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Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha is an office in hierarchy currently held for the evolutions of earth by Lord Maitreya. He serves directly under Lord Gautama, Lord of the World. The responsibility of the office of Planetary Buddha includes keeping the flame of the Cosmic Christ on behalf of the lifewaves of the planet. Lord Maitreya succeeded Lord Gautama in the office of Planetary Buddha in January 1956.

As Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha, Lord Maitreya oversees the office of World Teacher, presently held jointly by Jesus and Kuthumi. The three, together with Gautama and others serving the wisdom ray, bring to mankind—no matter what the level of their Christ Self-awareness—the understanding of how each one might live the life of the Christ through the practical application of the laws of God.

Speaking of his office of Cosmic Christ, Lord Maitreya said in his March 24, 1974, dictation, “I focus the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ for every particle of matter.” On July 1, 1978, the Ascended Lady Master Portia defined the office of Cosmic Christ as “the very embodiment of the combined momentum of the Christ consciousness of every individual soul evolving in the Matter cosmos.”

Lord Maitreya gave to the world an understanding of his office as Cosmic Christ in his October 14, 1973, dictation:

I represent to you Father when you are reaching up to become the Christ. And when you become the Christ, I represent to you Brother in Christ. And when you are seeking to raise up the Feminine Ray, then I provide the complement to that Feminine Ray as the action of the Holy Spirit. And when you manifest the Holy Spirit, then I appear as the Bride arrayed in white. And so, you see, the mastery of the [consciousness of the] Cosmic Christ is [the accomplishment] of the [mastery of the] four points of the City Foursquare and of the four sides of the four lower bodies. And thus, the mark of the Cosmic Christ consciousness and of one who has attained it is that you become all things to all people.

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