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The money beast is a thoughtform that has existed over New York and Wall Street and has existed on the planet for as long as there has been the interchange of money.

The tentacles of the money beast reach into everyone by our mere use of money and our indebtedness to the system. It controls people through fear and greed. The tentacles reach into our own pockets and wallets, so it is a two-edged sword—we have to call to be cut free of the money beast even as we must continue to operate in the system. Of the system of buying and selling on earth, it is said in the Book of Revelation that no man can buy or sell except he have the mark of the beast.[1] The mark of the beast is the mark of Lucifer, of Satan, and those who have the mark are those who pay allegiance to the princes of this world.

Therefore, the strategy of lightbearers to be successful in this world must be to be totally dependent upon the Light and our application of it.

Mother Mary explains:

The entire planetary body hangs in the economic balance. Therefore, let us bind the beast—the money beast whose number is 666[2]—and let him be cast down and cast out! In order to accomplish this, let the lightbearers fast and pray that they be delivered from the records of their own subconscious of greed, of the love of money, which is the root of all evil[3]—and not money itself as the instrument of exchange.

Let there be the removal from the four lower bodies of that unlawful ambition that seeks greater gain than is necessary to bring in the kingdom of God on earth and in one’s life. Let a cosmic trust be seized by Keepers of the Flame who hold in trust the supply of Almighty God for the sponsoring of this and future generations, for them to perform their work and their service of the internalization of the God flame.

For there is no greater danger to the people of this nation than the loss of personal contact with the Holy Christ Self. This continues at such an alarming rate through the use of drugs and through the manufacture of noise, ground out by grinding mills of noise out of the very pit itself—from rock to every other type of noise—that the lifewaves of this America are not focusing clearly, by the Mind of God and the all-seeing eye, to focus upon this very nucleus of the money beast, which is the third eye, the very point that David hit when he slew Goliath.[4]

Realize, then, that the money beast itself is behind all war. And it is greed to increase money that causes the Western nations to supply armaments and all manner of defensive as well as offensive weapons, mounting a huge spiral around the world.

It is the money beast that causes the feeding of technology, of grain, et cetera, et cetera, throughout the planetary body. And that greed has its origin in the fallen angels and the Watchers themselves who long ago lusted after the light of the people of God. And this lusting after the light is the lusting after their abundance, their supply, their energy, their life-force, and all of the seven chakras which are points of God’s consciousness.

Therefore, lust and greed must be bound, and the planetary dweller-on-the-threshold of the beast and the number and the name of that beast![5]

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