Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

From TSL Encyclopedia

Cosmic Initiators who are providing the final karmic testing at the conclusion of this 25,800-year cycle to all of earth’s evolutions.

The Four Horsemen and their riders are the harbingers of personal and planetary karma. These impressive cosmic beings sent by God through the Four Beasts come as initiators of the soul of the planet. They are emissaries from the Court of the Sacred Fire. Though they are fearsome, we ought not to fear them. For in them we meet our God. Through them we know God as the Lawgiver, whose law of karma is inexorable.

They come in every century bearing that karma and they are literally the embodiment of it. In the course of dealing with personal and planetary psychology and the karma of the cycles, the soul will encounter these initiators, who, among others, provide karmic testing to all. None are exempt. On April 23, 1990, they began a twelve-year cycle of delivering mankind’s physical karma created in the physical plane during the last 25,800 years.


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