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Jar-El-Um is the angel of protection of the family. We can call to him for the protection of the home, family, and children.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet has spoken about this angel, who was first assigned to her as a guardian angel:

I had a guardian angel who was with me in the first apartment where I lived in Washington. And when we moved into our first Holy Tree House, I looked everywhere for the angel and he was not there. And I was quite concerned as to what happened to my guardian angel. And El Morya said, “You didn’t invite him to move with you.”

And I said, “But he knows that I want him.” But I hadn’t invited him. Actually, in my heart I had expressed the wish, “I wish the angel would be here.” But this is not an invitation. When you ask friends to a party, you write them a letter or you call them on the phone and you give them a communication. And don’t expect that simply because masters can read your minds that they will examine your every thought and know just what you are thinking all the time, and that they will know exactly when you are wishing that they shall come.

This is why we decree verbally. This is why we write letters to the masters and we burn them. It is a cordial and noble way of exchanging communications. And even the angels themselves are used as messengers to carry communications between the ascended masters, between Alpha and the beloved sons of God who in embodiment upon earth.

When the formal invitation was expressed, the angel formally withdrew his focus from my apartment and carried it to our Holy Tree House. And then we wondered, “Well, where is he going to set up his new focus?” And we expected that he would find a place. But the angel waited to be ushered to the place where we wanted him. And while he was waiting, he went into the empty room, the unoccupied room where he thought he would be out of the way.

So we invited him into our living room and we asked him to stand where the television set was so that he might purify for us, and all mankind, the communications that were received and released. And so there he stood. And as a marker for his place, we gave him the framed statement of the National Guard. It is called “I AM the Guard.” And this marked his place.

This beloved angel told us his name. He was a mighty seraphim. And he told us that his name was Jar-El-Um, but that we might call him “Jerry,” for short.[1]

Serapis Bey spoke of this angel in a dictation on December 28, 1979:

Now that most beauteous angel, Jar-El-Um, who has attended the family of the messenger for so many years, has many brothers of light, many angels who come with him. It is our desire, as we have turned the full cycle in the fourteen-month release of the ascension flame, that you, my beloved, should now accelerate the presence of seraphim throughout this community.

The messenger gave an invocation to him on August 19, 1979:

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I call forth the light of Jar-El-Um. We call forth the mighty light of God. O blessed being of light, come to grace our home and the homes of lightbearers and all the servants of God in the Community of the Holy Spirit.

Send forth your legions of angels. Send forth the legions of light serving with you, and let the mighty forces of Jar-El-Um go forth for the binding up of the families of the nations, for the restoration of the right mind of God within the children. O beloved fellow-servant of the Almighty, go before us with thy fellow servants and serve to set the captives free. In thy name and in gratitude for thy blessed presence, Jerry, among us, we sing the “Harpstrings of Lemuria.”


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, August 19, 1979.

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