Black Central Sun

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In the Macrocosm

The Black Central Sun or Black Sun is the anti-matter or anti-focus of the Great Central Sun. It is where the nucleus of absolute Evil is found in the cosmos.

The planet Pluto is an outpost of the Black Central Sun in our solar system.

In the microcosm

The term black sun (lowercase) is also used to refer to a forcefield of darkness within an individual who has rejected the Christ and no longer has the Christ at the center of his life. If you look at the aura of such people, they have in place of the seat-of-the-soul chakra a black sun.

That black sun repels the light, and therefore, “whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath,”[1] which is that black sun. That black sun shows an absolute misqualification of the sun of God. That black sun, therefore, will be seized from them because it is God's energy and that energy will be returned to the great reservoir of light, to the Great Central Sun for requalification, for balance, because God’s energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

You can’t very well visualize a black sun; you visualize the sun in a state of eclipse. It’s just a black ball, with a tiny line around it of definition.

Creating and uncreating the black sun

The soul is like a globule, like a cell, like a vibrating fire of protoplasm energy. And each time the individual vests the full momentum of his being into unreality, a portion of that soul goes into it, a portion and another portion and another portion. If this has been going on a million years or two million years, instead of weaving the deathless solar body as the instrument of translation, the soul has now built this horrendous not-self, which registers in the aura as a black sun. And all of this protoplasm and sacred fire has been invested in this black sun.

What is the opportunity for that individual? He no longer even possesses his own soul or his solar awareness. Yet there is opportunity for salvation. He must rely utterly on one who has the soul identity intact. That may be the ascended masters, it may be their messenger, it may be a shepherd. It’s like the person having the life preserver, holding his hand. He is creating a chain of energy or electricity, so now he has a soul identity through the one who is beyond him in the chain of hierarchy.

If he will trust that one’s God consciousness (because he has lost his own), he will begin to surrender portions of that black sun. Bit by bit, he will have to pick them off just the way he created them. And those portions will then be transmuted through the violet flame and be sent forth back into his causal body. And bit by bit he then is creating, once again, the new soul, the new solar awareness. But each decision he is making—note very carefully—must be entirely counter to his own feelings, his own judgment, his own sense of self-awareness, because now the only self-awareness that he has is his not-self awareness. So each time he has to correct the not-self and once again recreate the Real Self by free will, he is doing this absolutely on the basis of trust in the Guru or the Guru’s representative, in someone who is a part of that chain, which ultimately goes back to the Great Central Sun—the Word, the second person of the Trinity, the Logos, the incarnate Christ.

The black fire

On December 31, 1990, Gautama Buddha said:

The fire of darkness shines also, is beguiling, may entrance you and lead you astray. It can be discerned, beloved, by the discriminating wisdom of Amitabha. Learn it, beloved, for not only do the fallen ones misuse the fire to appear as adepts but in their mastery on the left-handed path they conceal the blackness of their fire.

Yes, there is a black fire, beloved, and there is a black sun. Thus you see, your strength of oneness becomes an electrode for the Great Central Sun Magnet to demagnetize these dark fires of their endowment of Evil. Such is the work of knights and ladies of the flame in this hour.[2]


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