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A dispensation is a grant of energy that we can use to fulfill our mission and serve others on this planet who need this energy.

Dispensations do not come without accountability. It’s like going to the bank and asking for a loan. The bank will lend you money only if it believes you will use your funds wisely and pay back your loan. The same thing is true when we ask for grants from God. We have to use them wisely. We cannot assume that we will always have these dispensations available to us.

The Solar Logoi

We look to the Solar Logoi as the great cosmic teachers at the summit of hierarchy from whom our dispensations originate. The dispensations we receive start with the Solar Logoi and move through the great Cosmic Council to the Four and Twenty Elders, to the Lords of Karma and then to an individual master, who delivers them to his disciples. The dispensations of the Solar Logoi are for the advancement of the peoples of earth. They are opportunities for souls of light to come up higher and accelerate on their path.

The Solar Logoi have at times withdrawn their offers when the energy they granted was misused. At one time when mankind had used the light of the crystal cord to wreak destruction, the Solar Logoi decreed that the crystal cord would be reduced in size. In other words, to limit man’s proclivity to do evil, the life force flowing through his crystal cord was reduced.

Some major dispensations granted to the earth

The greatest dispensation the Solar Logoi have ever given us is the dispensation for Sanat Kumara to come to earth. In her darkest hour when all on the planet had lost their devotion to God, Sanat Kumara volunteered to keep the flame of life on earth until some should be quickened and renew their vow to become bearers of the flame. Fortunately, the Solar Logoi granted his request. It is only because of this dispensation that the people of earth have had the opportunity to evolve, balance their karma and grow spiritually.

In the more recent years of our cosmic history, Saint Germain petitioned the Solar Logoi to release the violet flame to the people of the world. This is the crucial dispensation for our transition into the Aquarian age. The Solar Logoi also granted us the dispensation of decrees—that very science of the spoken Word that we depend on every day is a dispensation, a gift from God. Yet God doesn’t just give it to us, we have to earn it.

Another major dispensation came early in the twentieth century when the ascended masters realized that many souls were being set back at the point of balancing 51 percent of their karma. Seeing this dilemma, Saint Germain and other masters appealed to God and received the dispensation through the Solar Logoi that if need be we can take our ascension having balanced only 51 percent of our karma. We then finish balancing our remaining karma from the ascended state.

In 1975 the Solar Logoi gave us a dispensation that is offered only once in ten thousand years. To all who have a threefold flame and have allegiance to the light, they gave a gift of an increment of light—a rod of illumination. The Solar Logoi implanted a rod of yellow-diamond light from the Great Central Sun for “the stepping up of the mind of humanity.”[1] The rod was given so that lightbearers might have an electrode of Cosmic Christ energy enabling them to increase divine awareness and ultimately attain the restoration of the mind of God. By their free will, lightbearers may use this rod to enter a new era and a golden age.

The Great Divine Director spoke of this rod in 1988. He said:

When you receive such an increment, such a rod of light from the Solar Logoi, you then have a focus of the Solar Logoi that is pulsating at all times within the forcefield of your own brain, which focus is a part of and one with the crown chakra.... You may call for that focus to be amplified within you so that you may intensify the action of golden Christ illumination through your crown chakra.[2]

In another major dispensation, given on December 31, 1984, Sanat Kumara announced that the Solar Logoi had placed a new etheric matrix over the earth. Sanat Kumara said: “This etheric sheath contains the record and blueprint of the original divine plan” of planet Earth. “Thus the Solar Logoi bequeath to the planet a new swaddling garment, a matrix very nigh the heart of God, that all might see and know in their finer bodies, as their own etheric matrix is purified, what is that acceptable destiny for this freedom star” and how we can contribute to it day by day. “This etheric sphere, beloved,” continues Sanat Kumara, “makes vibrant and does intensify the etheric retreats and cities of light. It does activate and make light the chakras, as each one’s karma does allow. The opportunity, then, beloved, to renew the golden age has never been greater than in this moment.”[3] Moment by moment we can have our victory as long as we are in embodiment.

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