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In the course of the year, usually in the spring at graduation time, in June, or at the time of the meeting of the Lords of Karma at summer solstice and at winter solstice at the Royal Teton Retreat, final exams are given to all chelas—very specific tests to be passed, usually on the very element that has held them back. Unfortunately, many chelas do fail their tests and do not expect to be tested. And El Morya has said to them time and again, “You have a right to be tested, to prove your mettle. You have a right to pass your tests. And we have a right to expect our chelas to come up higher.”

Sometimes people forget that each year every lightbearer, every Keeper of the Flame and perhaps everyone on the planet has his final exam for the year at summer solstice. This may take place in the month or six weeks before solstice, even up to the very day of the solstice.

Tests passed mean we go on to a new level. We should be on a spiral, mounting that spiral to our I AM Presence. But if we fail too many tests or if we have dug in our heels and said, “I will not change on this point and I refuse to grow,” then we find that we are no longer on a spiral. We are on a treadmill. And we’re lucky if we are on the same level each year, because to be at the same place is really to go backwards. Pretty soon you can’t hold the same place because you have no momentum and no acceleration, so you start decelerating.

The tests of the solstices

Lord Lanto speaks of the nature of the testing that comes at the solstices:

You have been told that at winter and summer solstice you receive final exams. Each year you must prepare for those exams. The Christmas season is particularly difficult [because of] records of ancient pagan rites and the world in merrymaking. [What with the populace] entering more into those satanic rites of the fertility cults, of sensuality and the misuse of the sacred fire, [surfeiting themselves in] all manner of drugs and alcohol and sweets, it is a very bad time of the year.

Do not get caught in the vortex! For I, Lanto, am your Mentor and Guru and I tell you that many a chela has regularly failed the December tests in the name of family and family mesmerism. Therefore I warn you in advance that these failures go on your record and it does take some doing to scrub that record until you can get out that spot....

Yes, beloved, therefore it is necessary to plan your years as being the six months of the yang and the six months of the yin in the power of the great T’ai Chi—an initiation in the Father, an initiation in the Mother.

As you approach summer solstice, you have the same initiations but they come in an entirely different manner. Here you are moving with the spring energies, moving forward, and you must take care that you master the mighty sun of Aries and the love of Taurus that when you enter Gemini and come to that summer solstice [in Cancer] you shall truly not be divided in the anima and the animus[1] but rather whole within yourself in the male and female parts. This you work on during the preceding months so that when you come to that hour you are not divided—divided a chela from the Guru, a disciple from the Master, a desire body from the mental body and the four lower bodies from the living Christ.

Thus, the Gemini twins must give. And you must give that you might find yourself in harmony with the other half of yourself and know that consequently wherever your twin flame is, you also have harmony with that twin flame.[2]

The need to accelerate

The real law of growth in the universe is this: Either accelerate or decelerate. You may choose to stay in the same place but that’s wishful thinking. It doesn’t happen. With El Morya, change is the order of the day. Change is acceleration. Change is alchemy. It is the violet flame.

And if perhaps you passed a lot of tests well and failed a few notable ones and maybe some minor ones, what you need to do is quickly ask for those tests to be given to you again. A teacher who gives you a make-up test is not going to give you the same test that the rest of the class had or that you failed, because obviously that would make it easier for you. So when you ask for a test to be given again you must expect that it will come in the most unexpected ways. “Expect the unexpected” ought to be the byword of those who love El Morya and Lanello.

You should not be content to go forward now into a new year of testing that begins with summer solstice knowing you have failed a test and simply saying, “Oh, well...” You can make up that exam. You can pass it. But you may have some penalties in taking it again. You may have to earn 125 percent on the test in order to get a grade of 100, because that’s the way it goes even in the universities of the world when you turn in a paper late. So better late than never! And better get on the spiral of the next year because the spirals are turning, they are increasing.

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  1. anima: the feminine component in a man’s personality. animus: the masculine component in a woman’s personality
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