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Between 1952 and 1958 the Ascended Master El Morya dictated to his amanuensis Mark L. Prophet a series of “Ashram Notes.” The published volume of these notes includes 39 letters to chelas who compose the “Ashram” and six rituals to be given simultaneously around the world.

In chapter 2 of Ashram Notes, El Morya explains:

Our principal reason for founding this Ashram is for the linking of hearts worldwide in a ritual of scheduled group meditations. Even though we are separated by time and space, we shall all meet in a union of consciousness, laboring and travailing together to give birth to our Ashram for God.

The six rituals are: The Unison Ritual; Great Central Sun Ritual: O Cosmic Christ, Thou Light of the World; Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God’s Holy Will; Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification; Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work; and Sacred Ritual for Oneness.

On July 8, 1990, Morya spoke of his vision of this universal Ashram of devotees of the will of God:

The Ashram is ever present. It is a world order. There are many members outside of this Community who are my chelas. They uphold the Ashramic consciousness; and the antahkarana has been abuilding for thirty, forty years and more. For the understanding of the Ashram as the house of Light, the dwelling place of the Guru and the chela, gives comfort to all. It is the comfort flame midst the storm. It is the light in the cabin window that is seen afar off by the traveler through the night storm.

The Ashram is the haven. It is the resting place. It is the special place that, wherever you find it, is the same as every other such place. Surcease from the struggle, entering in for the recharge, brothers and sisters of one mind and heart and purpose meeting here and there along life’s way in our secluded outposts—such is the vision of the Ashram that I hold and that does exist.

Therefore you, too, have been nestled in that place, which many have prepared by the stretching of the antahkarana of a cosmos. Feel now the thread of this antahkarana pass through your heart. It is truly a thread of Light. And therefore, if you will tremble the thread by using at least one of the meditations daily (and there are indeed short ones that no one should find excuse to neglect), then you see, you will always be a part of the antahkarana. You will always be able to hear with the inner ear and hear with the heart what is the situation of all servitors of the will of God of a cosmos.

You stand to benefit much from this association; for admittedly many are beyond your attainment, some the unascended adepts, others ascended masters and cosmic beings. And therefore, you may deliver to those of lesser attainment their momentum even while you yourselves are strengthened by that impetus from above.[1]

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El Morya, Ashram Notes.


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