the Mother. Yes, I say, meditate upon crystal forms that are revealed by a microscope as well as to the naked eye. And in following these lines of force, your consciousness will always return to the point of origin—the point of the flame and the nexus of the source that is in the eye of the flame.[2]

Demagnetizing and charging a crystal or gemstone

Crystals come from the earth, and they do have an overlay, like we do, of planetary karma, the dust of the earth. So when you get a crystal or you are using jewelry that has been used before or merely handled by others, before you charge it with light you should demagnetize it. Demagnetization of crystals is a very important beginning. It’s like putting them back to zero. They will not lose the vibration of their molecular structure, but they will be cleared—just as you want to clear the chakras in your body to receive the corresponding light.

Each of your hands is a chakra, and in the very palm of that hand is the point where you release light, whether in healing or in blessing. The light in your right hand is Alpha, the plus polarity, the masculine ray; and in your left hand is Omega, the minus polarity, the feminine ray. This light comes from the only source, your I AM Presence. That is why we have to always remember we are instruments. God is the healer. God is the doer. We are the instruments because we make the call. And when we make the call God disposes, he determines how that call will be answered.

The secret-ray chakras in your body are in your hands and feet and in the secret chamber of the heart, which is the eight-petaled chakra. Those five points where the secret rays are anchored were shown to us by Jesus on the cross where the nail prints were and where the spear pierced the side, pointing to the direction of that secret chamber of the heart.

With these hands and with these secret rays you can demagnetize a crystal. You put your left hand under it, because that’s the Omega or the yin charge, and your right hand over it. Now there is a polarity established. Then you give an invocation, a prayer that invokes God’s light to descend. You make the call using the chakras of your hands, the seven chakras and the sacred breath.

Use this invocation or compose your own using these concepts.

Invocation for Demagnetizing a Crystal or Gemstone

Beloved mighty I AM Presence, O LORD my God, sacred fire from on high, Great Central Sun Magnet, demagnetize now this crystal of mother Earth. Demagnetize it of the planetary vibrations of human karma and all that is less than my own Christ-perfection.

I call now for the clearing of this crystal, every molecule of it. Demagnetize it, O God. And therefore render it a chalice emptied, waiting and ready to be filled.

I accept it done this hour in full power according to thy will.

The Law says that the call compels the answer. The call is a science. When you call in consistency with the will of God and there is no karmic reason why this call should not be answered for you or for someone else, that call is instantaneously fulfilled.

Now you have an empty vessel, a molecular chalice, which can become a focus of light. For example, quartz crystal is the sign of the Divine Mother and her coming, so you call her flame into quartz crystal.

Compose your own invocation to charge your crystal or gemstone with the specific quality of light you want it to carry.

Invocation for Charging a Crystal or Gemstone

Beloved mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, at this altar of God I invoke the light of our Blessed Mother. O thou Universal Divine Mother manifest in beloved Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, ascended lady masters and those who serve the throne of grace as the Archeiai, come forth, O divine light. I ask you to charge, charge and charge this crystal now with the focus of thy living, healing flame.

O thou Divine Mother, so consecrate this crystal to be placed upon this altar that it shall be that vessel that shall increase and contain the light drawn forth in our prayers, ready as a chalice to be used at any hour of the day or night when someone should call and need an infusion, a transfusion of thy light.

We thank thee and accept it done this hour in full power, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Place the crystal lovingly upon the altar of meditation and invocation in your home. Treat it as a sacred object and a repository of your prayers. When you put a little piece of crystal on your altar and you treat that area with reverence, even if it’s a little closet or a corner in your bedroom where you give your decrees, where you pray, where you meditate, you will notice by and by something very beautiful happening. You will notice that as you come into that room you will feel an aura of holiness, something very special. And it is the presence of angels who always tend the altars of the sons of God.

Our chakras as gemstones

Our chakras are also chalices intended to hold and store light, and these are our real spiritual gemstones.

Gemstones of the rays

The chohans of the seven rays and the Maha Chohan use the following gemstones to assist you to develop your chakras.

Ray Gemstones
First Diamond, lapis lazuli, sapphire
Second Yellow diamond, yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, citrine quartz
Third Ruby, diamond, rose quartz, garnet, pink beryl
Fourth Diamond, pearl, zircon, quartz crystal
Fifth Emerald, jade, quartz crystal, diamond
Sixth Pink topaz, topaz, ruby, alexandrite, diamond with pearl
Seventh Amethyst, diamond, aquamarine
Eighth Diamond, yellow diamond, topaz, ruby, rose quartz, pink beryl, pearl, pink coral, aquamarine


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 14 & 18, 1987; January 30, 1988; February 21 & 23, 1988.

  1. Quartz that is transparent or nearly so and that is either colorless or only slightly tinged; a body that is formed by the solidification of a chemical element, a compound, or a mixture and has a regularly repeating internal arrangement of its atoms and often external plane faces. (All solids, however, with minor exceptions, have orderly internal atomic arrangements and so are classed as crystals.)
  2. Mark L. Prophet, as recorded by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Cosmic Consciousness: One Man’s Search for God, chapter 9.

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