Secret love star

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1. The secret love star is the causal body of the planet Venus.

Jesus has said of the secret love star:

You have contributed to that causal body by your gifts, by what you have accomplished in this and other lifetimes.

Think of yourself, while giving a simple decree, journeying to the causal body of Venus, the secret love star, meditating on whatever that great causal body may offer you. Place your attention upon these points of light, which are vast universes having no distance from you in time and space but only vast distances according to your own human consciousness.[1]

Serapis Bey has said:

Yes, beloved, you can call to the secret love star. It is the causal body cumulative of all evolutions who have won their victory on your sister star, Venus. This secret love star becomes an action of ruby fire: protecting Love, containing Love and multiplying your momentum of Love that is yours only through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and yours alone in his heart.[2]

2. The secret love star is also a thoughtform used in meditation. It is visualized as a three-dimensional star with nine points of dazzling pink light.

The messenger has said:

The heart is the source of all that you create. You can take the energy from your heart and create anything your heart desires. In this meditation, you’re going to take this energy from your heart and place it up here as a star. We call it the secret love star. The masters have used this term. It’s the star of your God Presence, but it’s more than that. It’s a focus of pulsating cosmic light.

What you want to do is take the energies from your body and offer them up and anchor them in that star. That star becomes the lodestone, the focus for the pulling up of the energies of your lower chakras. And so this pull that you’re going to feel, this magnetization of energy, actually comes from this secret love star. Now that should be a permanent focus in your consciousness for your meditation—that you always use that star to anchor the energies that you’re raising.

Now, will you see all of the energy of your being spiraling up the resurrection flame from your spine to that star as we say it together:

I AM the resurrection and the life of every cell and atom of my four lower bodies now made manifest! (3x)[3]


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