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Daniel and Nada Rayborn are ascended masters who are twin flames and initiates of Saint Germain. They were friends of his messenger Godfré Ray King during the 1930s. The instruction and assistance given them by the masters enabled them to make their ascension.

A great opera singer before her ascension, and an even greater one after, Mrs. Rayborn was a pupil of the ascended lady master Nada. Mr. Rayborn was a successful businessman. As the owner of a profitable mine, the qualities of the Christ that he manifested toward the men who worked for him contributed to his momentum of victory that resulted in his ascension in 1931 in the Cave of Symbols with the assistance of the atomic accelerator.

The example of Daniel and Nada Rayborn, their love for one another and the bond of their mutual service, will forever be a strength to all who call to them for assistance in the expansion of the threefold flame in family life. Rex and Nada, the children of Daniel and Nada, also ascended in that life. By attuning with this modern American family, we know that it is possible for us also to make the ascension and to follow in their footsteps. The matrix of family unity, the focus of the Holy Trinity, which was held by Saint Germain, Jesus and Mother Mary, is a flame of hope to all modern families who are confronted with the divisive forces of modern civilization.

Godfre’s account of Daniel and Nada Rayborn

Much of what we know of the lives of Daniel and Nada Rayborn is from the book by Godfré Ray King (Guy Ballard) The Magic Presence. Godfré and his wife, Lotus (Edna Ballard), were Saint Germain’s messengers in the I AM Activity beginning in the 1930s.

Godfré first met Daniel Rayborn in the summer of 1930 at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, after receiving a letter of introduction to him from Saint Germain. He wrote in The Magic Presence:

My impression of Rayborn was very pleasant, for his whole attitude was one of harmony and kindliness, and at the same time, I felt that he was a man of strong character with a keen sense of honor. He had a finely shaped head, classic features, iron-gray hair, and clear, piercing blue-gray eyes. He stood very erect and was fully six feet two inches in height.[1]

The day after they met, Godfré accompanied Daniel to his Diamond K Ranch in Wyoming, which was one of Daniel’s mining properties. When later visiting another of Daniel’s mining operations, Godfré remarked that he had never seen so fine a camp of men. At the Diamond K Ranch, Godfré met Daniel’s two children—his eighteen-year-old son, Rex, and his sixteen-year-old daughter, Nada. Rex and Nada had remarkable singing voices and they performed for Godfré after dinner one night. That evening Nada told Godfré about her mother, whose name was also Nada.

Their mother’s father was an Englishman and her mother, who was educated in England, was the daughter of an Arab Sheik. Four weeks before she passed on, she received transcendent revelations. Saint Germain first came to her at the beginning of her career in grand opera, when she suffered from extreme stage-fright. The master touched her forehead with the fingers of his right hand. Instantly, she was calm and was able to perform well. Saint Germain told her of the man she was to marry and of her future children. He came often and taught her cosmic laws that she was able to apply with success. He later told her that she had work to do at inner levels but that he would always care for her children.

Nada told Godfré:

Shortly after I was born, our Beloved Master, Saint Germain, came to [Mother]. He explained that she had work to do on the higher planes of life and that he would always hold Rex and me in his great, loving, protecting care.... Father, Saint Germain said, was not sufficiently awakened to be told of [the Higher Law] until about a year ago, when ... Saint Germain came to him.[2]

After dinner the next evening, Daniel Rayborn met with Godfré, Rex and Nada. He told them that Saint Germain had awakened him at 4:00 a.m. that morning and had taught him for at least two hours. Saint Germain revealed to him that he would soon make his ascension.

Daniel Rayborn’s reflections on his life

In a dictation given through Mark Prophet on October 14, 1963, the ascended master Daniel Rayborn explained how his contact with Saint Germain prior to his ascension propelled him forward on the spiritual path:

It was such a wonderful experience to me when first I came into contact with Saint Germain, when I realized that he was a vibrant, living person, a great ascended master, one who could come from the great cosmic ethers with the swiftness of blue lightning and make himself known and felt. The tangibility of this great master flooded my being, and I was wholly aware of the fact that I was in the presence of great divinity. But the one particular quality that he imparted unto me above all others, which floods my soul at this moment with wonder, is the fact that God within me had the same desire of transformation as was resident within the being of Saint Germain.

He made known unto me that it was the wonder of God’s love that would impart to me also the full stature of an ascended master. He engendered in me great faith and courage so that I had hope, when faced with many vicissitudes in the business world and in family situations,... that the great light of God would safely pull me through all those conditions and that ultimately I would be given the gift of my ascension.

In that same dictation Daniel Rayborn taught us a mantra we can use in times of trial. He said:

Many of you who are at times afflicted by elements of doubt and shadow must recognize the constancy of the sun of your being that shines behind each cloud. You have heard it said that every cloud has a silver lining, but these words seem poor consolation at times to individuals during their moments of trial. Men must recognize the need not to necessarily make decisions during moments of trial but to wait until the clouds have rolled away and the cycle has passed.

The words, “This too shall pass!” are a fiat of authority that Saint Germain taught to me as an old mantra. When correctly understood and applied to life, it tends to act as an eraser to wipe the slate of life clean and to remove unwanted pictures from the consciousness. “This too shall pass!” stated three times and followed by “The light of God never fails!” three times, creates a mantra of Christ consciousness to clean the consciousness of unwanted conditions and bring forth a positive victory over negative elements that may at times be projected into one’s consciousness.

A few days after Saint Germain had awakened Daniel Rayborn and instructed him, the master spent three days with Daniel, Rex and Nada Rayborn and Godfré at the Cave of Symbols, his retreat near the Rayborn ranch. He gave them a tour of the retreat and showed them marvelous inventions, including a device called the atomic accelerator.

Saint Germain explained that the atomic accelerator was

... a mechanical way of quickening the atomic vibration of the human body...and assisting to raise it into the pure Electronic Body which Jesus referred to as the seamless [garment] or the bridal garment of the Spirit.... It will be used a great deal in the future to assist in raising the physical flesh atom into its divine purity and structure—the Electronic Body. This Body remains forever, eternally youthful, beautiful, strong, perfect, and free from every conceivable limitation. In this body, individuals can and do function wherever they choose in the universe, for in it there are no barriers of time, place, space, nor condition.[3]

Saint Germain also explained that it establishes perfect equilibrium in the brain structure. By balancing the mental and emotional states, dishonesty and crime of every kind can be prevented. The atomic accelerator was used on Atlantis, although it was less perfect at that time.

During the Rayborns’ visit to the Cave of Symbols, Saint Germain asked Daniel Rayborn to sit in the atomic accelerator, which was aglow with currents of light. After this experience, Rayborn said, “Words can never describe the marvels I have experienced. And for the first time in my life, I am beginning to know the real meaning of life.”[4] Through this machine, Rayborn was given a life-extension through the raising of the atomic structure of the physical body.

The glory of the ascension

A year later, as Saint Germain had foretold, Daniel Rayborn made his ascension. He went to the Cave of Symbols, where for several days he prepared for his ascension in what Saint Germain called the Chamber of Light. In his dictation of October 14, 1963, the ascended master Daniel Rayborn described what he experienced in that glorious moment of his ascension:

Oh, the glory and the surge of power, the supreme blessing, the contact with the angelic host! But, above all, was the great feeling of union with one’s own mighty I AM Presence.

I recall the thought passing through my consciousness that it was similar to standing outside during the noontime and gazing up to the heavens and recognizing that not a star was visible, and then suddenly being transferred to the hour of midnight and seeing that the entire sky was full of beautiful points of light. For I became aware of regions of the cosmos not even thought of or conceived of by me before. And I felt a kinship with wonderful individual minds and hearts, a reunion with those whom I had long suffered absence from. I knew on the instant that nothing in this world was significant or worthy of anything by comparison to the ascension.

...The final thought that passed through my mind as I rose upward into the great light to be absorbed, was, “Oh, if I could only tell them!”... And I realized afterward, by reflection that this thought has filled the mind and consciousness of everyone who has ascended. For all have felt, “Oh, if I could only tell them!”

This is the desire that we of the ascended hosts feel—to reach down into human consciousness, with all of its density, its almost suffocating outer conditions, and to say, “Oh, do put all that you have into your search for your divinity that you might receive the blessing of the ascension at the conclusion of this life.”

Daniel Rayborn concluded that dictation with a special gift. He asked that a golden chair be placed before the altar and said:

I call to the Great Divine Director for the resurgent energies of Christ-accomplishment to be magnified and a beam of direct light substance to pass through the substance of this chair and to energize it for the space of one hour.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have received permission from the Great White Brotherhood for an action of one percent radiation of the atomic accelerator to be anchored in this chair. We ask you to share it with one another for the coming hour.

For an hour the students of the masters took turns to sit in the golden chair.

Nada Rayborn’s ascension

Through the intercession of Saint Germain, Nada was able to visit her family from the ascended state. She said that after her passing, twelve ascended masters, including Saint Germain, had surrounded her, showing her how she could raise the atomic structure of her physical body into the “pure Electronic Body.” She said:

As the process of raising gradually took place, I became more and more aware of blazing light filling my entire body.... I felt the most marvelous radiant energy surge in and through me, sweeping away every vestige of resistance and imperfection and quickening my consciousness.

I became more and more aware of my Mighty I AM Presence until finally it stood before me visible, tangible, and very real. Steadily and powerfully, I felt my physical body drawn into and enveloped by my glorious God-Self, and when I stepped out of the cemetery, I could scarcely realize how transcendent I had become. The old human, limited activities of my consciousness were raised into that alert sense of freedom and unlimited use of wisdom and power. I was shown very clearly, now I was aware of this greater activity, that I must put it to use. Then came a still fuller sense of the freedom, beauty, joy, and service that I must render to those who still remain unascended.[5]

Her service today

In a dictation delivered on May 13, 1962, Nada Rayborn spoke of her service as an ascended lady master:

Some of you will recall that I was a prima donna and did a great deal of work in connection with opera.... My song today is a song of the Spirit and my voice may be heard at night in the various retreats when the members of the Great White Brotherhood are assembled together.

For ever so frequently, at the request of beloved Saint Germain and beloved Daniel Rayborn and my son and daughter and others of the ascended hosts, I still stand before the multitude of the hosts ascended and give a rendering to the heart of my own Presence. I pour forth my melodic interpretations of the universe, and I rejoice continually in the privilege of so doing.

Your talents, beloved ones, are never removed from you by your ascension in the light. They are enhanced, and limitation is removed from them.

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