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The Maxin Light

The Maxin Light was the unfed flame that burned in the temple of Incal on Atlantis for five thousand years.

On Atlantis

The flame, which cast “a light of intense power,” burned in the shape of a giant spearhead, over three times the height of a tall man. It had been placed there in 15,000 B.C. by a mysterious ruler who reigned over the Atlanteans for 434 days. This one, who possessed wonderful knowledge, announced that he was from Incal, that he was a child of the Sun and that he had come to reform the religion and life of the people. Breathing upon a block of quartz, he established the great Maxin Light. He revised the laws, writing them with his finger upon the Maxin Stone and upon a book of parchment leaves placed under the Unfed Light. These guided Atlantis until her decline. El Morya has revealed that this ruler, who did not actually take on human form, was beloved Jesus.

The Maxin light burned until just before the sinking of Atlantis. People believed that the Unfed Fire of the Maxin Light would free the soul from all earthly restraints. And into this flame the people put the bodies of the dead or their ashes. Anything put into the flame would simply disappear; the flame would dissolve it.

King Arthur’s Court

El Morya has explained that the Maxin Light burns on the high altar in King Arthur’s Court:

As you know, the large crystal on the altar is the chalice for the flame of the ark of the covenant. And in that crystal chalice and above on the etheric plane, there is the presence of the Maxin Light that once burned on Atlantis but was extinguished during her decline.[1]

The Maxin Light and the flame of the ark of the covenant are one and the same. The altars of Church Universal and Triumphant that Keepers of the Flame tend daily around the world are tied to that flame and receive its emanations.

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A detailed account of the Maxin Light and its history may be found Phylos the Thibetan, A Dweller on Two Planets.


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