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Lord or master; a chief. Each of the seven rays has a chohan who focuses the Christ consciousness of the ray, which is indeed the law of the ray governing its righteous use in man. Having ensouled and demonstrated this law of the ray throughout numerous incarnations, and taken initiations both before and after the ascension, the candidate is appointed to the office of chohan by the Maha Chohan, “Great Lord,” who is himself the representative of the Holy Spirit on all the rays.

The work of the chohans

The chohans are selected from among the most qualified ascended beings who have arisen from earth’s schoolroom. They are assisted in their task by legions of angels, elementals and other ascended brethren who carry out the plan of God for the most complete expression of the seven rays that is possible for the mankind of earth. The chohans always obey Cosmic Law; yet they are given certain latitude, in keeping with their individual evolutions, capacities and endowments, to direct mankind in the most adroit manner, giving such loving assistance and spiritual direction as may be the requirement of the hour.

The seven chohans

First Ray El Morya Retreat of God’s Will, Darjeeling, India
Second Ray Lanto Royal Teton Retreat, Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
Third Ray Paul the Venetian Château de Liberté, southern France, with a focus of the threefold flame at the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.
Fourth Ray Serapis Bey The Ascension Temple and Retreat at Luxor, Egypt
Fifth Ray Hilarion (the apostle Paul) Temple of Truth, Crete
Sixth Ray Nada Arabian Retreat, Saudi Arabia
Seventh Ray Saint Germain Royal Teton Retreat, Grand Teton, Wyoming; Cave of Symbols, Table Mountain, Wyoming. Saint Germain also works out of the Great Divine Director’s focuses—the Cave of Light in India and the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania, where Saint Germain presides as hierarch.

Definitions and origins

“A Lord or Master. A high Adept. An initiate who has taken more initiations than the five major initiations which make man a ‘Master of the Wisdom’” (Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 66, n. 24).

“A Rajput term used by Indian writers to denote high spiritual rank” (Christmas Humphreys, A Popular Dictionary of Buddhism, p. 57).

“Chief, Cho-Khan, ‘Rock of Ages’” (The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett from the Mahatmas M. & K. H., index, p. 9).

“Chohans, Tibetan? [Lord]. Seven Mighty Beings who, having passed the Sixth Initiation, have the power to focus within themselves the Ray-Streams or Attributes of Logoic Consciousness” (H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, 5th Adyar ed., 6:452).

Chohan may be related to the Tibetan chos (pronounced cho), meaning dharma, religious doctrine, or religion, especially the doctrine of Buddha. In a general sense, the meaning of chos encompasses all phenomena, matter, and knowledge of worldly and spiritual things. The Tibetan word jo-bo (pronounced chō) means lord or master, Buddha or the image of Buddha. The Mongolian word khan or qan (pronounced hahn) also means lord, ruler, emperor, or king. The Tibetan chos-mkhan (pronounced chĭ-kĕn or chō-kĕn) means one who practices or is skilled in the dharma.

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