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In Unveiled Mysteries, Godfré Ray King described a “mirror of living light” at the Royal Teton Retreat (in the Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, Wyoming)—“a cosmic screen, upon which living pictures in all dimensions could be portrayed, with no limit to the space that could be observed.... Everything which had or ever could take place in all Eternity might be made visible on this screen, if the Directing Intelligence so desired.”[1]

There is also a Cosmic Mirror in the Cave of Symbols, where it is seen on the east wall of the Crystal Chamber. When the disciple has reached a certain degree of attainment, he is taken by the master before the Cosmic Mirror, which keys into his etheric body and reflects his past lives, including the cause and effect upon his world of every thought, feeling, word, and deed that he has ever manifested. The Cosmic Mirror also reflects the original blueprint of his divine plan that is placed upon the etheric body when the soul is born in the heart of God.

In viewing his past lives, the disciple then may learn what portion of the divine plan he has outpictured. He may see what conditions in his world must be corrected and what good momentums he has developed which he can now use to overcome the difficulties of the past and the present and thus fulfill his divine plan in the very near future.

It is a very enlivening, very real experience to stand before that Mirror. You have to be ready to look through your illusions, through your fantasies, through your synthetic self. You have to be able to own up to the deceits which the ego continually practices against itself. There is no hiding anything in the presence of God.

This experience may also take place in at the Grand Teton, at El Morya’s retreat in Darjeeling, or in another retreat of the Great White Brotherhood.

Viewing the Cosmic Mirror

At first glance the Cosmic Mirror looks like an ordinary motion picture screen. The Master selects certain records taken from akasha which are also contained in the memory of the soul, and upon the Cosmic Mirror they come alive.

This is beyond 3-D—you are there! A portion of a past life, or more than one, passes before you, but you are a living part of this nonfiction play of light and darkness with shades of grey. It is almost too much to handle. Instantly you are aware, as in an orb of all-knowingness, of the ramifications of your karma even as you relive the emotions, the premeditated thoughts and the acts themselves.

This could be a most painful experience, all the while sensing your Higher Consciousness (your Holy Christ Self) standing guard and telling you gently but firmly not to give way to extremes of despondency or ecstasy, but to face the future with a hope based on the scientific knowledge that in your hands, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, lies the power to change. A few segments a session are given, and you soon see the wisdom of the Law that requires adjustment through application of the violet flame to those scenes and memories until balance is restored.

An experience at the Darjeeling retreat

Beloved El Morya gives his chelas a similar initiation in Darjeeling. He describes this experience in The Chela and the Path:

It is time to enter the chamber designed with blue and gold motif where there is a screen and seats arranged in theater style. For to understand your path, your very personal path to salvation, you must have the perspective of your past and how you have created the present—both at personal and planetary levels. Come, then, and let us see how we shall, in the magic of the flame, discover the designs of your soul destiny.... Now scenes of life in ancient Thrace appear on the screen, and we find ourselves in the marketplace of a forgotten city in the land that is now Turkey.[2]

Thus unfolds a most intriguing tale—a scene of the pathos of an ancient karma come full circle in the lives of the viewers, to whom the Master also revealed the efficacy of the violet flame which they observed clearing the records on the screen right before their eyes. With such a profound insight as to the outworking of cosmic law, Morya’s students return to their physical body consciousness determined to “make things right” and you do too.

The Lord of the First Ray promises:

The lessons learned by the soul out of the body during sleep are not lost but become a part of the composite of subconscious self-awareness, surfacing just enough to prick the soul memory and prod it to decisive action.

Indeed, the quickening of the outer mind to this inner soul experience, once it has returned to waking consciousness and the five senses, is accomplished adroitly by the Master M. through the associative technique, or the arrangement of uncanny circumstances that loose the soul memory, sometimes in a torrent of emotions, as major turning points in her evolution and karma are relived—and then relieved through the violet flame.


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